Serious hideout bug

Since the last patch I have Masters that are frozen in place in my hideout I've tried moving them. Deleting hideout pieces around them. Deleting the masters themselves ect.... with no luck and now it has spread to another master. Please help.
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Would you be able to provide me with a video of the behaviour? I'm not sure I understand what you're describing here, any other information you can provide would be helpful.
I have the same issue and it really is a major bug as you cannot open any zones related to masters (temples and betrayal safehouses).

Whenever you invite a master to your house they instantly crowd around the waypoint. ALL of them.

So when trying to move masters away from the waypoint so you can actually open safehouses, etc you can't move them.

if you go to edit mode, and highlight the master, then wiggle your left stick to move the element... it doesn't move. it sits there.

All of the masters have this issue. The only one I can move is Navali. However now I am in a situation where i can not play the league or engage safehouses since there isn't enough room to even open the portals.

If you want to mimic this behavior, invite all everyone to your hideout.

Then go to helena and select a new hideout. You will see that all of the masters are pasted right on top of the waypoint. This makes them stuck and you can't move them.
Yes, i am having the same issue.

i currently use "costal hideout", and i can move most of the NPCs, except Zana and Jun. these two are just next to the waypoint and you can not move them at all.

i try to use other hideout template, and i found it's even worse, all NPCs are stacked around the waypoint and you can't move them at all. the only thing i can do with these NPCs are rotating them.

i try to move the waypoing in all these hideout templates, but impossible to move it.

so i currently can only use costal hideout, which i can move some of the NPCs.
masters are now sorted as hideout decorations , so you can find them in the decoration tab while editing your hideout.
from here you can add/remove them : just go to the place where you want your master to be , enter edit mode , open the decoration tab, select your master , place him/her .

hope that solved your problems.

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