[3.5] THICC STONE GOLEM [Elementalist] - All Content - FUN (NOT SSF/HC or League Starter) - 8 Golems


Deathless Uber Elder

More coming soon!

Blessing, exile!

Are you getting tired of league? Do you want to try something new? Something that none have done before? If you are looking for something different, something fun, not ordinary then this is the build for you!
Otherwise there are plenty of better (in term of casual, efficiency and most of ... Meta Golem's Builds) out there for you! I would recommended to search out for them.

Cautions: This build using the new meta-crafting system, fossils crafting system & bestiary crafting system to craft the core piece of the build. Those system were introduced in prior leagues and added to the core game in 3.5.0 expansion. So this is not a beginner friendly build ... still I will explain further below in crafting section! Enjoy!

Pros & Cons

- Ridiculous High DPS (~ 5.8 million shaper DPS)
- High amount of HP (~ 5.5k HP to 6k HP depends on your gears)
- Flexible (more HP or more Damage, it's all up to you)
- Can STUN Shaper or Uber Elder
- Your Golems are IMMORTAL, even in the hardest situation!
- Good amount layers of defense
- Elemental Ailments immunity

- You are NOT IMMORTAL, even your golems are!
- Requires knowledge about crafting system.
- Definitely NOT cheap!


As all we have known, most of Golems build using the same mechanic ... Stacking Primordial Jewels in your Passive Tree (About 12+) to squeeze out both damage and endurance of your golems. And use The Primordial Chain for more golems!

Unfortunately, we still use them as they're currently the only and most efficent way to scaling golem's abilities. Wait! That's still normal, just like other golems build, so where is the new & stand-out part ... Patience ladies and gentlements, the fun is about to start now!

For general and all meta-golemancer out there, you will stuck from using 1 (or 2) Clayshaper & a Victario's Charity or a ES based shield (in CI or Hybrid ES builds), and a freaking hard to get and fully RNG corrupted +2 gems Skin of the Loyal (SotL) with the right socket colours (the below is just craps version of SotL). With the right item you can reach Level 28 golem which power will be in the comparison below!

And now in our build, we will try something new, something different, and that is:

We are using a BOW instead of the lame Clayshaper. With the above bow and the right gems setup, your Stone Golem will be boosted to Level 30 - which is an insane level for minions build alone and spell build in all!

Let's me explain further:

With the old setup using: SotL (+1 to level of socketed gems corrupted implicit) and the right gems setup, your golem spell gem will be Level 28.
With the new setip using: bow (meta-crafted), your golem spell gem will be Level 30
And in comparison below (adapted from wiki)

Stone Golem has the following stats based on Gem Level:

Gem Level: 28 HP: 20228 AS: 1.00 Base Attack Damage: 1357–3392
Gem Level: 30 HP: 24312 AS: 1.00 Base Attack Damage: 1644–4110

That's is about 20% more HP & 21% more Damage. Ridiculous power boost!!!

Further more the bows will gives +3 to all support gems (instead of +2 in SotL setup) and +4 to all support STRENGTH(Red) gems socketed in it. Another huge boost!!!

TLDR: Wow that's a wonderful boost, but that bow seems really hard to get, we will lose 1 golem and charges (for golems with Necromatic Aegis keystone and Victario's Charity unique shield), and how those stats perform in real battle. For this please see the Crafting Guide & Videos section.

Passive Tree & Bandits

Pantheon Kill All, we get less benefit from any other options.

Full Setup at level 96: https://pastebin.com/AsXMBruz ~ 1.1m Shaper DPS per Golem ... and we have 5 thicc stone golems ... and you know the basic math
Standalone Tree: http://poeurl.com/cgCS

Gears & Gemlinks

Core of the build, sorry to say but this is core, and how to craft this cheap and efficient, view the crafting section of this guide!

Gemlinks (5L): Stone Golem - Empower - Minion Damage Support - Melee Physical Damage Support - Hypothermia Support
6L: Melee Splash Support (For Clearing purpose) - Ruthless or Multistrike (For single-target)

We are supporting our golems, thus we need this (we somehow become a poor aura bots). Don't have to be 6L, just 4L is fine.
4L: Enlighten Support - Vaal Haste - Hatred - War Banner
2S: any standalone skill, put them here.

