[3.5] Elemental Cyclone - CoC / Arc / Blade Vortex

Build is pretty dead for 3.6 - was fun while it lasted.


---- The Short and Sweet ----

This build is a spell caster that loves to be in melee range. At its heart it plays very similar to a bruiser rather than a caster. Two primary skill setups are used, Cyclone - Cast on crit - Arc for mowing down waves of monsters, as well as Blade Vortex when a boss needs to be disintegrated.

The build is an all-rounder capable of doing all content. Map clear, single target and survivability are all high.

We ascend into a Slayer and a Juggernaut, giving us the ability to take an incredible beating. This combo also gives us so much health regeneration that it allows us to boost our damage to fairly absurd levels through the use of Righteous fire, a skill which burns us and everything around us while at the same time giving us large quantities of spell power.

AFK with T15 Kitava
T16 Mapping
More Videos and POB in final section

---- The long part ----

Table of contents:
- Pros and Cons
- Basic mechanics
- How to level
- Bandits, Pantheon and Ascendancy
- Endgame Passive Tree
- Endgame Gear
- Endgame Skill Gems
- Endgame Boss - Tips and Tricks
- Videos


- Fast mapping
- Fairly tanky - Stand where you aren't supposed to stand - Ignore most boss mechanics.
- High spike damage
- No gear swaps, gem swaps or weapon swaps except for Uber Elder fight.
- Doesn't need any OP or GG gear to reach an absurd power level.
- Righteous fire MTX looks damn amazing.


- It's a cast on crit build without 100% crit like assassin. This causes us to sometimes miss crits when cycloning into packs. To make our map clear feel very smooth, we have to cyclone to a location very close to our character. More details in basic mechanics section.
- Best in slot weapon and rings drop from Uber elder - don't expect to get them before at least a week after the start of a new league. League starter version included within guide.
- Requires minor respecs at certain points of the leveling process (Total of 27 points).
- Can't use Righteous Fire until completing the Uber Labyrinth.

The builds relies on 4 primary mechanics.

1) Cast on Crit, Cyclone and Arc

With this skill gem setup, whenever we use cyclone and roll a critical hit against an enemy, the spell Arc is immediately cast. Arc will chain from monster to monster and is a very strong map clearing ability. We can blow up entire screens by just using Cyclone on a small pack of monsters.

Really important note: When cyclone is used at a location, our character will be locked into the cyclone animation until that location is reached. The issue with this is that the game also decides if the entire sequence is a critical hit or not. If we cyclone somewhere far away, and we don't roll a critical, it's going to feel really really bad. To get around this we have to cyclone to a location super close to our character so that if we don't roll a critical hit we can immediately reroll cyclone again.

2) Herald of Ice

We further increase our map clearing ability with the buff effect Herald of Ice. When a frozen enemy is killed, they will explode, doing massive damage to any monster around them.

Since only cold damage can freeze an enemy, we have to find a way to add cold damage to our Arcs (a lightning spell).

This is done through the use of the unique staff The Disintegrator, which gives bonus physical damage to all our spells and the aura skill gem Hatred, which gives us added cold damage to all our physical damage.

Life is truly looking like a nightmare for the denizens of Wraeclast. But it's not over yet.

3) Slayer Overleech and Righteous fire

Three key points:

1) Slayer "Overleech"

Normally, leech effects are removed at full HP. What this means is that under regular circumstances if we hit an enemy for a high amount of damage, all that juicy life we leeched from that hit just disappears when we get to full HP.

With the "Overleech" mechanic granted by the Slayer ascendancy, all that juicy life leech stays once we reach full HP. And we make that life leech stay around for a long, long, long time.

To make the life leech stay around until next Christmas, we use items which give massive amounts of life leeched, such as Vessel of Vinktar

Or the new amulet craft

Here is a video showcasing just how long "Overleech" last when the two items are used in combination, after killing just ONE pack of monsters. At a high player level when we do a ton of damage, neither of these two items are necessary but they are a nice quality of life perk to have.

