Need help with my first build.

Hello exiles, today after hours of thinking i made build. Beacuse i want a MF character and im lazy it is a Elemental Hit Assassin with windripper. After spending some time on pob i made something what can clear T13 but still i feel clearspeed could be better. Should i change something? Gem links, items, optimize tree? I can even change main skill (using Elemental Hit over TS beacuse +2 TS projectiles helmet is expensive and im poor right now:P). Thanks for every advice !

Last bumped on Jan 19, 2019, 2:21:08 PM
Hi there,

some hints:

Druidic bite instead of Primal spirit
Acuity over Flash freeze - you have low chance to hit
I always take King of the hill for bow characters - knock back is pretty good

Pointblank if you want to push singl target damage and socket nearby (fill with abyss jewel)

You can use Quiver with + 1-2 an extra arrow and get Dying Sun flask eventually and drop GMP to boost DPS (I guess you should kill everything with one hit though anyway)
To get more damage you can get ench on helm, better stygian (with delve ele mods), Watcher´s maybe - things you probably know about.
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