[3.5] Immune - Hyaon's Fury Trapper

Immune to all elemental ailments and permanent phasing

This build is based on the unique "Hyaon's Fury"

which gives 12% lightning damage - dual wielding gives 24%


which gives best defense for life gain and ES gain

Skill Tree


Current gear

Gems Links

Arc + Trap + Charges Traps + Cluster Trap + Elemental Focus + Lightning Pen/Controlled Destruction

Orb Of Storms + Innervate + Arcane Surge + AOE

CWDT + Immortal Call + Lighning Golem + Increased Duration

Discipline + Arctic Armour

Leap Slam/Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify

231% increased damage - Mechanics for Frenzy and Power

6/7 frenzy charges - + 4% damage (per frenzy implicit) + 24% lightning damage
Total: 168%

Surge Binders
6/7 frenzy charges - + 7% elem damage (per frenzy)
Total: 42%
Sum: 210% for 6 frenzy charge

3/4 power charges - semi crit - 7% spell damage (per power)
Sum: 231% for 6 frency charge + 3 power charge


Except 6L tinkerskin all others are very low budget gears

very good map clear speed with Arc (5L should be enough)
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is there a way to level without tinkerskin? and still play the build till i have a tinkerskin?
@ Zombieman

I haven't played this build, but in general:

If you have the currency, a tabula rasa is often a great chest option to level with since the 6L white sockets will often be better than the additional stats early on. Assuming you don't have the currency for a tabula you can...

Look for any unique chest with max life and resists. For example, Thousand Ribbons has no level requirement and can be bought for 1 chance to 1 chaos with 3-4 links. That should last you for some time in early leveling.

At 28, you could pick up a Viper's Scales for quite a bit more defense if you can find a 4L that isn't stupidly expensive. But at 10 you can use pretty much any rare with a little defense, and at 28 or so I think the rares start to have 4L. Some of them will be much less than the Viper's.

Lots of options - just play around with the filters in www.pathofexile.com/trade. For leveling, the main thing is to get some defense (armor/evasion/energy shield) that doesn't run counter to your build passives. Then some max life and resists. Anything else is just nice to have. This approach can easily last you to 68.

Here is a link with some good options for leveling uniques in all slots. https://poebuildshelp.wordpress.com/2018/06/13/%E2%9C%8C%EF%B8%8F-path-of-exile-best-leveling-items-and-gear/

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how much life do you have?
Interesting build.

What about Bandits, Ascendancy order, Pantheon..?
any chance you can update the skill tree for 3.6 please ?
guess not :/
nice build! but is Arc still viable or is lightning trap better?

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