[3.6] !!Winter Orb 3xCurses Inqusitor!!! daggers fast clear All content viable and fun to play!! :)




Deal with the Bandits kill Alira big help with res and mutli

Build is very fast I didnt invested a lot in duration because i don't like one click builds.

i think you can get more damage with wand or mace but i like whirling blades i tried other spells they are better after patch but still not this feeling:P so i did stay with daggers:) you can get nice shield as well and go for shield charge.

Enchant is very good for bosses but with clearing i dont keep very long 12 stages.

I like new crafting you can find better gloves with elder or shaper influance.

I always finish with stygian vise because of jewel slot:)

You can go with Shadowstitch +2 or rare armour with gem boost. Carcass is good i think single damage is better but with loreweave i dont die very often ofcourse ele damage and crit are perfect for this build.

I like to play with additional curses and inqusitor ascendancy ignore ele res with critical strike so its like plus extra curse:) Assasin mark help with crikt strike i have like 65% crit chance for spells.

very good damage boost and ring with warlords mark on hit on helps a lot with bosses and this is your main leech friend:)


Dont save to much currancy Daying sun and atziri are very strong for this bulid.


Guardian of the Phoenix
It was corrupted map with no mana and life regeneration wich is really difficult to do with this build but possible:)

Elder fight I forgot to hide with zana can be done deathless


Guardian of the Hydra


Guardian of the Chimera deathless


The Shaper



Winter Orb -> increased critical damage -> GmP -> Concentrated Effect -> Added Cold -> Increased Critical Strikes

Vaal Cold Snap > Arcane Surge > bone chill > culling strike

whirling blades-> faster attacks-> Fortify

Auras and Heralds
Herald of cold
Herald of thunder > curse on hit > Assasin mark > temporal chains /enfeeble

Cast when damage taken > Vaal blade vortex > immortal call-> Increased Duration

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Hi, thx for posting this build
The second movie (elder fight) has a bad link with <br> <br> in it
Dont forget to make a Path Of Building link as well, its useful
Hey, thanks for the build!
Can you give suggestions as to what I should get first in relation to passives? I've currently taken all the nodes left of the tree, and currently unlocking top of the tree.
Thanks :)

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