[3.5] LGoH Agony Crawler Occultist | 1.8m+ Shaper DPS | 7.4k+ Life | All Content Viable

Straight-forward HoA build capable of outright facetanking most content (including Minotaur). If you want to move-attack your way through the end-game, this one's for you.

Uber Elder, Shaper, and Uber Lab down.

1.8m+ Shaper DPS
1.2m+ trash DPS
7.4k+ max life
6.5k+ LGoH per second
Hex bombs galore
Doesn't care about map mods


Huge damage
Pre-nerf Vaal Pact levels of sustain
Cheap starter items
Capable of clearing all content
Doesn't care map mods
Large life pool
Flasks can be popsicle-sticked and running out of charges is pretty hard to do
Show off your fancy new herald cosmetics
Explodes packs with the same soul-rending noise that usually means you've just lost 10% of your current level

Crawler AI is dog-tier
Proximity Shield mobs will make you question everything
Taking a single large physical hit without flasks up is a quick trip back to your HO
Requires a 5-off-color 6L chest
High-end gear is EXTREMELY pricey
Explodes packs with the same soul-rending noise that usually means you've just lost 10% of your current level

Herald of Agony - Minion Damage - Damage on Full Life - Pierce - Empower (level 4) - Maim/Vile Toxins/Vicious Projectiles/Withering Touch
Just drop gems off the end for a 5 or even 4 slot. If you can't afford a L4 Empower, you can sub in one of the other optional gems just fine.

Barrage - Poison - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Withering Touch - Life Gain on Hit - Faster Attacks
Poison/life sustain for bosses/single targets. Can drop Withering Touch and/or Faster Attacks for 4/5 link bows.

Tornado Shot - Poison - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Chain - Life Gain on Hit - Faster Attacks/Blind
"Three six links?" you ask, incredulously. "WEAPON SWAPPIN," I reply, enthusiastically. Poison/life sustain for trash. 5-link is fairly mandatory here, but thankfully those are pretty cheap. The curse coverage and sustain in even small packs is absolutely insane with GMP/Chain/LGoH - PoB really doesn't do the numbers justice.

Vaal Haste/Hatred - Dread Banner/War Banner - Enlighten (level 3/4)
Haste and Hatred are interchangeable for the most part. Hatred gives more raw damage, but Haste speeds up the Crawler's move and attack speed which I'd consider more important. Additionally, Vaal Haste is great for both damage and survivability against bosses. Dread Banner and War Banner are fairly interchangeable. War Banner gives you more direct damage and boosts the Crawler's accuracy a bit, but Dread Banner is better for survivability, provides a similar DPS increase against bosses, AND provides a source of Fortify. Dealer's choice.

CWDT - Desecrate - Spirit Offering
Desecrate MUST be linked BEFORE Spirit Offering due to the order they're cast in.

CWDT - Temporal Chains - Increased Area of Effect/Summon Chaos Golem/Summon Lightning Golem
Simple, dumb method of applying Temp Chains. Golems/Inc AoE are dealer's choice, although I prefer Chaos Golem because what's most likely to kill you by far is a spike of physical damage.

You can either link this to your CWDT if you're lazy, or you can cast it manually. It's pretty much the only way to deal with force field mobs because the Crawler ain't the brightest.

Blink Arrow

Portal/Blood Rage/Vaal Blight
Even after all that you should still have one spare gem slot. Portal is my personal recommendation, but if you don't mind having more buttons to press the others will do just fine as well. Alternatively, save the slot so you can grab Bubonic Trail boots or Command of the Pit gloves if you want.

This contains all of my personal current gear. There might be other options but I wanted to ensure what I posted here matched the PoB.

Key concepts
Attack quickly, max out stun avoidance and chance to poison using jewels and an elder quiver, mash your flasks.

Required(ish) Uniques
Quill Rain
Key for applying poison and sustaining.

The Coming Calamity
Lets us actually reserve mana for other things as well as giving us a pretty huge DPS boost. If you're rolling this yourself, I suggest accepting 3G/2R or 2G/3R without much distinction. Both provide similar overall DPS and getting a 5-off-color will cost you a few hundred/thousand chromas to hit either way unless you're REAL lucky.

Grip of the Council
Big DPS boost, significant source of life. Alternatively, grab a Command of the Pit. Whatever you get here, you'll want it corrupted with either Enfeeble on hit or Temp Chains on hit.

