[3.7] Tectonic Slam [Facebreaker Edition] | Hit the ground to destroy your enemys

Alisza wrote:
Hey, i played that build as chieftain this league and right now i am around Lvl 70. It's really fun but i got some mana problems and don't know how to solve it without mana flasks.
What can i do? Actually i have no free socket for warlords mark or another skill gem.

How do you solve the mana problem or does it not appear if you play not chieftain?

I started with a Chieftain TS build using Oni and it definitely needs mana recovery. I switched to Consecrated Path for endurance charge sustain, but it also costs less mana. Warlord's Mark is pretty important in that build. (I have it on a ring.) It's a key source of life recovery to offset Oni's degen, a key source of mana recovery, and a key source of endurance charges.

With that build I am able to run a bunch of auras and still have enough mana/recovery to run without a flask.
Using this bad boy since this was the best of the ones that dropped for me (and i'm too poor to buy a better one) and i have to say, this build is hella satisfying to play. Even when i was leveling it with infernal blow it was fun (Mr Torgue would be proud of me, punching my enemies so hard they explode)
I have been levelling this build for the last week and am enjoying it, but now I'm into high yellow/red maps I'm feeling very squishy and am dying more then I would like. I was hoping someone could take a look and give me some tips. I'm a fairly new player (started last league), but I have taken a few builds to the high 80's now so not a total noob.

This is my character:

Should I respec into a jugg? I haven't done the last Lab as I keep dying on the final boss fight :(
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brokencircle_ wrote:
Should I respec into a jugg? I haven't done the last Lab as I keep dying on the final boss fight :(

OK, so I did the swap to Jugg and I must say it feels way better. Yes I lose some damage, but I haven't been one-shotted by random Legion guys since I made the change and I killed Izaro on my first try and got my last ascendency points.

Still would love some advice on what gear people think I should be aiming for next. I did buy a loreweave with a high phys roll but haven't managed to six link it yet, so am sticking with my current six link.
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Need help with build im feeling squishy and i die to much here is link to it let me know what you guys think.

I'm wondering if this build still works in 3.9. I did not follow all updates. Has anyone tried this or something similar? I'm mostly curious about trying a Facebreaker build.

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