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Hello there.

This build was never meant to exist. It's a complete travesty, totally out of whack from what I wanted it to be, and yet it has come to be something I love. (I sold my golems to the pawn shop, sue me.)

Before you enter this tangled fuckpit, be warned that it is not for the faint of heart. You will lag people, you might crash instances, and you will regularly find yourself kicked from public parties due to their sheer inability to bask in your glorious radiance.

With that out of the way, let's start.


Pros and Cons

+ One tanky boi
+ You look fabulous
+ The defensive and offensive capability of your party will skyrocket
+ Very fluid gear setup
+ You can actually solo T1 - 3 maps once your build is finished, allowing you to farm a bit
+ Modular setup for hard increasing the damage of a specific person
+ Can absolutely do all content including uber elder / atziri
+ MTX increases your power AHHHHHHHHH

- If your PC is bad you will lag and die a lot
- Some of the best gear choices are really expensive
- Struggles against DoT until you get the required items
- Is very weak before you get your watcher's eye / boots
- It's a support, some people don't enjoy having to rely on others for progress
- If you don't have MTX your skills will look like shit (Sorry :c)


What does this build do?

Well, i'm glad you asked.

The core concept of the build is to apply curses to enemies and auras to allies. Pretty vanilla stuff I know, but it's how we remain useful to the team while being fabulous.

Now for the fun part, how do we survive?

This spicy bwoi right here:

Or this mild bwoi if you are poor (Requires another part of the build to function but we'll get to that):

Both of these grant you a truly wonderful stat: Energy shield gained for each enemy hit.

This will absolutely be the bread and butter by which you sustain yourself, through the medium of...

Cast while channelling Scorching Ray GMP Ball Lightning.

You can truly bring yourself enlightenment whilst your absurd amount of ball lightning feeds on the tears of party members GPUs and siphons you delicious energy shield.



So, assuming that didn't put you off, lets go over the single most important part of this build, the gear choices.

Now I mentioned before that the gear is very fluid, and indeed you can achieve a very similar effect to my final build with a lot of different configurations. I will outline some of the items that I found while experimenting, but the world is your oyster on the road to becoming an MTX wielding god.


My current gear

I still have some room for improvement, but I'm happy with where I am with this.

Items with no viable alternative

(You can use solaris lorica before you get shav's but I don't recommend it.)


There are two main choices to make here, do you want ES or utility?

This is basically the best option if you just want ES. It also comes with the phasing MS boost which you will be gaining a lot as this build abuses the hell out of phase run.

This one is purely for the rampage MS. If your party is going so fast that you physically cannot stop to cast scorching ray, then it could be the option for you. Just don't lose those stacks :^)

This one is interesting. The buff and the stats on the item are very beneficial to you and the party overall, but getting it to proc consistently can be irritating.

You can also get some random crystal belt if you really need to fix your res, but it's unlikely to be necessary.


There are a few different options you can go with here.

You can get another one of these if you reeeeeeally want to, but keep in mind that it will force you to give up two extra gem slots on your gear along with some pretty important stats. It is an entirely viable option though if you don't mind the legwork.

This one is a little niche, but it lets you drop life leech on your SR 6L, while also potentially granting you some chaos res / es etc. The main thing you want to look for is "Life gained for each enemy hit by your spells"

This one is more about the implicit than anything else. In all honesty, I actually wanted a Shavronne's Revelation ring with this implicit, but it's such a niche thing that it's very difficult to find on the market (Although I am in the process of slowly making one myself.) Dream fragments comes in at a solid second place, also protecting you from freeze and chill effects.

You can keep this one on hand as a swap if you utterly despise temp chains maps. (I know I do lol)

You also have the option of a spider aspect ring which opens up the glove slot, I haven't explored that route with any success myself but you are more than welcome to try!


There are only two good options here.

This is the basic shield, it gives you good res and decreases mana reservation. Solid stuff.

This is what you buy when you want to empty all of the exalted out of your stash. It provides an extremely powerful boost to ES / Evasion, makes us totally immune to all curses, and most importantly, it gives us 20% extra curse effect. This is MASSIVELY important when engaging shaper / elder, as it allows you to fully offset their 80% reduced curse effect modifiers.


Sorry in advance for this section, I didn't keep any of these, so I can't link the items.

The core purpose of this slot is to hit one of our auras with 100% reduced mana reservation.

Impresence is the budget option. It accomplishes our goal, however there is a catch. One of the core concepts of this build is the ability to switch our single element curse in order to focus the damage of our duo partner. this means that you will need at least three different impresence in order to make this work. If you want to go the full distance, you need all of them.

