Elder Helm help keeping socketed effects

I have an elder helm:
ilvl 84
+2 to molten strike projectiles (My dream enchant)
Socket 20 immolation
socket 20 conc effect
40% increased eva and energy shield
11 rarity
16 cold
18 ignite duration
17% stun recovery
24% area damage
+68 life (crafted)

Only real stats I need are 20 immo 20 conc effect 24% area damage

Can't lose enchant, CANT CANT CANT
If I lock suffixes with can't be change 2ex, does that lock imoo and conc effect. Im on xbox so i can't see what is prefix affix.

If I can do this, can I just do multi craft and put whatever the hell i want?

Don't care about rarity or cold

Thanks in advance
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Conc is prefix, immolate is suffix
Conc is prefix, immolate is suffix, i'm sorry. There is no secure way to improve your helmet. You would need to annul and get lucky.

The enchant at least is always safe unless you enchant again or corrupt (vaal) the helmet, so don't do that.
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you 100% CAN see what is prefix/suffix on xbox. Go into options and look for the 'advanced tooltips' option.

As others said, your enchant is safe unless you enchant over it/vaal it. Even a raw scour wont remove the enchant.
Just figure that out, AMAZING you can see suffixes and prefixes!!

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