[3.5] PF Arc Trapper - Low Level - Uber-Lab & Sydicate Farmer at lvl 75


This build is Designed for farming Syndicate (lvl ~57), Uber-Lab (lvl 70+), and Delve (lvl 70+) even at and before lvl 75 with massively BUDGET Gear making 2ex+ per hour before you even complete act 9. I have personally farmed well over 20 ex using this char in the last two weeks and I just hit level 75. All of my Sweet Gear on this character is from farming between 57 and 75 with the exception of the QotF 6L chest which is not required to have 6 Links.

How Cheap can your gear be to run this strategy?

For syndicate farming I posted a video of me running gear that I purchased for less than 50c and can still make 1.5ex per hour. For uber-lab you are going to need some investment in life and defenses, however I posted those runs as well.

Pastebin for Path of Building :)

Why This Build Works and the Mechanics
This build will get you the movement speed, Defenses, Damage you need to safely and efficiently farm 2ex+/hr before you even start act 9

Videos and Gameplay
Updating with video's shortly on my youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA742aqNJ7EmUvaGM1P3koA as we speak My twitch is Twitch.TV/JN1K5 and I stream frequently and often am found over explaining Syndicate Farming Strategies, Lab Runs, My new Builds or mechanics

[spoiler]+ Movement Speed well over 200% & as High as 450% with investment
+ Plenty of Damage for Farming Merc/Uber Lab and Sydicate
+ Tons of VERY cheap uniques that are easy to find and Stellar for your build
+ Never needs to finish all 10 acts (aka -60% to resistances) to make End Game Farming currency benchmarks
+ Allows you to farm without any investment in maps
+ Fated Uniques in both mainhand and offhand... giving you a 6-link staff for 2c and a movespeed axe for 1
+ Hardcore Viable Farmer
+ Life Based
+ Can Run Phys Reflect Maps
+ Fantastic League Starter
+ Evasion Based with Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics[/spoiler]


[spoiler]- End Game is in Question... but with Elemental Overload, Mind Over Matter, and if you choose Eldrich Batter with a Tinkerskin, Should have no problem scaling into late game. However you miss out on Saboteur Ascendancies in Exchange for Flask/Movement Speed so most likely you are going to need a different skill for bossing (Shaper/Elder etc.)
- Ele Reflect Kills you ... Like Dead
- Maps that won't refill flasks are sucky
- BIS Items would be Expensive and Probably not worth it... This is my "Leveler/Farmer" I will respec into a Vaal Storm Call or Vaal Spark Pathfinder for Late game
- Not very many great Flask Options for scaling damage in a massive way (Think Dying Sun on a Build that uses both Explicits)
- Trapper playstyle is a tad bit clunky without Sabo Nods and Trap Speed stats.
- Evasion is a Risky Defensive strat in HC as "When you get hit" you get hit pretty hard
- Mana Hungry and Realistically you only have the opportunity to run one aura [/spoiler]


NOTE: Read "Budget" as "Leveling Items"

Mainhand Weapon:

Fated from: Fencoil and prophecy: "Trapped in the Tower"
This is a 6-link you can use at level 32, with three lvl 16 Supports built in for an investment of 2 chaos... Is there better items for late game... ABSOLUTELY... Is there a better item for lvl 32 all the way to core farming... Not that I'm aware of.

Offhand Weapon:

Fated From: Screaming Eagle and Prophecy: "The Apex Predator"
an amazing 25% movement speed gained from this bad boy if you have killed recently


Focus on 3 stats: Life, Resistances, Evasion
Budget Option:

This Scandinavian sounding shield tons of stuff we like and can be equiped at lvl 16[/spoiler]


BIS is shaped gloves with +1 Traps thrown you will up your damage significantly and have a solid 5-link for trash clearing when running with your offhand slots. After that, focus on life... Blind is just a quality of life thing.
Budget Option:

Unbelievably good leveling gloves and due to being armor based... coloring for CWDT setup is a breeze.[/spoiler]


BIS: 4-link or 5-link (Add Empower) Queen of the Forest. The best Speed Based option for Running Fast - NOTE: Maxing the Queen of the Forest out with 45000 Evasion on your character with flasks active is essential if you are going to use this.
Budget Option:

Anything with 4 links, correct colors and preferably with a buff to Phase Run... I bought the above chest for 1c.

-Also Good

Tinkerskin - Would massively buff your traps and if you took Eldrich battery basicaly makes mines free... but At our level and with our passive tree... and damage we currently have... not sure it's great.[/spoiler]


Seven-League Step Give us lots of Movement... But these are absolutely a judgement call... If you actually like life and don't have 5 ex other options are better.
Budget Options:

These are fantastic before you get your Shaped Gloves... Life, Trap Speed, 5-link trap setup on for your offhand, evasion, and Read this as 30% movement speed.

My personal favorite for lab Runs... Love them... Life, Additional Spell Hit dodge, evasion, and 30% movement speed


Chosen over Devoto's again because I prioritize life over MS at this level. If I was lvl 85, I wouldn't make that choice.
Budget Option: (If you need one because that helm was only 1c)

Do I really need to talk about Goldrim??? It's literally perfect. Vorici-craft some white sockets on it cuz you like not having to recolor them.
Lastly a Devoto's Devotion or a Starkonja's Head are amazing options right here. I just like the "Bird Brain" helm I'm using better... it's like the baby of both of them... Has life, not as much... and MS not as much... but it's nice.[/spoiler]

Belts: Pick your favorite, you have a lot of options

Flask Duration, Life and all that sweet damage make a shaped belt here so good. Alternatively Stygian vise would most likely pass it in the late game... but pretty much all the affixes on shaped belts that deal with movement or flask effects are solid gold.
You could consider "The Retch" here as well... but IDK if it's worth the cost.
Budget option:

