[3.5] BV juggernaut -all content

PoB -https://pastebin.com/iFjkdDXy - lvl 100
POB Defences screenshot https://imgur.com/a/c4KOCdv
Videos :
DPS test on uber elder (without vaal RF or vaal bv ):https://youtu.be/wV320q0oajI
Hogm :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azVW0JdgQRQ&feature=youtu.be
Delve depth 500 + and 12 mods ( extra ele damage +ele penetration +frenzy charges) -2 nodes
Uber elder :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTTf286NWJ0&feature=youtu.be
Aul 300+ depth ( no special mods) :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOLXXOljBak&feature=youtu.be

Why blade vortex on juggernaut ?
Juggernaut provide a lot of defences : cannot be stunned /frozen, temp chains imunity, aditional damage reduction, some extra movement speed and regen

Build pro's :
Can do all content ( need some adjustment for ele reflect maps )
Can : farm uber elder /shaper /hogm with minimum effort
decent clear speed
Cons :
need a lot of gear optimization
not cheap
less aoe mod slow your clear speed

Since i haven't started the build from level 1 i cannot provide an optimal level path

the optimal gear -
I prefer sword /shield : the theory
Shield :in 3.5 you are able to craft :+2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems as a prefix on a shaper shield with mod : socketed gems have 15% mana reservation:
That allows you to use 2 auras (hatred +vitality) +1 aspect skill
The next craft mods introduced in 3.5 useful for shield
Gain (10–11)% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage
(15–18)% chance to deal Double Damage while Focussed
This allow you to make a decent : defence/utility /damage shield with minimum investment (multimod )
My curent shield :

Why sword over sceptre ?
Sword /shield combo allow us to use whirling blades for mobility
good prefixes : Shaper mod :
Physical as extra fire /cold +free prefix slot for craafted mod :
(43–50)% increased Spell Damage
Gain 6% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage
Good suffixes
Damage penetrate elemental resistances (shaped mod ) not crafted mod
(50–69)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells -crafted mod
Global critical strike multiplier
socketed gems are supported by : melee splash
Helm : rare helm with blade vortex duration enchant (delve craft)
here is where you want resistances / max hp
My current helm :

Chest : Loreweave is my choice here : your maximum resistances are 80
good corrupt : + lvl to socketed gems / lvl to socketed duration gems / lvl to socketed aoe gems / increased damage /reduced extra damage from critical
gloves : rare gloves with converted physical damage to fire/lighting /cold -preferable with free prefix slot to craft double conversion
boots - here you want at least 30% movement speed and 100 life +some resistances
(Delve crafted if posible)
Belt : life and resistances :- life recovery if posible (elder mod )
Rings : Mark of the shaper - will provide a nice dps boost combined with an elder ring :
The perfect elder ring in my opinion : is Warlord mark + life +multimod craft
Since the build will run 3 auras that reserve mana , the new craft mods are better than mods you can roll :
My current ring :

shock enemy for 4 seconds while focused : - is a fixed ammount of shock (20% ) increassed damage taken)
Double prefix that reduce mana cost of bv, will help you manage your mana better, specialy on no regen or hexproof maps
Amulet : there are a lot of mods that can be good on amulet :
Best prefix /sufix :
Life : + 60/ 70/80
Non chaos as extra chaos damage -elder mod -top dps mod
Physical as extra : fire / lightning / cold (shaper /elder)-are second best dps mods
Maximum life /second to maximum life leech rate (elder mod )
(13–16)% increased Area Damage
(10–12)% increased Area of Effect - crafted mod
Suffix :
Critical strike multiplier / critical strike chance / +1 to minimum frenzy charges (craft) / life regen
My curent amulet :

Jewels : i went for triple might of the meek +unnatural instinct in order to improve defences, boost unnatural instinct in scion area : can be checked in pob.
increased aoe corrupt on jewels, in order to keep 25 aoe radius

gem setup :
chest :


elemental focus for bosses
Shield :


Boots /gloves /helm :
cwdt :

Storm brand:

Gems explained :
Why empower : a lvl 21 vaal blade vortex + empower will make blade vortex lvl 25 +5 to radius - providing you more aoe- better clear speed
Blade vortex is a spell so damage scale with level
Why Elemental focus for bosses : the build already provide a 4 seconds shock from the ring every 12 seconds, enough to phase shaper /elder
Storm brand : will allow to keep up power charges and arcana sourge 100% uptime
Lvl 20 cast when damage taken : You gain endurance charges wich provide aditional damage reduction , + your immortal call will be arround 4 seconds
Flasks :

atziri : extra damage /chaos resistance
Taste of hate: extra damage /damage reduction
diamond flask : extra damage
quicksilver flask : nice to have for clear speed
blood of karui : Helps sometimes in deep delve

Sry for all grammar mistakes on the post :)

Last bumped on Jan 24, 2019, 7:50:54 PM
Current gear :

I prefer aspect of spider on : boots /gloves or helment , since the ring /amulet mods can have some nice new mods

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