Next step to make this item better?

Hi, this item dropped as you see it, the only thing I did was 20 quality it.

Note that the extra chaos is part of physical damage increase mod. So i have 1 preffix (confused on which one is suffix and which is prefix) open.

I am not sure as I have close to no knowledge of crafting/making items better, no idea on what to do in order to make the bow the best I cam, without bricking it with annuls.

I was thinking of prefix cannot be changed -> scour then craft whatever i want on it (not sure what) as atrack speed roll can be crafted the same as it is now.

I heard i can hillock and bestiary craft quality on it? Or does it need white item?

I have never crafted with syndicate, fossils, bestiary, or meta crafted items either.

So whats should I do to with the bow?

And how good is it? Or am I imaging it to be CRAZY GOOD?

Also what buils would one recommend when I finish crafting the bow? If its as good as I think.

Sorry for rambling, first rare item that is worth over 1 ex dropped. Also written on phone so sorry for mistakes.

Ty in advance
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Hi there,

first of all big gz to your drop.

Both increased damage (incursion mod) and flat physical damage are prefixes.

Incursion mod range - (155–169)% increased Physical Damage
Gain (9–10)% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage

T1 mod (Flaring) added physical mod range - 29-38 to 58-68

1) You could block prefixes (with prefixes cannot be changed mod -2 EX)
2) Remove the suffixes (using scouring orb - be aware not before you block the prefixes!)
3) Crafting multi-mod suffix modifier (2 EX)

Finish the craft

there are interesting choices now:

4) Add quality to the weapon (you can add 28% quality as 1)
Using crafting Bench that upgrades a weapon's quality to 24/26/28%
move Rank 3 Hillock in Transportation division

and add the remaining affixes (there are bunch of them)

5) Adding two suffixes (21–25)% increased Critical Strike Chance
+(13–18)% to Quality
(8–10)% increased Attack Speed
+(7–12)% to Quality

Other interesting suffix might be (10–12)% chance to deal Double Damage
(maybe better for NO crit build but didn´t make any math)

Crafting remaining prefix
Gain (19–22)% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage

or eventually - Attacks with this Weapon Penetrate (14–16)% Elemental Resistances

6) Finish the craft by using divine orbs eventually

List of all crafting possibilities

It might be quite expensive to craft all these.

Prefixes cannot be changed ( 2 EX) + multimod (2 EX) + (8–10)% increased Attack Speed, +(7–12)% to Quality mod (1 DIVINE) + (21–25)% increased Critical Strike Chance, +(13–18)% to Quality (1 EX) + Gain (19–22)% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage or other ( 8 Vaal orbs or other) + some divine orbs eventually.
= TOTAL of 5.5 - 6+ Exalted Orbs (including a few divines)

You need also unlocked crafting recipes

Theoretical maximum DPS seems 521 PDPS (for max quality bow)
other stats: 7.5% crit chance + an extra mods
9-10% of physical as an extra chaos damage (incursion mod) + an added prefix 22 % of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage

You can see similar crafted bows here:

In theory you can make nice profit but you need all recipes and good knowledge (be sure what to do).

Or you can craft quality with crit chance and let others finish the craft but don´t sell it cheap bcos of 500+ PDPs bow with good mods potential!
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Thank you, I will try to craft it as best as possible, and make a build out of it, but I’m not sure what build to play.

Thank you again.

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