[3.5] Millions+ of Dps/7.5k life/ Great Party Build to carry those Chayulas =)

path of building code:



During 2 100 chars in Betrayl League i saw alot of guys playing rain of arrows in partys.
So i had a look in forums and searched abit about the mystery of herald of agony builds :D
After i regognized there are only life based path finder build guides or ES Guides for this kind of build i wanted to make my own life version
wich fits my playstyle the best.
Its pretty simple 2 auras 1 attak all content melts down lightwarp <3.

I will write the next days a more detailed review with videos and gear explination and path of building link.

for those who cant wait for videos and stuff here is a short summary of my items and my current skill tree, meanwhile you can find the tree in my charakter tab

+All Content
+Decent Clear Speed
+quad curse
+feels tanky
+good for deep delving
+good for bosses

-expensive but makes fun :P
-i didnt played ref maps or no regen maps with this build but i guess u know why :D


Kill all

Phanteon Tower:
Soul of Lunaris
and the small point with evade attaks :P

Skill Tree:


Items and links:

My jewels u can find in skill tree and lightpoacher or at poe.ninja link.
Body Armour and Boots are not ideal for solo play due to its defence downsides.

Feel Free to give me some hints what u think =)
in love lapdance :P

i hope its also 3.6 ready :O

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Added Path of building link. if u see things i can improve let me know =)
poe.ninja link added =)

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