A Bone Helmet based with high amount Life, Resistances is fine. But better to have something like this to have a little boost in other golems.
4L: Summon Ice Golem - Summon Lightning Golem - Summon Chaos Golem - Minion Life Support
Why don't we use flame golem instead of chaos (which gives us ignite immune & the golem itself immune to elemental damage), simple, chaos golem gives us physical reduction which we lack off - it's a layer of defense, and we can use flask to immune to ignite.

High life quiver, resistances, flat lightning or fire damage to attacks to proc Elemental Equilibrium from your attack. Nothing special here.

Grip of the Council is BIS for damage, no other exception, even the new 2 abyss socket Command of the Pit couldn't stand a chance.
4L: Vaal Rain of Arrows - Curse on Hit Support - Flame Dash - Punishment

Kaom's Roots: for Uber Elder fight
Rare one with life & movespeed: General maps run
Vaal Rain of Arrow gives you 150% increased maim (this maim reduce enemy movement's speed by 75%), which another layer of defenses, will help ya in several encounters.

4L: Cast when Damage taken Support(Lv 4) - Immortal Call(Lv 6) - Increased Duration Support(Max) - Phase Run(Lv 6)

Mandatory Jewelry with high life, resistances.
You can craft the belt with Essence of Fear to boost your golems HP (Just make them thicc)
You can craft the ring with Essence of Fear to boost your golems Movement speed (Still... not necessary)

Mandatory Jewel for every golem build. Cannot be replaced.
1 Anima Stone - 1 Primordial Might - 2x Primordial Eminence - 10x & above Primordial Harmony.

NOTE - You can now craft Aspect Skills in an item with open suffix, you can choose either Spider aspect (for both defensive & offensive) or Avian aspect (for pure damage & mobility). It's up to your taste.

Major defensive and ultility Flasks, Life Flask, nothing fancy here.

Leveling Guide & Pantheon/Mapping Note

Leveling with Storm Brand or Incinerate until you reach Level 34.
From there you can use golem (Flame Golem is highly recommended since they have better clear speed for leveling). Equip Primordial Chain for extra 3 golems & consider to do 1st lab for more golems. The rest is pretty straight forward.
MAJOR: Soul of Lunaris (With Captured Ambrius)
MINOR: Anything you like
Mapping Note
Avoid: Physical Reflect
Others: EZ PZ

Crafting Guide

To craft this you need basic knowledge about fossils crafting, beastiary crafting & the usual meta-crafting. To simplify the procedure, i will describe the process in this spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uktd_jy4Fd8O7Jkt64o4xNOCzvUXtJYKYbMz5LvD6k8/edit?usp=sharing


Section reserved for all contributor to the build.
Build are open for questions & suggestion, feel free to do so. Thank you!
Farewell Exile!


Q: Why not Aspect of the Spider instead of the Avian?
A: In all, Spider is better, I just choose Avian for that 4 seconds of Avian's Might where you can burst The Shaper in 3 seconds.
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What did you do to level the build?
Saf3tyhazard wrote:
What did you do to level the build?

Leveling with Storm Brand or Incinerate until you reach Level 34.
From there you can use golem (Flame Golem is highly recommended since they have better clear speed for leveling). Equip Primordial Chain for extra 3 golems & consider to do 1st lab for more golems. The rest is pretty straight forward.
dollygm wrote:

Gratz dude XD. Hope you enjoy the build!
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why not storm brand, instead of roa?
Boonemage wrote:
why not storm brand, instead of roa?

Vaal Rain of Arrow gives you maim & 150% increased effect of maim, which reduce enemies's action speed by 75%, will make difference in several encounter (such as guardians as you can see in the videos), probaly another layer of defenses.

Storm Brand is fine.
Can you update this to 3.7 please? Always wanted to make stone golems my main dps.
I'd really appreciate it.

I want to reroll to this so bad. Xd
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