You can pick these up for like 1c or so without the corruption and just a bit more with... but they have stats, Can equip at lvl 16, and have some flask duration buffs too And a bit of fire resistance. I've corrupted both of these and they are very good Quality of life Improvements.
Belt of the Deceiver is not bad here either... Another budget option is Headhunter... I hear you can pick em up for like 3 alch shards or something...lol :)[/spoiler]


BIS varies a lot based on budget... but The Aul's with Wrath or haste is amazing... it also costs like 30ex... So I have played around with Rares for the most part as I like the Lightning Damage Leech, Life and Stats... You really need to make sure you have stats on these (Strength and Intelligence). Also worth noting... Karui Ward/Charge with MS Corruption is probably the best to go fast... again I prioritize Something other than movement speed in this slot (Also the Karui gives no int... making leveling with it harder.
Budget options:



The taming is amazing... make sure you are not running Elemental Focus because then it's wasted. Not a cheap upgrade however... Kills uber Izaro and argus much faster

This is a lot of life... some strength... Res and an open slot, I need to recraft this back to Fire Res though Woopsies #Amature crafting hour.
Also a good option but we aren't high enough level to equip this (We just can buy a lot of them with our fat stacks of Ex's

Budget options:

the Perandus Signet is SOOO awesome for leveling it's well worth the 5c you spend on it. I think outside of our tabula... it was the most expensive piece of gear we were wearing before we actually started gear upgrading after we earned like 10ex.


Running flasks All boost your MS (Jade only after you have the QotF)
Perfect Rolls are not required... you can cap your evasion and run very fast without these. Again you see me slow down my char here with an Experimenter's Quicksilver instead of an Alchemist's... but stopping to kill stuff to recharge flasks is annoying and probably takes more time... I kinda love that my 70% ms flask is like always up.

This build is sooo mana hungry and this makes that feel sooo much less so. I love it! also because we don't actually have all that much mana (yet) we don't need to worry... a poorly rolled flask actually recharges slower and gives us more time to throw traps for free... This flask feels better than a overflowing chalice to me.

Pick a Divine Life flask or a Hallowed Hybrid in this spot... Either way make it instant and give either freeze immune or bleed immune... Until we get the belt with Freeze immune on flask effect... we will have both somewhere in our flasks.

Other Flasks that would buff damage and provide a good effect for us:
Wise Oak
Atziri's Promise
Vessel of Vinktar
But we don't really need it to make tons of currency... so why...

Damage stats on Gear to look for: % increased Spell Damage, % increased Trap Damage, % Increased Elemental Damage, % Increased Lightning, Global Crit Strike Chance, Crit Chance for Spells, Adds Flat Damage to spells, etc.

Defensive Stats On Gear: Life, Movement Speed, Elemental Resistances, Evasion, After Mind over Matter - Get Mana

Skill Gems:

[spoiler]Main Link - Arc (20+/20+) - Controlled Destruction (20+/20+) - Added Cold Damage Support (20+/20+) swap this for Elemental Focus (20+/20+) if no taming.

Chest 4-Link (5-Link) and 5th/6th Socket ----> Phase Run (lvl:20+/Q:20+) - Inc Duration (lvl:20+/Q:20+) - Enhance (lvl:3+/Q:0%) - Efficacy (lvl:20+/Q:0%) - Add Empower (lvl:3+/Q:0%) for 5th link. Use the last Jewel Socket to get your Vaal Righteous Fire (20+/20+) Gem in. DO NOT USE regular version RF - This gem does not need to be linked to anything.

Helmet ----> CWDT (7/0) - Immortal Call (9/0) - Increased Duration (20+/20+) - Temporal Chains (10/20+)

Gloves Note: Must be shaped with Socketed Gems supported by level # Trap Support ----> Arc (20+/20+) - Elemental Focus (Note: will not proc Elemental Ailments) (20+/20+) - Trap and Mine Damage Support (20+/20+) - Multiple Traps Support (20+/20+)

Boots ----> Leap Slam (or Flame Dash, or Charged Dash) - Faster attacks or Faster Casting (Pick the right one for the skill) - Fortify (1/20)
Then Put your Wrath/Grace/Haste in this extra Socket, doesn't need to be linked all lvl 20+ and Quality 0%

Offhand Prioritize one socket with a Quality 20 Portal Because life is better then... Use the rest to level gems

Worth Noting: if you are comfortable reducing your mana pool running a Haste would bump your movement speed, Grace your Evasion... Make sure it's a Vaal Haste, so you have the Vaal Haste skill as well. [/spoiler]

Ascendancy: [spoiler] Take Nature's Boon First, Master Alchemist, Veteran Bowyer, then Nature's Adrenaline.
If you are primarily running lab, you can consider Master surgeon but really more damage will be better vs Izaro.

Passive Tree guide - TBD Refer to PoB Link for now

Bandit Reward Options:
1) Alira for Mana Regen and Elemental Resistances is probably my favorite.
2) Passive Points (Kill All)

Final Thoughts:

[spoiler]Use Global 820 to get your trials done on this char... If you get to maps though, beware it's going to be more expensive for the extra Resistances. It Generally cost me 6c to tip, and I did all 6 of my trials before I hit 75 Last season, no reason I can't again.
If this was your 2nd char like me, I ran on the budget gear (Except for the QotF) my first UberLab at lvl 68 and made it through on my first go. However I did try to run for the enchant again and died twice on a one shot from Izaro in the final room.

Mad Credit to Bison for the Format!
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Thanks for Posting!
Playing this build. Good for farm bridge and low lvl delve.
Viable in 3.6?

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