>>> Video <<<

As can be seen, these items basically turn our life leeched per second rate into permanent life regeneration. The endgame Characher reaches roughly 66% of life leeched per second. And we can turn that into near permanent health regeneration.

2) Abusing the Leech cap

Leech effects are also normally capped at 20% of maximum HP per second.

Lets say the player has 10 000 HP. Under normal circumstances, it is therefore impossible for the player to recover more than 2000 HP a second through leech no matter how much damage they do. Thankfully, there are many items and passives which break this cap.





And then we Double it:


3) Righteous Fire

Righteous Fire is a skill which will put a massive health degeneration effect on us (which can be heavily mitigated by fire resistance), while granting us extreme bonuses to our spell damage. It's a good thing we have all that health regeneration.

4) Aspect of the Crab, Juggernaut Ascendancy and endurance charges

This aspect has absolutely insane synergy with our Juggernaut Ascendancy. Aspect of the Crab is a buff which reserves 25% of our mana. While active, every half a second this aspect will give us a "Crab Barrier" which mitigates physical damage taken by 2% a stack. The Crab barriers have a maximum stack of 10, for a total of 20% total physical damage mitigation.

The major drawback of the crab barriers is that whenever we take a physical hit, we lose all our barriers.

We circumvent this drawback in two ways:

1) Cast when damage taken support linked with Immortal call. Immortal call makes us immune to physical damage and gets bonus duration if we have any endurance charges. With immortal call linked to cast when damage taken, it will activate whenever we take meaningful damage.

The important part of this is that getting hit during immortal calls period of physical invincibility does not make us lose any crab barriers. Since we do get endurance charges passively generated by our Juggernaut ascendancy, our immortal call duration is quite long at about 3 seconds. This lets us recharge our crab barriers for the next big hit.

2) We use boots which reduce the amount of Crab barriers lost when hit

This combination allows us to almost always be at maximum Crab barriers for the hits that matter, when they matter. It also lets us sometimes survive boss mechanics we really have no right surviving, such as Shaper slam and Elder donut ring.

-- This part of the Guide is for level 1 to 68 --

The build cannot support the cast on crit setup while leveling. Until we complete the story we will use Storm Brand to clear packs of monsters and Lightning Spire Trap to get rid of bosses or other sturdier creatures.

Primary leveling Gem Setups:

Storm Brand 4 link:

Storm brand - Added lightning damage - Controlled Destruction - Onslaught Support

Lightning Spire Trap 4 link:

Lighting spire trap - added lightning damage - Controlled Destruction - trap and mine damage.

A note about lightning spire trap - Lightning Spire normally has 3 uses before it must recharge for a lengthy period. If you want to cheese bosses super hard, porting to town and back to the battlefield will instantly give you 3 fully refreshed charges.

Where to get Important Leveling Gems:

Act 1:

We don't get Storm Brand until level 12. Upon entering town for the first time, buy Spark from Nessa and use it to level until 12.

Make sure to pick up Decoy Totem from the quest "breaking some eggs". Level 1-12 is the weakest moment for our scion due to only getting weak passive skill points, and we will need decoy totem to fight the first boss, Brutus.

After reaching the zone called caverns of anger and getting level 12, return to town and buy Storm Brand from Nessa. Link it to Onslaught support and Added lightning damage support (Both sold by Nessa). Keep using spark to help out with single target.

Act 2:

After completing the quest "Intruders in Black", choose the skill gem Herald of Thunder as a reward and activate it.

After completing "The root of the problem" quest and getting to level 16, buy Brand Recall from Yeena. This allows us to recall all our brands to our current location. Since brand recall does not have a cast time, all we need to do to kill enemies is to run through a pack of monsters and hit brand recall.

After completing the quest "Sharp and Cruel" it will also be possible to buy Controlled Destruction from Yeena.

