[3.5] Permanent Immortal Call Flicker

I wanted to showcase my permanent immortal call flicker build. I have been playing with it for a while so I thought I'd share

Amazing Clear Speed
Tanky as Shit
Only flicker that can do delve

Elemental Reflect

In the video below you can see I take no phys damage and with 80% resist's I only take damage from elemental hits. I will continue to update videos.
Hydra (Elemental damage taken)
Chimera (No damage taken)

Frenzy Charges
This build relies on gaining frenzy charges through

with the jewel

Conversion and Bleed Mitigation
You want to convert your 99% of physical damage to cold damage to mitigate any bleed damage you take.
You can covert 50% of physical damage with

29% can be converted through a watcher's eye

20% can be converted through one of the cold conversion nodes on the tree.

Immortal Call
To have permanent immortal call you will need to be a juggernaut and have the ascendancy Unflinching with

The Gluttony belt will trigger on movement skills and since flicker is a movement skill we will continuously be self inflicting damage have 7 endurance charges. To cast immortal call you will require the craft "Trigger A Socketed Spell When You Use A Skill"

This will cast every 4 seconds keeping our immortal call continuous

Current DPS is 492k unflasked shaper


Abysuss can get your more damage and since you don't take any physical damage you wont have to worry about the 40% increased physical damage taken. I did not use Abysuss since I wanted to max out my resist's and gain more health. I used two claws while focusing on physical damage. The reason for using two claws is due to whirling blades. While moving you can keep up immortal call. I am sure this can be done two handed. I am sure this can be done with two handed swords. I just like the life and mana gain on hit with the claws.

First build so please ask any questions you might have..This build can handle everything so far except for maps with (monsters have a chance to avoid bleed and elemental reflection). I don't know if this build is going to get nerfed but it might.

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Honestly seems one of the best flicker builds i have seen (if not the best). Good job.

How much is expensive?. You should add more info, like what gem links do you use, bandits, etc...
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