[3.5] Cold Triple CoCSpin -Fast Boss Killer/Mapper-

If you need to contact me regarding this build, to review yours, etc, Please contact me in-game or on discord: Chizza#6245

BEFORE we go into it, just as a side note, this builds CORE idea was from Henry4200's "CCC" build so big thanks to you! Now, this highly improved version was crafted by Myself and Parasomnia1737. Enjoy.

+Very Fast
+Ridiculous damage to just about anything
+Uber Labs are cake
+Map clear quickly
+CRITs everywhere
+It looks AMAZING
+Shaper Deathless with minimal effort
+One button map clears all tiers
+Beginner friendly play style

-Very Expensive for the casual player
-Cant do ele reflect/immune to curses maps

My current PoB as of 1/17/2019

(Quote from henry4200)
"The Problem with PoB is that it doesn't show the combined damage of all Spells at once. Even the DPS of the spells connected to CoC isn't fully visible. To fix that I have prepared a quick guide. After this I will explain how to calculate your the total amount of damage that you can deal per second!

First of all: to display the DPS of IN in the CoC setup just unselect the CoC gem. To compensate the spell dmage multiplier from CoC just add the same mod to any item. Remember that CoC casts a spell every 0.15 (or any lower number if you have cdrs, check your cooldown by selecting cyclone as main skill) second. Obviously thats a much higher cast speed than what PoB thinks our cast speed is. To corrrect this we just add a cast speed mod on any item until the cast speed is about 6.67, its been 352% increased cast speed for me. Now PoB displays the correct dps vlaues.
When checking IN socketed in Cospris you have to remove the spell damage mod that you just added on an item.

Now just sum up the DPS of your CoC Set Up and your Cospris Set Up.
I you have more than one Spell in any of thse setups you will have to devide your total amount of damage by the amount of spells after summing up all of their DPS values."

Coming soon

Now to Begin.

In this build our goal is to have as many of our abilities go off from Cospri's as we can. We achieve this by none other than, you guessed it, CRIT. The more crit you have, the more destruction you will cause. In this build as you will see down below in the "GEM" section, we are using Cyclone and manual cast Vortex as our two MANUAL damage abilities. So without going into detail because it will be in the "GEM" section, basically just run around Cycloning for maps or Cycloning and spamming Vortex on bosses. Most content can be done with just these 2 buttons. There are a few other active skills we use but will be explained later in the guide.


Now this is the gear I'm CURRENTLY using.
There are some other options out there depending on the situation/playstyle
DICLAIMER: This next part is a COPY/PASTE from Henry4200 as it all still applies here.
Rat's Nest: Crit Chance, Movement Speed, Attack Speed and Evasion... choose it for more speed.
Starkonjas: best option becuase of the survivability.
Devotos: For 20% movement speed which is 10% more than Rat's Nest... Choose this for mapping only
Rare Helmet: Evasion base with good Life (and resists), Added Cold Damage to Spells, -# to enemies cold resistance
Enchants: Basicly all Enchants that affects Ice Nova are good. I would prefer the pure damage one tho.

Body Armor:
Queen of The Forrest: Great for movement speed, best option for mapping only
Carcass Jack: More AoE (Damage), but that much AoE is not necessary in my opinion, only a nice to have. Clear speed is still fine, QotF adds just a bit of total mapping speed. When you decide to play with Carcass respec the flask nodes and choose the Carcass Jack flask set up.
Loreweave: Best defensive option I think. Pick this one if you want to face some nasty bosses like Shaper/Uber Elder.

(Bronns Lithe is not an option btw, we do not need the attackspeed and damage on Cyclone is senseless as well. +2 level for Movement Skills isn't that good as well, because we only benefit from Cyclone on Lvl 21, 22 and 23 or 24 is not necessary)

Dual Wield:
Cospri's Malice: Best Option if not mandatory. Gives us another CoC Setupt, Crit and Flat Cold Damage (3D Art looks absolutely amazing as well!!!!)

Rare Gloves: Life, Resists, Attack Speed, Additional Physical Damage Reduction while Focussed OR 20% phys to cold conversion which would save you 1 Skill point! There is another great mod: x& increased damage with hits against chilled Enemies.
Hrimsorrow: Is a good alternative if you don't need resisits and life, because it can safe you 3 Skillpoints...

Rare Boots: Movement Speed, Life, Resits, Chance to Dodge Attack Hits while Focussed
- 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently
- Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently
- 8% chance to Dodge Spell Hits if you've taken Spell Damage Recently
Those are all fine.

HeadHunter: The best option due to speed from elite buffs as well as just more FUN!
Rare Belt: Socket, Life, Resits, (Attributes if requiered), at least 14% Cooldown Recovery Speed (get up to 7,69 casts per second from 6,67 cps) or Increased Flask effect on you (increases Movement Speed) or Flask Effect Duration

Rare Amulet: Life, Resists, Crit Chance, Crit Multiplier, Spell Dmage, Dex/Int/Strength if required, You have Vaal pact while Focussed - 10% of Damage Leeched as Life while Focussed (more information about Focus in Gem section) or +1 to meele weapon range (adds nice AoE to Cyclone which is very useful), #% Cold Damage Leeched as Life
The Pandemonius: is a great option for damage and survivability due to its blind effect, at the moment it is very expansive tho (5ex+). I will definitely start using it as soon as I got the ex for it.