The newly introduced Solstice Vigil is a very solid alternative to Impresence, accomplishing essentially the same thing but hitting temporal chains instead which we will always have up. The only downside is the prohibitive price.

My current favourite option is this. Not only does it give us a huge ES boost, but it also has a bonus effect of making nearby enemies more susceptible to crits. The main downside here is the extremely prohibitive price of getting one with a good set of rolls AND a good aura, so I don't recommend this unless you have the bank to pay for it.


I found four very distinct options that I enjoyed here.

This is the most important one by far for budget players. Coupled with aspect of the spider, it allows you to sustain without the watcher's eye (Albeit slower). It also has some generally nice bonuses, and it is a perfectly viable option to take this into your final build even once you have your watcher's eye.

This one is interesting. From testing, I have concluded that it is a straight up better seven league step provided you are running a blood magic build. You can never be on low mana because your mana bar doesn't exist, therefore you always have onslaught. gotta go fast

This is the big daddy of boot upgrades. Bleed is a major Achilles heel for ES builds, and this boi Stamps it out. You can however go even further than this if you manage to get a "Cannot be inflicted with bleed" implicit on your Doedre's Damning, but good luck with that :^)

The fourth option is just to get some yellow boots with stats on. Usual deal, movespeed, ES, res yadda yadda.


Going to be honest here, the available options for an ES support build in the unique glove slot is hella disappointing. You are more than welcome to experiment, but I personally recommend just getting these and freeing up your ring slot.

Flasks and Jewels

Stick with this general flask setup. You are free to swap jade to granite or basalt.

You are just looking for flat ES on your jewels. Although a few bonus stats don't hurt.

The watcher's eye is your core survival mechanism, and the conquerors gives you some much desired curse effect.


Aight, gems and skills. Most of these are set in stone, but the main link can change a bit.


Set Links

Four Link - [CWDT L1 - IC L1 - Ball Lightning L1 - GMP L1]

Provide some additional raw defences when we get hit.

Three Link - [P Light L20 - P Fire L20 - P Ice L20]

Classic Tri-Purity setup. The bread and butter of our res.

Three Link - [Vaal Disc L20 - Vaal Grace L20 - Portal Q20]

The meat of our defences. Replace portal with vaal breach if you enjoy trolling ;)

Four Link - [Fortify L1 - Leap Slam L1 - Phase Run L20 - Inc duration L20 Q20]

General movement / defences. Spam phase run off cooldown, use leap slam to cross gaps and scale ledges.

Four Link (In Helm) - [Enfeeble L20 - TC L20 - Elemental Weakness L20]

These are your set curses, they do not change. Fourth curse is in the next section.

Variable Links

Final Curse - [Flammability L20 | Conductivity L20 | Frostbite L20 | Despair L20]
With White Socket - [Punishment L20 | Vulnerability L20 | Projectile Weakness L20]

Take the one that most benefits your duo partner. If in a big group, assess who does the most damage and target their build. You should keep all of these gems on hand to easily switch when you change party. (Usually the three elemental ones are enough though.)

Six Link - [Scorching Ray L20 - CWC L20 - Ball Lightning L20/21 - GMP L20 - Blind L20 - Life Leech L20]

Swap Blind for slower projectiles in staged boss fights. Swap life leech for a gem of your choice if you take a life gain on spell hit ring. Leech or gain on hit is required in order for us to sustain our scorching ray channel.

Passive tree


Some experimental gear in there, but the tree is fine.

Ascendancy | Pantheon | Bandits

Occultist - Profane Bloom > Malediction > Wicked Ward > Vile Bastion

Soul of Lunaris - Soul of Shakari (Prioritise upgrading her for poison immunity)

Kill all bandits.


Here's how the build plays, and what makes it truly SHINE.



Actually pretty simple.

Be in range of mobs to apply curses, and be in range of party members to keep them alive. Blast packs with scorching ray and orbs to sustain your ES pool.

Some variations of this build let you move at assblast 5, so keep that in mind when trying to keep up with equally fast party members.

Remember to spam phase run, and hit those vaal disc / grace panic buttons when things get scary.


Get the shaper scorching ray and celestial ball lightning, it's what makes things truly fabulous.

Bonus points for every different aura mtx you can wear.

Only the shiniest of armour sets are acceptable.


Obviously you don't need these but I can assure you it makes things more fun ;)


Aight, it's like 1am and I have work in the morning. I plan to add some more to this tomorrow, but hopefully people are at least amused by my spaghetti build. (Which probably has typos I missed, i'm tired and i'll fix them later reeee)

My profile is also open if anyone wants a visual reference.

Stay Spicy ~

Souls along a conduit of blood, from one vessel to the next.
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