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[Betrayal SC] Red/Uber Elder | Shaper/Guardians | Normal/Uber Atziri | Mastermind Service


I'm a level 100 (36 challenges complete) Low Life GC Miner doing boss kill services.

Guide to the build

********************************* PRICES ****************************************


- Assistance on 8 moded maps challenge: 5 chaos per boss (+5 if you want me to run the map aswell)

- Unique maps completion(No HoGM): 5 chaos

- Red tier corrupted bosses (including unidentified and/or any mods): 5 chaos each (+5 if you want me to run the map aswell)

- Vaal Temple bosses: 10c (+5 if you want me to run the map aswell)

- Shaper or Elder guardians with any map mods: 10 chaos each (+5 if you want me to run the map aswell)

- Shaper and Red Elder: 20 chaos

- Uber Elder: 30 chaos

- Uber Atziri: 30 chaos

- Mastermind: 40 chaos


- If you want something that is not listed above feel free to contact me

- This prices are for one person only, consult me for multiple party members availability

********************************** RULES ****************************************

If the boss/map is already started consult me for more information about it
Feel free to contact me ingame, but here are some of my rules you must agree on before we can start anything:

1. You change to a realm with good ping for me (Texas)
2. You do as I say during the entire fights

****************************** FOR UBER ELDER ***********************************

-First of all you will stay in hideout until I say "come" in chat, then you'll enter and wait on shaper's room by elder's portal

-Second, I'll type "safe" in chat that means you can enter elder's room

-Fail to follow the rules at your own risk

-Wait for my commands or you can compromise the carry


You can find me on @Clepsidra, thanks for the support!
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Dude just gave me Uber Edler carry.
Professional and fast.
Great service.
Ran Uber elder for me quick and smooth. Thanks a bunch appreciate it!
Thanks for the help.
Quick and smooth uber elder run! Good communication, would recommend <3
Did a amazing job very fast and efficient.
Awesome run this guy is amazing
thanks again for the run
This guy is super fast, knowledgeable,and professional. Good communication also, would recommend.
Thanks a bunch for the run, you're the man!
Fast and safe. Thx for uber atziri challenge
Cleared Uber Elder for me like a champ. Would definitely recommend.

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