[3.5] [WIP] Voidforge Tectonic Slam Juggernaut | 6M+ Shaper DPS

1. Introduction

This build combines the offensive Strength of Voidforge along with Abyssus with the effortless tankiness of the Juggernaut ascendancy.

One-shotting packs off-screen
Boss melting

Expensive gear

Stats (lvl 92, ~10 exalts):
6K life
80% elemental resistances
13.6K armour
7 Endurance Charges
~8M Shaper dps (fully buffed: flasks, totems, banner)
~2M mapping dps (low-maintainance: no flasks, no totems, no banner)

I'm not a meta slave, so I usually don't bother myself with any build used by more than 1% of the players. However, the other day I just happened to have a 6L Loreweave and a 6L Voidforge in my stash that nobody wanted to buy, then one thing lead to another...

2. Path of Building and Passive Tree

Copypasta for PoB:

Lazy people link:
Passive Tree

Help Alira

Soul of Arakaali with Immortal Call and Blood Rage boost life leech nicely. Soul of Gruthkul is a nice boost to the physical damage mitigation.

3. Breakdown [WIP]

Ascendancy: The starting point for this build was that I wanted to use Voidforge in conjunction with Abyssus. Abyssus has the downside of making you take 40% increased Physical Damage. Seeing as Juggernauts laugh in the face of Physical Damage, it makes a lot of sense to roll Juggernaut. The Endurance Charges that are effortlessly generated, reduce Physical Damage taken, and can extend Immortal Call's duraion far beyond it's cooldown.

Main Skill:
Though there are many skills that go well with Voidforge, we might as well use our endless supply of Endurance Charges for Tectonic Slams.

Voidforge has a unique way of scaling damage, that allows for ridiculous amounts of dps. Voidforge multiplies any added flat physical damage by 300% plus the percentage of physical damage that's converted to elemental damage. In the case of Tectonic Slam, that would be 350%.

For Voidforge builds, Abyssus provides far more damage than any other helmet due to the added physical damage mod.

Body Armour:
As is the case with Abyssus, Loreweave provides more damage than any other chest, mostly because it provides added physical damage. All the other mods are useful for the build too, which is a great plus.

Lion's Roar is great for this build. The Wise Oak is also very strong, granted that you can balance all resistances. I would recommend using a Diamond Flask, a Silver Flask, and a Life Flask for the remaining slots. Note that Atziri's Promise does not do anything for this build, because Voidforge nullifies your chaos damage.

Both Death's Door and Kaom's Roots are great for this build, but they can be replaced with any strong pair of rare boots.

Yoke of Suffering provides a great chunk of damage, because you can apply all elemental ailments. It can be replaced with a rare amulet with added physical damage, life, and critical strike mods.

Rare rings that cover the resistances and with as much added physical damage, life, and critical strike mods as possible; preferably steel rings.


4. Skill Setups [WIP]

5. Play Style

Mapping: use Increased Area of Effect Support, Concentrated Effect Support is hardly ever necessary. One-shot packs with Tectonic Slam, make your way to the next pack, rinse and repeat. Pop Lion's Roar preemptively if there are rippy mobs, it will shove everything right off your screen. Elemental-reflect maps are to be avoided at all costs, no-leech maps are annoying and require a mana flask, Blood Rage can be a bit awkward in no-regen maps.

Bossing: Swap Increased Area of Effect Support for Concentrated Effect Support. Also swap out Multistrike Support for Ruthless Support for the dodge intensive encounters. For burst damage drop the totems, drop the banner, pop Blood Rage, and pop the flasks.

6. Leveling [WIP]

7. Viability [WIP]

8. My Gear

9. Budgeting [WIP]

10. Min-maxing [WIP]

11. FAQ's [WIP]

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Looks pretty cool, doing this or a nebuloch build
Hey man i like ur build idea have you done endgame with this build?

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