[3.5] Help with Dual Cospri laceracerate CoC build

Hello, I'm trying to play a dual wield Cospri lacerate build(I don't really like playing with shields). So far it went good, but from Tier 10 maps damage is lower and survivability is not that good.
Please help me with an advise on how to improve this.

Here is my build atm: https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/AAAABAYBAAAGBAcEswW1CPQNjQ3REJIRLREvFfYWvxhdG8gc3CBuIvQjNiP2JP0mlSlPKgsrCiycMHEwfDIyMtE2PTpCOlg8BT1fRUdFnUp9S3hMs02SUDBQQlFHUlNTDlMQUzVTUlRHVUtVxlb6XfJh4mJ5YqxjQ2egaPJqQ2u3bAtsjG0ZcFJ313yDfyuCm4PbhX2HdonTjDaNfY2_jxqTJ5Txl5WX9Jrgnaqf36IApr6t8a7_tDi0xbxvvOrAZsLs0B_UI9mG217dqOOE45_lGedU6-7v6_Af-Jf79f_e?accountName=0000000100&characterName=IHateGlamour

Basically I got as much crit as I could to get close to the 95% limit.
I have 3880 HP and max resitances with the help of purity of elements aura.
7.8 attacks per second, and for each Lacerate attack it hits with both weapons as far as I understand.

Current items:

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