[3.5] Dual Wielding Dual Strike Raider

Hey, guys. Here it's me again with a new build that I wanted to play long ago. Again this time with a melee build taking advantage of the Raider ascendancies and stacking as much elemental damage (lightning damage) as possible and using Dual Strike as the main skill.

Here we go!


Again YouTube uploading my videos super compressed, ty youtube...
T14 Courthouse Map:

T15 Shaped Estuary with a random death because of a lag spike, my internet is beautiful :) enjoy if you can xD:

Shaper's Realm, MY VERY FIRST ATTEMPT TO KILL SHAPER :D with a couple of deaths, but hey, it was my first time :) enjoy!:


- Free frenzy charges and Onslaught.
- Huge attack speed.
- Melee and projectiles dodge.

- Investing on life is hard and expensive. Melee builds tends to be expensive for Ranger ascendancies.
- You could feel squishy and get one-shoted quite often.
- Melee builds are not the great choice for Ranger ascendancies xD
- Again, I'm not mechanically good with melee builds :(


Start with the evasion + life nodes and go ahead for the Duelist area fulfilling the Brutal/Fatal Blade wheel getting swords damage, critical strike chance and attack speed, getting more life from the Thick Skin wheel and the Twin Terrors wheel for more dual wielding critical strike chance. Once you get the dual wielding nodes from the Duelist area get right ahead to the Shadow area picking up more critical strike and multiplier nodes, WED, more life from the Blood Drinker nodes and then get the Arcing Blows/Crackling Speed wheel, the Throatseeker wheel and then fill the tree with all the Frenzy Charges possible and jewel sockets available, more WED and life if possible.

Currently I'm level 88 and this is my tree:

UPDATED POB, tree was rearranged to get more life and more DPS, 2M DPS against Shaper. Check that the "Adrenaline" option is selected due to the War Banner that gives 0.05 secs for each stage you have stacked. With 50 stages you have 2.5 secs of Adrenaline :D ez pizi:

For mapping I swap out Ruthless for Ancestral Call and then I swap out again for Ruthless to face bosses.


I took the swords from my Champion and in my main hand and my off hand I have two elemental foils:

LINKS MAIN HAND: Blood Rage for the leech, attack speed and Frenzy Charges generation, Ice Golem for the accuracy and attack speed, Ancestral Warchief for more Melee Damage.

LINKS OFF HAND: Wrath with Enlighten and Herald Of Ice to save some mana to cast two auras and the War Banner.

Try to get elemental damage and the more attack speed on your foils, the better. Crit chance/multi is a great plus.

My body armour is a combination of life and Resistances. Stats are welcomed too:

LINKS: Dual Strike, Added Lightning Damage, Elemental Damage With Attacks, Multistrike, Ruthless for bossing -> Ancestral Call for map clear, Lightning Penetration.

My gloves are 1-socket Tombfists. Obviously 2 sockets > 1 socket, more damage overall. Get the Commandment of Fury enchantment if you can or try to get a good corruption on it. Critical strike chance to attacks/+1 to Frenzy Charges are the best corruptions, also some "Curse on hit" corruption is good too.

LINKS: Cast When Damage Taken, Immortal Call, War Banner. We can run War Banner coupled with Wrath/HoI thanks to Enlighten gem. Ideally, if you have Enlighten lvl 4 the better, less reserved mana and more space for something else.

My boots are one with resistances and life on it. I use Two-Toned boots for the great number of resistances. But you can choose whatever you want and hit a good enchantment like the elemental penetration if you haven't killed recently or the lightning damage if you haven't killed recently.

LINKS: a Vaal Double Strike setup: Vaal Double Strike, Elemental Damage With Attacks, Added Lightning Damage, Elemental Focus. This setup is used to boost the damage against bosses.

My helmet is one with life and elemental resistances. The best enchantment would be the "90% Increased Dual Strike Critical Strike Chance"

LINKS: Faster Attacks, Leap Slam, Fortify, Blood Magic, our movement skill setup.

My jewelry revolvs around life, resistances and flat lightning damage.

If you can get some accuracy rating on your jewelry the better. Will improve your hit chance and you will crit more often.

And my flask are nothing fancy. Just anti-bleed, anti-freeze, anti-curse, Wise Oak for the elemental penetration and Atziri's Promise for the extra DPS:


Help Alira: crit multi and resistances are great options for this build. If you manage to craft very good jewels go for the 2 passive points instead.


Brine King to avoid Stun chains. Ryslatha, whenever you are doing trials and Labyrinth. Solaris whenever you are facing a single boss. This means that you can choose whatever it suits the better for you.


Rare, abbys jewels that helps stacking elemental damage and the "Might and Influence" threshold jewel to proc the double damage and the splash to the sorrounding enemies when mapping. Place the threshold jewel on the node near the Hearthseeker and Herbalism notables:

For rare jewels get dual wielding attack speed, dual wielding crit multiplier, melee multiplier, etc.

For Abbys jewels get lightning damage to attacks/to sword attacks, #% attack speed if you've dealt a Critical Strike recently to boost your damage, life is a great plus but they are expensive and sometimes hard to craft.


Way of the Poacher => Avatar of the Slaughter => Rapid Assault => Avatar of the Chase

If you want extra survivability change Rapid Assault/Avatar of the Chase for Quartz Infusion/Avatar of the Veil for the spell dodge and perma Phasing.

And that's all, folks! This character is a "Work In Progress" so I'll be updating the thread eventually with videos and new PoB links if I change some of my gear.
Don't forget to post your questions here if you have any doubt. See you out there, exiles!
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