[3.5] Blast Rain Trapper ~*IN PROGRESS*~

Betrayal league has been alot of fun for me. Started Glacial Cascade Totems, moved to Flicker/Molten Strike, Scourge Arrow. Currently doing Double Strike, for the funs.
All of these builds were somewhat straight up "copies" of builds I saw and then procedeed to twist them to my liking.

For reasons unknown to me, I've come to like the thought of Blast Rain - Trapper Style. So here it is. I theory-crafted this myself. It's nowhere near good, it's probably one of the worst things you've seen, but it's 100% original, if that's even a thing these days.

The point is, I'd almost never played/tried to play a build of MY OWN since my first 3-5 tries when I started to play, ages ago. Also I've never theorized/shared builds with anyone, because I have no friends. Btw, I have a toaster for computer, so I'll probably never upload a video of the build. And if I post any screenshots, expect bad quality and 0 MTX. AWFUL, RIGHT???!

I'm only dropping the pastebin here, since I have about 0% knowledge on doing fancy threads.

https://pastebin.com/dxGw0Ap9 ~Oops, I dropped it.

I'm open to ANY/ALL suggestions. Just please understand that:
1) I know the build isn't good.
2) "x skill is much better/more dps." -> Don't care, Blast Rain all the way, baby.
3) "You suck at theory-crafting." -> Thanks, I'm trying to create more and more stuff of my own so I can improve.
4) "N00B!*?#$$%" -> I ONLY have 1182 hours into the game (ON STEAM - played before, but scarcely),so I'm clearly a N00B.
5) I actually said this ^ unironically.

Also, for now, I have 2 6-link setups, Blast Rain and Explosive Trap. Explosive Trap was just me testing some single-target options if Blast Rain doesn't live up to what I think it can.
If I can make this Blast Rain only, perfect. If not, perfect. My objective/goal is to make and share my own, crazy, poorly designed builds.

Any questions, I prefer you reply to this thread, but if you feel you want to msg me, it's fine. I work with GMT timezone, so if I don't answer, sleeping/school/fapping. Mostly NOT fapping.

Last bumped on Jan 30, 2019, 1:17:17 PM

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