[3.5] Blast Rain Trapper ~*Discontinued*~

Betrayal league has been alot of fun for me. Started Glacial Cascade Totems, moved to Flicker/Molten Strike, Scourge Arrow. Currently doing Double Strike, for the funs.
All of these builds were somewhat straight up "copies" of builds I saw and then procedeed to twist them to my liking.

For reasons unknown to me, I've come to like the thought of Blast Rain - Trapper Style. So here it is. I theory-crafted this myself. It's nowhere near good, it's probably one of the worst things you've seen, but it's 100% original, if that's even a thing these days.

The point is, I'd almost never played/tried to play a build of MY OWN since my first 3-5 tries when I started to play, ages ago. Also I've never theorized/shared builds with anyone, because I have no friends. Btw, I have a toaster for computer, so I'll probably never upload a video of the build. And if I post any screenshots, expect bad quality and 0 MTX. AWFUL, RIGHT???!

I'm only dropping the pastebin here, since I have about 0% knowledge on doing fancy threads.

https://pastebin.com/dxGw0Ap9 ~Oops, I dropped it.

I'm open to ANY/ALL suggestions. Just please understand that:
1) I know the build isn't good.
2) "x skill is much better/more dps." -> Don't care, Blast Rain all the way, baby.
3) "You suck at theory-crafting." -> Thanks, I'm trying to create more and more stuff of my own so I can improve.
4) "N00B!*?#$$%" -> I ONLY have 1182 hours into the game (ON STEAM - played before, but scarcely),so I'm clearly a N00B.
5) I actually said this ^ unironically.

Also, for now, I have 2 6-link setups, Blast Rain and Explosive Trap. Explosive Trap was just me testing some single-target options if Blast Rain doesn't live up to what I think it can.
If I can make this Blast Rain only, perfect. If not, perfect. My objective/goal is to make and share my own, crazy, poorly designed builds.

Any questions, I prefer you reply to this thread, but if you feel you want to msg me, it's fine. I work with GMT timezone, so if I don't answer, sleeping/school/fapping. Mostly NOT fapping.



Well, I kinda dropped Betrayal after a while, mostly do to PoE working really badly on my PC. But I was able to play this build, maybe up to 70, just around first maps, and it was holding on pretty great. Not the best clear speed, not the best area clear, but had a very good boss potential. Drop mines/traps before boss, and it would be almost insta kill, insta phase change if phased boss.
Anyone who wants to pick it up, I don't mind, take this build to the next level.
From 3.6 patch notes, build didn't change, at all, I think atleast, so still good.
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