Perquil's Toe
NOT factored into the listed DPS numbers (yet). This acts as (roughly) a 10% MORE damage modifier for the Crawler and gives us a lot of Dexterity that we need (and some move speed as well). Can be subbed for basically any amulet with a bunch of Dex.

Thief's Torment
More or less a hard requirement. Alternatively, you can dump a couple ex into a pair of rings with Elder LGoH mods although you'll need some source of MGoH as well.

Darkness Enthroned
We'll get around to why this is all-but-required in a second.

All you need here is some life and some res. Try to make sure it's got the "Spirit Offering grants +12% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage" enchant.

Move speed, life, res. Enchants/corruptions are nice but none really stand out.

Life, STUN AVOIDANCE (30% or higher), and res. This one's easily the most important here and also the cheapest (currently). This big chunk of Stun Avoidance combined with the avoidance on The Coming Calamity gets us to at least 65%. You'll want a Penetrating base for your Barrage setup and basically anything but that for your Tornado Shot setup.

We use jewels to patch some holes in our res and attributes where needed, but mainly just use them to stack life and fill out our Stun Avoidance.

Belt jewels
We use these to really flesh out our Stun Avoidance. You can make as little as 14% total between them work. Also not a bad place to grab some more Dex.

Tree jewels
Make sure you cap out your Stun Avoidance here (100% with both quivers) (or don't, I'm not your dad and 90%+ is probably good enough in most cases). Then make sure you get a total of 20% chance to poison on hit so that's also capped at 100%. Then just patch up any res/attribute holes and grab a bunch of life to finish it out.

We don't take advantage of any unique flasks, just use 4 that we can basically popsicle stick and a single Bubbling life flask because sometimes things get hairy.

1. Profane Bloom
2. Malediction
3. Void Beacon
4. Withering Presence

Kill All

Major: Lunaris/Dealer's Choice
Minor: Gruthkul/Tukohama/Garukhan/Dealer's Choice
Mostly shoot for phys reduction in some form here. Brine King may be necessary if you haven't capped your Stun Avoidance yet.

My PC can't seem to handle recording videos while playing anymore, so if anyone actually runs this and records anything I'd love to share it here.

Hardcore viable?
I'm not saying it's definitely not but
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I'm currently rocking the ES variation of the build and would love to convert to life, but I have no idea if it's better than ES. I can get roughly 9k HP pool with barrage and lgoh watchers eye helping, but I'd love to see it in action before pulling the trigger. Hope you get some videos!
_Pats_ wrote:
I'm currently rocking the ES variation of the build and would love to convert to life, but I have no idea if it's better than ES. I can get roughly 9k HP pool with barrage and lgoh watchers eye helping, but I'd love to see it in action before pulling the trigger. Hope you get some videos!

Videos aren't likely, at least until I upgrade my PC a bit. That said, the big difference between the ES and Life variants, as far as I'm aware, is that with Life you can straight up facetank everything but the Shaper (the Elder isn't much of a threat, especially on his own). Even Minotaur can only take you out if you decide to back off from him and end up eating a Burrow or stand in a lightning wall (you only need to flask if you're not recovering enough life to outpace him and I've yet to run out of flask charges against him).

I'd wager the ES version is probably a bit more survivable in general as long as you're focused on dodging due to the Occultist's recharge passive (you should always get your full shield back as long as you've avoided damage for a second or two) and when clearing the regen will keep you plenty healthy. And on top of that you don't need to worry about stacking Stun Avoidance at all.

All in all, I'd say it mostly just comes down to playstyle preference. If you hate worrying about dodging most things, this Life version is going to feel a whole lot better. For people with less potato-y PCs who don't mind dodging a lot, I'd wager the ES version is a safer bet.

FWIW, the only boss fight I'm still ripping on regularly is Uber Elder, but that's most often due to a sudden lag spike and/or me just not moving out of the way of the Shaper's balls. Every other boss fight pretty much boils down to not eating one-shots and then just point-blank barraging them while your Crawler beats them down.

If you want to party up sometime and see it in action that way, I'm more than happy to.
on your PoB for some reason you have taken frigid wake as your ascendancy
Cyneress wrote:
on your PoB for some reason you have taken frigid wake as your ascendancy

This is a very recent change. Withering Presence doesn't stack with Withering Touch as they both contribute to the same 15 stack limit of the Withered ailment, so it's not particularly beneficial to go that (it's probably advisable to swap out Blind for Withering Touch in this case, but most things get one-shot regardless). The Freeze and Chill immunity is far more beneficial because it frees up a flask.

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