[3.5] HammerZerker(Thor Like Build)

Hi, this my first build guide.

I do not claim my guide to be original or the best or even this build to be super efficient. I write guides mostly because I'm fond of my characters and I'd like to share them. (and cause I want to kill time)

So what i done so far

Mastermind - defeated
Atziri - dead
Mostly all Elder guardians - dead
T12 red map viable - ihadnt try 12+ maps

Fast map clearer. (Not the fastest)
Good single target.
Best Delving beast i seen so far (Throw hammer and go in safety)
60 k + damage from just 1 ark 3 - 4 ark per second per 1 target + chain..... Mister Proper smokes in Corner

Berserker damage taken degen.
Not the best at single target or clear.

I will update this build every day.
Last bumped on Apr 11, 2019, 6:24:10 PM
*never updated*

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