[3.7] Relone's Casino Flamesurger [MoM Trickster] (Great league starter & all content viable!)

Hello there! My name is Relone and I've been playing PoE casually since 2013 ish. I never learned how a build actually works and the depth of until Incursion I'd say and now when I've made a few builds I feel comfortable putting my knowledge in written format for the community.


Table of content:
  • How the build works
  • Passive tree
  • Ascendancy
  • Gems
  • Gearing


How it works.
So the main idea for this build was a fire spellcaster that could do all content and it definitely doesn't disappoint. So the premise of this build is in scaling Spell fire damage, Fire damage added to spells and Cast Speed as possible for our Harness the Void. The reason I call it "The casino trickster" is because of Harness the Void and #% chance to deal double damage while Focussed, you can luck out and deal four times the damage in one hit with to our already really good damage with Flamesurge. So in betrayal we got the Focus and man oh man is it good, it can be used for burst damage, mitigation, utility and it's all in ONE button click! Another thing I also really wanted to do was to use The Devouring Diadem for all defensive purposes. You get so much good stuff from this helmet, +1 to gems, reduced mana reserved to socketed gems, respectable ES and regen chance when you use a ability, Eldritch Battery and Feast of Flesh which restores 400 Life, 200 Mana & 400 Energy Shield per Corpse consumed which is amazing for our build since we use EB and MoM.


Passive Tree
My Pastebin for a level 90 Trickster can be found here: (https://pastebin.com/7ZhzznQd). If you are shooting for level 100 I'd suggest going for Devotion and the jewel slot above for both survivability and a jewel socket. For the last two I'd also suggest Soul Siphon for more effective HP because of Mind over Matter.

  • If you are leveling with this build as a starter I heavily suggest going for all the nearby life nodes in the Shadow and Witch is because of the fact that we travel a lot and get our life nodes here and there.


The first two nodes for our Trickster Ascendancy are pretty straight forward. The last pme depends how you build. But with my setup you take them in this order:
  • Weave the Arcane. Hands down one of the best ascendancies there are in the game arguably, you get free movement skills, attack & cast speed, reduced damage taken and mana recovery.
  • Ghost Dance. More useful survivability that we have good use for plus some movement speed!
  • Harness the Void. This is our slot machine that will eventually turn us in to the MGM Grand.
  • So the last ascendancy I want to say is your choice. If you are going for crit you're obviously going to take Swift Killer and if you're sticking to Elemental Overload you should take Escape Artist



If you are only running with a 5-link you can just drop Immolate, otherwise follow this order

Main chest:
Flamesurge - Concetrated Effect - Spell Echo - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Immolate

Magma Orb - Combustion - Spell Echo - Greater Multiple Projectiles

Anger - Herald of Ash - Enlighten

Cast when damage taken (Level: 1) - Immortal Call (Level: 3) - Increased Duration - Enfeeble (Level: 5)

Here it doesn't matter what you take, just put Golem, Flame Dash and Vaal RF in any link with faster casting.
Flame Dash - Faster Casting
Vaal Righteous Fire - Summon Flame Golem - Faster Casting

Starting out with gearing on this character is pretty basic, just look for anything with resist and life to get the ball rolling. When you've acquired all resist you should look for a one-handed weapon with Fire damage added to spells and Cast Speed if you can get a weapon with these two mods T1 you should multimod it and get #% chance to deal double damage when focused & the hybrid mod 50% increased Spell Damage/Gain 6% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage. After that you could look into investing into an Elder Ring with Warlords Mark and getting a Mark of The Shaper and The Devouring Diadem, those are the only two uniques I'm using but there's a lot of really good alternatives that could come to good use but that's it pretty much.
TLDR: Resists > Life > Spell dmg > added flat = cast speed > Mana = Energy Shield


Endnote: I'd like to thank you for reading! This is my first ever guide and I will update it and post more guides to come and also maybe do these in video format. Thank you for reading and positive criticism/ideas are welcome!
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Will update this whenever I update.
Updated 07/27/2019
Updated it for the Legion league. Nothing changed really.
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Thank you for the guide. I'm going to dive into it now.

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