Act 3:

After completing the quest "Lost in Love" choose Wrath skill gem as a reward and activate it.

After completing the quest "Sever the right hand", buy Lightning Spire Trap from Clarissa. At this point get rid of Spark, as it is no longer needed. Return to act 2 town and buy Trap and Mine Damage from Yeena.

Act 6:

Lilly will sell every skill gem in the game after completing her small side-quest. Deactivate Herald of Thunder and throw it away, we will never use it again. Replace it with the skill gems Blasphemy linked with Conductivity and activate it.

Additionally get the skill gems Cast When Damage Taken and Immortal Call linked. Do not level Cast when Damage Taken or Immortal Call yet, for now we get the most benefit from leaving them low level.

Buy Arc, Increased Critical Strikes Support and Blade Vortex from Lilly as well and begin leveling them up in your weapon swap. We won't be using them for awhile but having them already leveled will be extremely helpful later on when we switch to our big boy setup.

Leveling trees:


13 point tree

24 point tree

32 point tree

40 points

50 points

60 points

70 points

78 points

In case it's not clear here what changed in the 78 point tree, we complete the scion life wheel, grab the resists underneath scion start, and take a jewel socket.

Final level 68 Tree:

This is what our skill tree should look like at level 68, after killing act 10 Kitava. If you are missing passive points, typing /passives in the chat box will show any story passive point rewards that were missed.

>>> Level 68 <<<


Four things:

1) Level appropriate life flask

Life flasks scale well with level, not using the highest life level life flask available really hurts us.

2) Quicksilver flasks

Make sure to complete the quest "Mercy mission" in act 1 for the quicksilver flask reward, as well as the quest "The great white beast" in act 2 for another quicksilver.

3) Movement speed on boots

Zoom zoom mother f*****.

4) Resistance

- Veteran players won't need to read this part -

Elemental resists are a core defensive mechanic of the game. They are respectively cold resist, fire resist and lightning resist. While the game does not punish for having low resists from act 1 through 5, from the beginning of act 6 the game becomes very unforgiving if resistance is neglected.

From act 6 onwards the game becomes balanced around the player having 75% resistance in each element. Not having 75% resistance will lead to taking an insane amount of damage and repeated death.

To put how important getting resists are, lets say something hits the player for 1000 damage. With 75% resistance to that element, the player will take 250 damage. However, if the player loses a bit of resistance and goes down to only 50% fire resist, that same hit will do 500 damage. This means that the player with 50% resistance is taking double the damage that the game is balanced around, and likely finds themselves dying frequently.

There are a number of ways to increase resistance. They are:

1) Trading with other players for better gear.

2) Using the crafting bench in your Hideout to craft resist on your gear.

3) Using a "Purity of elements" aura. Clarissa in act 3 sells them. Since purity of elements reserves a lot of mana, either wrath aura or Conductivity has to be deactivated to use it while leveling.

4) Bismuth flasks. On activation will give +35% elemental resist to all elements. This is the worst method to get resists as when the flask deactivates there will be huge spikes in damage but is helpful if trading with other players for better gear is impossible.


Help Alira


Soul of Solaris and Soul of Gruthkul

Once we get to end game mapping, make sure to fully upgrade these pantheons as the bonuses they give are quite substantial.


We Ascend to Juggernaut before ascending to Slayer, then take Path of the Duelist.

Follow the tree from 1 to 8


-- This part of the Guide is for level 69 to 100 --

We use Storm Brand and Lightning Spire Trap until level 74. At level 74 we switch to our true Endgame Cast on Crit / Blade Vortex setup (See endgame gems section for whole swap). This switch will take 16 refund points. Since we get 20 for free from the story, this should not cost us anything currency-wise. If you do not have enough points, make sure that all story quests have been completed.

After Completing the Uber Labyrinth we will also do another respec, this time requiring 11 refund points.

