[3.5] Arachnid mistress - Arakaali + Herald of agony

My attempt to made ultimate build for someone without perfect reaction and flask management skills.

Idea is pretty simple we should act only as a support character, don't get close to targets and should mitigate all possible damage types.

The whole build costs is about 2 exalts(Based mostly on Araakali's price, Six-link armor, and quantity of Chaos orbs to roll necessary stats on Gloves and Jewels), could be a bit cheaper. It is viable for league starter, because you can start leveling with zero investments and stabilize build before End-game content.

Leveling style is up to you. But I would recommend to switch to Herald of Agony as soon as possible, because it is better to take all nearest Minion nodes first. Such style can significantly increase our damage possibilities. With capped Virulence stack, we can oneshot almost all Story Bosses. Use Barrage or Tornado shot until you'll buy an Arakaali's Fang.

Kill all (or Alira, before you'll get an "2% life and mana" enchant on your boots)

Ascendancy passives:
I have found only 2 beneficial classes for Ascendant's choice, they are:
- Juggernaut (give us a lot of Accuracy, Stun immune and Endurance charge generation),
- Deadeye and Path of Ranger (Give us bit more Accuracy, one more Projectile for Virulence stacking skill, Bleeding damage reduction and short access to Acrobatics nodes)

Final skill tree give us possibility to take 8(or 9 with sacrificing of some life nodes) jewel nodes on a Tree.

To avoid issues with Mana, Life and Endurance charge generation I would prefer to use Gluttony belt

As we don't have so much Armor or Energy shield, all Physical damage mitigation will be handled by Endurance charges and Fortify effect.
And it also give us Culling strike almost for free.

After we got an Arakaali's Fang, our main skill will be a Spectral throw. To make it more viable to support Agony Crawler we need to have as much Attack speed as possible. And for safety reasons it is better to throw Projectiles as far as possible.
To handle all necessary Gems, Elder Gloves is only suitable choice for us. Because we need a 6-link to reach maximum efficiency of poisoning enemies with Spectral Trow. And Elder can help us with that case. So Gem setup should look like that:

Spectral Throw + Poison + Lesser Multiple Projectiles + Faster Projectiles + Faster Attacks + Summon Phantasm (The last one is required to activate Minion jewels)

Or how it looks like on Elder Gloves:

Any skill, which could be supported by "Summon Phantasm" is minion skill. Also you can put it into Whirling Blades instead of or with Fortify.

Arakaali spiders used mostly for single target, because Agony Crawler itself could melt any map alone. Spiders require Desecrate skill and Writhing Jar to be used together. Sometimes, during long Boss fights, we could miss all our charges, of course we can use Soul of Ryslatha pantheon, but with Spectral Throw we a have better possibility to recharge our Jar just in a second:

Just make fast switch, throw, switch back and you are free to summon Spiders again

Other gear and Gem setups are pretty standard:


To not confuse anyone, I'm using only Vaal version of Haste to boost minion attacks on Bosses.

- It is completely viable for any type of Reflect maps.
- Maps with no Life and Mana generation are also possible, but require more meditative gameplay.
- Shaper is also not a big deal:

Full map gameplay:
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Just in case if someone interested I have added a gameplay video.

- Replaced some life nodes to increased duration nodes, in case of spider maintenance. tree:

- Possible attack mechanic replacement:

You can put Ball lightning skill gem to make crowd poisoned and use brand skill on single target together with Ball lightning to get maximum virulence stacks.
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Any videos available?
Just wondering what kind of jewels are used in this build. Thanks!
Just wondering what kind of jewels are used in this build. Thanks!

Hi, they are all in the end of the video.
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