[3.12] The Overwhelming Juggernaut - 15k evasion - 7k Armour

Where there is smoke there is trouble

T14 maps at level 85!

This build based on 3 Unique to convert defense to offense
And one unique to get Permanent Onslaught!! and Permanent Fortify!!
Pop - Stibnite, Granite, Jade - flasks for 1M damage

Overwhelming Odds

which gives fortify and below unique converts that to Onslaught


Which gives 1% attack damage for each 300 evasion, it chooses evasion because of the Armour is higher to be 42k or vise versa and gives onslaught for fortify

I am going for 30k evasion to stack damage, with flasks targeting 70k evasion


Which gives 1% attack damage for each 450 evasion, dual sword gives 2%

Old Version with videos

The Brass Dome

Juggernaut ascendancy makes it double to give 42k

"Take no extra damage from Critical Strikes" !!

Evasion Gear?

Stacking Evasion

Minimum 150 evasion in jewel
Minimum 150 evasion in rings
Minimum 1000 evasion helmet
Minimum 600 evasion boots
Minimum 600 evasion gloves
190+ and 190+ evasion from both swords
280+ Evasion from belt !!
3000 Evasion from Jade flask
2000+ Evasion from Grace Aura
8000+ Total Flat Evasion

Stacking Armour

+3000 Armour from Granite Flask
280+ Armour from belt
%Increased Armour from Stibnite Flask

Flasks - for unique and rare kills (need a better roll yet)

Jewels (Still working on it)

Flat Evasion minimum 150 Evasion - will give +1000 damage
Flat Life (30+)

Currently Using

Current Evasion with flasks

DPS for flasks and blood rage, without onslaught and without frenzy charge

Skill Tree


choose all Evasion+life nodes - which gives damage !!
choose all Evasion+Armour+Resistance - which gives damage !!
choose all Armour+Life - which gives damage !!


Grace Aura - which gives damage !!
Herald Of Agony - chance to poison
Herald Of Ash - Extra Fire Damage
Ice Golem - for more accuracy

Attack Speed

1% attack speed per 200 accuracy = 5000+ accuracy = 25%+ attack speed
When attacked - instant onslaught = 20% attack speed
Blood Rage - 10% attack speed

9.7 attacks per second (for now) - with blood rage and onslaught


Life Leech passives = 2% attack damage leech
Blood Rage - 1.2% attack damage leech


20% chance to poison (Herald Of Agony) --EDIT--
Switching to Herald Of Ash
25% chance to bleed


Below are done at level 85
T13 Shrine - https://youtu.be/9IIep6k9YK4
T14 Carcass - https://youtu.be/8fTorvOkeKI
Uber Lab - https://youtu.be/QA3oowniEhY

T12 Arsenal - https://youtu.be/1SChA_YLpMk (simply having fun)

New version POB (Low budget bleeding setup)

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I plugged into PoB and you are getting maybe 60k dps probably 30k dps shaper...Unless I got something wrong then I wouldn't do this build.
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I think you can get around 380K shaper dps for this idea, but the life is quite low, at around 5300, and regen is also at low level.

This is maybe a build for lab run with quick silver.
shuaiziyoa wrote:
I think you can get around 380K shaper dps for this idea, but the life is quite low, at around 5300, and regen is also at low level.

This is maybe a build for lab run with quick silver.

changed the tree and changed the amulet, successfully six linked my chest
Thank you for the Lab carry. Fast and easy !
Gave a good one :)
Thanks a lot for uberlab carry.
Bandits and Pantheon??
Bandits either kill all or help alira
Pantheon "Soul of the Brine King" "Soul of Ralakesh"

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