This is the level 74 passive tree while using Storm Brand / Lightning Spire Trap:

Level 74 Storm Brand skill tree

Respec #1

Before making the level 74 switch, we have to make sure we have all the required gear first. Check out the budget or non-budget sections below this one to see gear requirements.

This is the level 74 passive tree, after switching to the Cast on Crit / Blade Vortex version:

Level 74 Cast on Crit - Arc skill tree

Here is a picture, showing which passive skill points have been altered between the two level 74 trees:


Here is the level 85 passive tree:

Level 85

Respec #2

This is the level 88 passive tree, after completing the Uber Labyrinth

Level 88 after Uber Lab

Tip for Uber Labyrinth: Use a Decoy Totem when fighting Izaro.

Here is a picture showing what changed between level 85 and 88:


After getting Vaal Pact, we can start using Righteous Fire. We have to use a "Vessel of Vinktar" Flask or an amulet with "10% of damage leeched as life while focused" to make Righteous Fire feel comfortable. If we're using Vessel of Vinktar flask, it is necessary to also use a flask with the mod "Of grounding" which nullifies shock, so the Vinktar doesn't kill us.

Level 91

Level 91 tree note: If we don't have a hatred +Crit % watcher's eye, we keep the passive whispers of Doom and keep using the gloves Oskarm.

Level 93

At level 93 we drop Potency of will notable which gives increased duration near scion start, as Might of the Meek jewels will deactivate it.

Level 97

Level 100

This section is divided into two parts, a budget version and a Non-Budget Version.

Budget Version:

The staff "Disintegrator" obeys an odd law concerning price. At league start it is very expensive but as time goes on it becomes worthless. What this means is that if we are starting the build more than a few weeks after a league has started, we completely skip Pledge of hands staff, and go straight for a Disintegrator.

To swap to the Cast on Crit / Blade vortex setup, the build will require a few Uniques and items. Please note that our elemental resistances should not be neglected, it is important to keep them all at 75% or above. If our elemental resistances are not at 75% we will die, a lot.

These are the necessary Uniques and items for a league starter, or heavy budget Character to be able to switch to Cast on crit version:

Please note that the Pledge of Hands can be 4 link, and the rare Chestpiece can be 5 link. We do not need any 6 link to switch to our true setup.

Careful planning Jewel goes here:

As we gradually buy these uniques, we can equip them right away as they benefit Storm Brand and Lightning Spire. Here is the recommended purchase order:

1) Mark of Submission (Put a Warlord's Mark curse gem in the socket)
2) Pledge of Hands - 4 link
3) Rare chest - 5 link
4) Call of the brotherhood - this will most likely be the most expensive item, at league start it is usually about 20 chaos.
5) Careful planning / Diamond Flask / Oskarm
6) Get to level 74 and make the skill switch

Non-budget Version:

Four sections - Armor - Flasks: - Rare Jewels - Unique Jewels

1) Armor:

1) Armor explanation:

Weapon: Disintegrator

Gives us a huge amount of physical damage to all our spells, more physical mitigation and leech. Its degeneration effect gets countered by our ridiculous regeneration. It can only be used after completing the Merciless labyrinth when we unlock slayer Overleech.

It's worth mentioning that every other piece of gear that is Elder or Shaper will also give us roughly 1.04x more damage PER piece with this weapon, while also giving us +1% phys mitigation. So we want to stack as many Elder/Shaper bases as possible.

Amulet: Rare

We are looking for these mods:

- High life roll
- +3-5% to maximum life leech rate
- Open Suffix to craft "10% of damage leeched as life while focused" (This allows us to drop Vinktar flask for a Taste of Hate)

These mods are also super good but are secondary:

- Open Suffix to craft "Aspect of the Crab" (This can go on belt or gloves too)
- +% critical strike multiplier (adds a ton of damage)
- Gain #% of physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage (Adds a ton of damage)


If for any reason these amulets get too expensive, it's also entirely possible to roll and multimod them yourself as the "+3-5% to maximum life leech rate" is fairly common - It takes on average about 150 alterations to hit it.