Diamond Rings: Life, Resists, Crit Chance, Crit Multiplier if you've shattered an Enemy recently
Rare Ring: same as above but there are some nice delve/elder/shaper mods to go for with higher budget:
- Elder Mod: Curse Enemies with Level X Warlord's Mark on Hit (can be paired with Mark of the Shaper)
- Delve Mod: x% of Cold Damage Leeched as Life
- Shaper Mod: Life Gained for each Enemy hit by your Spells
Best option would be getting all of those mods on a shaped/elder Diamond Ring base... thats what I dream of at night ;)

ALWAYS KEEP YOUR RESISTANCES IN MIND, this is a unique heavy build so you will need a lot of resists on your rare gear!

Devine Life Flask with Bleeding Mod
Diamond Flask with Freeze Mod
Stibnite Flask with Curse Immunity
Jade Flask with Increased Evasion Mod
Quicksilver Flask with Increased Movement Speed
! Make sure to get the rolls of the explicit mods as high as possible as this can make a huge difference in movement speed! Make sure to get the flask nodes in the top tree early as they improve you MS by a lot!

For Carcass Jack:
Life Flask
Granite Flask
Diamond Flask
Jade Flask
Cinderswallow Urn with crti chance

REQUIRED: Unnatural Instinct and The Long Winter (refer to PoB for placement on skill tree)
Crit Multiplier
Attack Speed
Area Damage
Cold Damage
flat Phys/Cold to Spells

Skill Tree/Ascendancy
Level 95: www.poeurl.com/cfOH

Before the obvious question regarding the "Heartseeker" passive node comes up, here is why you DONT take it and you go for the sword nodes instead.

Do not currently have any lower level trees built but will add in the future.

Save Aliira, Kill the rest.

Gem links
Weapon 1: Frostbolt - Ice Nova - Greater Multiple Projectile Support

Weapon 2: Vortex - Glacial Cascade - Frostbomb

4 Link: Vortex - Bonchill Support - Blood Rage - Summon Lightning Golem

4 Link: Herald of Ice - Onslaught Support - Warlord's Mark - Blasphemy Support

4 Link: Cast When Damage Taken Support - Ancestral Protector - Immortal Call - Flame Dash

Chest 6 link: Hypothermia Support - Cast on Critical Strike Support - Cyclone - Cold Penetration Support - Concentrated Effect Support - Ice Nova

(Concentrated Effect Support can be swapped out for Area of Effect Support when mapping if you want but not needed.

TL:DR Explanation of some links
In weapon 1 the link to note here is FrostBolt with Greater Multiple Projectiles and Ice Nova. Reason for this is... well.... MORE FrostBolts. More FrostBolts = more Vortex's + more Ice Nova! (read Vortex/ice nova tooltip)

In weapon 2 we want Vortex due to frostbolts being turned INTO more vortex, we also want frostbomb for the debuffs it applies to your targets, and Glacial Cascade because it SHREDS!

CWDT 4 link: Now This is where everyone will ask but Chizza, Why no Fortify with CwDT and immortal call? Well, the answer is simple, because forget defense when you can have more OFFENSE! No seriously though we decided since removing Leap Slam from that link set, we still needed movement ability for our "Oh SH**" moments therefor after several Dr.Peppers and several cigarettes later, we have come to the conclusion our best link situation here is to have CwDT and Immortal for a defense, Flame dash for moving, and Ancestral for bossing because the Attack speed, melee range for Cyclone.

Herald of ice 4 link: This one doesnt need to be 4 linked and could be 2 sets of 2 link if you want. Doesn't matter as our Onslaught will only support Herald of ice. Our Warlord's mark can also only be supported by Blasphemy for obvious reasons that 2 link is amazing in this build.

Blood rage links: In this setup you could do a 3 link with 1 socket by itself if you want. Blood Rage is not supported by anything in this build. We take Blood Rage as just a way to gain more attack speed and life leech.
Lightning Golem is due to more attack speed as well. The added crit from ice golem is not enough to justify taking it over lightning golem, more attack speed = more chances to crit and and faster.
We have also linked bonechill and vortex here due to the damage over time buff from Bonechill toward our damage over time ABILITY, VORTEX!

Lastly we have our chest setup, another CoC with Cyclone but with Ice Nova here and a lot of support. We want ice nova because again if you read the tooltip its going to be supported by not only all our gems in the chest but also the Greater multiple projectile FROSTBOLTS!

leveling is impossible really with CoC as we do not have enough or access to some of

Before you comment or contact me regarding anything, please read the guide FULLY.

HUGE SHOUTOUT to Henry4200 and Parasomnia1737.
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u didnt understand the guide from henry it has a reason why he didnt use 2 cospris u have like 75% hitchance u will make way more damage with a lyco
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Quite the opposite. I DID understand it and why he didn't. I am currently at 75% hit chance, but if you've played the build this way, you would also notice the 75% hit chance isnt even noticeable. Appreciate the reply and your assumption that I didn't understand what I read though. :)

P.S. its definitely NOT more damage... 25% more hit chance with one CoC weapon or an UNNNOTICEABLE 25% hit chance difference with another weapon with 3 CoC spells.... but its MORE damage for the shield? lol.
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