[3.5] Winter Orb Elementalist


This was my main build for patch 3.5. I followed Zizaran for most the early part of the season with this build then started to branch off a bit.

Most of my builds are budget, but this one I spent a little more time on and decided to multimod my primary weapon. It is not necessary and will give more detail in other parts of the build.


Tier 13 Core Map Level 91



Winter Orb - GMP - Slower Projectiles - Faster Casting - Ice Bite - Increased Duration(Can swap to Cold to Fire for more DPS on boss)
Vaal BV - Vaal RF - Increased Duration - Decoy Totem
Temporal Chains - Blasphemy
Flame Dash - Faster Casting
Phase Run - Arcane Surge - Increased Duration
Immortal Call - CWDT - Summon Lightning Golem


Winter Orb
Since I have terrible luck and can't get a 6 link for the life of me, I ended up getting a shaped glove with slower projectiles and faster casting. They were pretty cheap week 1 into the league, like 20c for this pair so I suck with them all the way.
GMP is a must have and ice bite is amazing for its freezing and frenzy charge generation. Increased duration is quality of life so you don't need to cast as often. I generally keep it on unless it is a difficult boss, then I'll swap it with cold to fire for some extra dps.

Vaal skills help a lot, especially BV for the single target. Not much has to be said about these, they do a lot of dps and increase duration keeps them going longer.

Temporal Chains
I ended up going with this curse to stay safe. Up until lvl 85 I used curse on hit frostbite for the cold penetration but I ended up swapping after dying to syndicate too many times. Solstice vigil is necessary for this, if you cannot get one you can stay with curse on hit and curse of your choice.

Your an elementalist!

Phase Run
This skill is super good with this build. It is the first time I've used it and with Winter Orb you can channel to 10 stacks then cast phase run and go around at super speed and kill everything!

I went with lightning for the cast speed for the channeling but you can also go with any defense golem or flame for dps


My Gear


I used Carcass Jack simply because it was a lot cheaper than Inpulsa's or a Kaom's Heart. If you choose to spend more I would invest in either one for the build.

The gloves are shaped with faster casting and slower projectiles. This is because I have terrible luck and will spend too much trying to 6L something, so I went with shaped gloves. They are pretty cheap and do the job. Desired rolls on the gloves other than the 2 gems are max life, resistance, and evasion.

The amulet, solstice vigil is very good and I would recommend it since you can add temporal chains to the build. If you don't want to invest in one then go with a curse on hit set up.

On one ring get aspect of the spider, you can choose to get it on something else if that works for you, it just ended up the it was easiest to get it on a ring for me.

Primary Weapon
Primary weapon, I multi-moded a mace with enemies explode dealing 5% of their life as fire for faster clear speed. I think it is a bit over kill to have 3 heralds and this but honestly it is more fun in my opinion. It adds a lot of damage to the build and I can clear T14 as if it was a T3 (just don't get hit).
Budget option for primary weapon is sceptre with add to spells, % spell damage, cast speed, and/or % ele damage. You don't need crit with this build so try to get damage in this slot.

For a shield wither go with Esh's mirror or any rare shield with high life and spell damage. Esh's mirror is cheap and really good all around. If you are focusing of farming maps with this build (like it is meant for) then use Esh's, the lightning damage stacks up fast.

Bisco's leash is chose for the same reason as Esh's mirror. It is really good when farming maps so use this, or alternatively you can use any rare belt with life and resistance if you cannot afford a leash.


If you can get your hands on an Inspired Learning, it is amazing for clear speed but a bit pricey to get.
In general go for jewels that add to spell (any ele), add life, or % spell damage
Secondary you can go for cast speed, or resistance if you need it


I like using the gems for my build ASAP. I started with Freezing Pulse until I could use BV, then use Winter Orb for the rest of the game. You can really use whatever you want for the leveling process.


Kill all :)


1. Shaper of Desolation
2. Beacon of Ruin
3. Pendulum of Destruction
4. Mastermind of Discord

Beacon of Ruin is one of the best Ascendancies in the game right now, makes everything die at once, rush it ASAP.
Mastermind of Discord makes it so you can have all elemental heralds on.


+Best clear speed
+Easy to get going
+Budget build is strong
+Many variants of the build
+Bossing still good
+Basically walk through maps
-Auto-aim is sometimes annoying for boss and syndicate

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I try to use this build for 3.7 but your skill tree does not show, can you tell me more about it
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