Chest: Loreweave

Gives us a ton of stats which we want. It also lowers the degeneration from righteous fire substantially. This slot is very flexible if you want to use another Chestpiece. Still testing this slot.

Gloves: Rare or Oskarm

Really important note about gloves: Use Oskarm until we get a Watcher's eye with +% critical strike chance. Once we get the watcher's eye we can get rid of Oskarm, and drop the passive point "Whispers of doom" in the very top left of the skill tree as well as the path leading up to it.

We are looking for these mods in order of priority:

- High life roll
- Open Prefix to craft "% increased damage while leeching"
- Resists
- Global chance to blind on hit

Blind provides us with incredible physical mitigation. Without blind we have around a 5-10% chance to evade enemy attacks. With blind we have roughly a 50-60% chance to evade enemy attacks. It is completely broken that we have easy access to this very strong mechanic as a spell user. Blade vortex hits enough times that blind can be almost permanently maintained on enemies or bosses.

Boots: Craiceann's Tracks

Pretend the boots don't give any cold resistance. We will be swapping these boots out for some Kaom's roots for Uber Elder, which have no resistance. So overcap your cold resist by the amount granted on these boots if you plan on doing Uber.

Augments our aspect of the crab, which has high synergy with our Juggernaut ascendancy.

How to obtain aspect of the crab:

We will have to craft it on a piece of gear which has an open suffix, using the blood altar in the menagerie. First we need to obtain the beast which grants the craft:

It should be quite cheap, this aspect is the most common one. We will buy the beast from another player, just search the trade website for the item listed above. When you're in your menagerie, right click the item above and the craft will appear on your blood altar. Defeat the boss that spawns and you have crafted an aspect on an item. If we die on the boss we lose the craft, so bring a friend or two - everyone has to die for the craft to fail.

Belt: Rare with % increased life recovery

Only one stat matters here, % increased life recovery. This is a crazy boost to our leech rate. We can either use Rustic sash or Leather belt bases.

Rings: Mark of the shaper + Rare ring with warlord's mark on hit

If multimodding a warlord's mark ring it's worth considering the mod "shocks nearby enemies for 4 seconds on focus" as it will give 1.2x damage for 4 seconds, even on bosses. It's not crafted on the one linked in the guide as I needed the resists.

Here is the range of "Nearby":

Helmet: Rare

We are looking for these mods in order of priority:

- High life roll
- Adds # to # physical damage to spells - High roll will give about 4-5% more damage.
- Resists
- Open Suffix to craft "% of physical damage taken from hits as fire damage"
- Nearby enemies take +% increased physical damage. This one isn't as good as it seems since we don't do pure physical damage and gives only 4-5% more damage despite being hard to obtain.

An Elder bone helmet with implicit giving increased minion damage is the absolute best base for the build but these can get absurdly expensive.

1) Armor Purchase Priority:

Coming Soon

2) Flasks

If you're using an amulet with "10% of damage leeched as life while focused":

If you aren't using an amulet with "10% of damage leeched as life while focused":

2) Flask explanation:

Two necessary flask mods:

Freeze and curse immunity. If you are doing really deep Delves, a Bleed immunity flask must be used as well.

3) Rare jewels

3) Rare jewels explanation

We need a lot of these. They're really cheap. Nobody uses staffs.

Abyss jewels scale poorly with the build, as we already have so much flat damage from the Disintegrator Staff.

If you are really poor at league-start use

4) Unique Jewels + Optional Unique jewels:

4) Unique jewels locations:

Watcher's Eye with +% to critical strike chance:

This watcher's eye is very expensive but really worth it. It makes the cyclone clear feel so much better - it is a night and day difference between not using one. It goes anywhere on the passive tree.

Careful Planning:

At a certain level we won't need the dexterity anymore, and it can be removed from our gear setup. It goes here:


Might of the Meek x 2

They go here:


Optional Unique Jewel locations + Explanations:

Inspired Learning:

This jewel will give us a mini-headhunter and is fully optional. It was not used in any of the videos presented in the guide. It will make the overall map clear fun and random, but our character gets a little weaker in terms of HP, raw damage and loses a substantial amount of +AOE radius (The +AOE radius isn't really needed for mapping, just for boss). If using it I'd really recommend only using it for maps and not for endgame boss fights.

Here is where it goes, as well as the passive swap required to activate it:

Unnatural Instinct:

This jewel is really strong but really expensive. It was not used for any of the videos in the guide, nor supported in any of the passive trees. It is not needed to reach the level of power shown in the videos. If you do have one, here are the level 90, 93 and 98 passive trees including it as well as a picture of its location.

Level 90 Unnatural Instinct
Level 93 Unnatural Instinct
Level 98 Unnatural Instinct

It goes here:

Weapon 6 link: Vaal Blade Vortex - Controlled Destruction - Concentrated Effect - Increased Critical Damage Support - Power Charge on Critical Support - Efficacy Support

5 link setup: Drop Efficacy
4 link setup: Drop Efficacy and Increased Critical Damage Support

Chest 6 link: Arc - Power Charge on Critical Support - Increased Critical Strikes Support - Cyclone - Cast on Critical Strike - Fortify Support

5 link setup: Drop Fortify

Boot 4 link: Cast when Damage Taken (level 14) - Immortal call (level 16) - Frost Bomb (Level 18) - Summon Ice Golem (Level 16)

Helmet 4 link: Flame Dash - Arcane Surge Support (Level 8) - Vaal Righteous Fire - Increased Duration

Glove 4 link: Hatred - Herald of Ice - Onslaught Support - Enlighten Support

>>>>>> Additional Gem Information <<<<<<
- Level 21 Arc is a big upgrade over level 20 Arc. Level 21 does ~10% more damage and gets +1 chain, helping clear speed. We don't care about quality on Arc so get a 21/0 one - They are surprisingly affordable.

- If we can get our hands on a level 4 enlighten, the onslaught Support can be switched to an Ice Bite Support. This will give us frenzy charges during mapping. If we do this we have to get onslaught on kill on an abyss jewel so we don't lose the onslaught buff.

General Mapping:

Burst damage:

Vaal Blade Vortex and Vaal Righteous Fire can be cast simultaneously. These two abilities should take care of any stronger enemies.

Really annoying map mods:

1) Hexproof: We can run these fine with cyclone, but Blade Vortex costs too much mana to use. Don't try to do Guardians on a Hexproof map.

2) 60% reduced recovery of life and mana: This one is fine, we can't use righteous fire in here though or we will die.

3) Players are cursed with Elemental Weakness: This one will lower our fire resistance, making Righteous fire hurt more. Either don't run Righteous Fire or make sure you have a flask with the "Warding" suffix, which will negate all curses during its duration.

4) - max resistance: Annoying for the same reason as above. Once we get loreweave chest, we can ignore this mod though as it will do nothing.

5) Enemies have 90% chance to avoid elemental ailments: This basically shuts off our Herald of Ice, as well as disables our shocks from Arc. Running the map is fine, but our clear speed takes a big hit.

Map mods we can't do:

1) No leech

2) Elemental Reflect

Uber Elder:

Two things make this fight much easier:

1) Change Efficacy support for a Spell Echo Support. The fight does not give us enough time to stand still and cast Blade Vortex without Spell Echo.

2) Swap our Crab boots with a pair of Kaom's roots.

Uber Elder Video
AFK with T15 Kitava
T16 Mapping
Depth 400 Aul with +67% life, 12% ele penetration, onslaught and LMP

Shaper while standing in every slam

POB: https://pastebin.com/13fxnAvA

- Scion Build Guides -

Flicker / Molten strike - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2180571
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- Scion Build Guides -

Flicker / Molten strike - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2180571
This build is so fucking insane even a monkey can do uber in hardcore.
Last edited by BootyTilt on Feb 10, 2019, 9:23:37 PM
Thanks so much for this build and super detailed guide, this is by far the most solid build I ever played. I just slapped together some quick gear without optimizing or anything and right away I'm destroying T16 maps.
The tankiness is the thing that makes this build for me, I did much higher cost builds this league but all of them suffered from occasional 'oopsie a blue mob just deleted me'. I can't believe the clear speed is totally up there with the meta builds too :O

Anyway thanks again for your work and great build man, looking forward to any changes You might make to it :D

PS. Any alternatives to blade vortex? It seems to me that once your dps is up there you only use it for big boss fights like shaper elder or something in delve. T16 map bosses melt in a second just from CoC cyclone + vaal RF.
Bakaton wrote:
Thanks so much for this build and super detailed guide, this is by far the most solid build I ever played. I just slapped together some quick gear without optimizing or anything and right away I'm destroying T16 maps.
The tankiness is the thing that makes this build for me, I did much higher cost builds this league but all of them suffered from occasional 'oopsie a blue mob just deleted me'. I can't believe the clear speed is totally up there with the meta builds too :O

Anyway thanks again for your work and great build man, looking forward to any changes You might make to it :D

PS. Any alternatives to blade vortex? It seems to me that once your dps is up there you only use it for big boss fights like shaper elder or something in delve. T16 map bosses melt in a second just from CoC cyclone + vaal RF.

Really happy that you're enjoying it!!

The guide is still in its very early stages, it will almost certainly be improved going into the future.

Haven't looked at the possibilities other than Blade Vortex yet though I'm fairly certain the build is flexible enough to allow a ton of other skills to be used. Will definitely be testing more.

Want to add as well that even though Blade Vortex isn't used much, Vaal Blade Vortex is pretty busted. It has a cast time of 0.6 seconds, lasts 4.38 seconds and does over 2 million damage a second. It's literally almost 9 million damage for a 0.6 second cast. We can use it and then pop Vaal righteous fire too, which completely demolishes anything meaty.
- Scion Build Guides -

Flicker / Molten strike - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2180571
probably gonna go with this next league, although as a starter it can be tricky to use. we'll see what the patch notes gotta say though, as a few things in this build are busted.
great guide as always, loving the vids too
Decadent_Omar wrote:
probably gonna go with this next league, although as a starter it can be tricky to use. we'll see what the patch notes gotta say though, as a few things in this build are busted.
great guide as always, loving the vids too

Hey thanks Omar! It's been really fun making the videos and guides.

Really hoping that the build makes it through 3.6 as I'd like to leaguestart with it too.
- Scion Build Guides -

Flicker / Molten strike - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2180571
This looks insane, seriously considering it as my 3.6 starter. Hoping it flies under the radar until then and is still viable.

The Kitava AFK video baffles me though, what is happening there? Is it just overleech lasting for several minutes? Because you're doing damage from RF, but obviously that doesn't proc leech. What is going on?!
KrisWithAnF wrote:
This looks insane, seriously considering it as my 3.6 starter. Hoping it flies under the radar until then and is still viable.

The Kitava AFK video baffles me though, what is happening there? Is it just overleech lasting for several minutes? Because you're doing damage from RF, but obviously that doesn't proc leech. What is going on?!

Yes, it's just overleech lasting a long time - all of the map was cleared before fighting Kitava. Yes, it's completely busted and really funny.

Here's a video showing how long it last with Vinktar + focus amulet craft off of just one pack:

- Scion Build Guides -

Flicker / Molten strike - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2180571
I was thinking in making this my starter build for synthesis league. Do you think there gonna be some changes made tot the build/guide?

Currently lvl 81 in standard and loving the build so far. Thx for putting in the work for a verry detailed guide.

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