[3.5] Lancing Steel Deadeye Ahn's Might, Uber Elder down, 1.5m++ shaper dps without temp. Buff

DPS while all buffs up,note that this is just single projectile, hitting 5 projectile means *5, i edited the kiara determination to apply 30% more damage from impale, 10% from main projectile which will always apply impale, 20% from 50% chance to apply from my other 4 projectile.

I understand these wall of text are long and boring, i tried to make this guide newbie friendly for players who are new like me. If you are experienced player i suppose you can just read the short intro and grab the PoB, come back to search for answer when you have question or drop a suggestion for me to improve my builds

I had downed my first ever uber elder, on 6th attempt, that fight is completely different level, especially for a glass cannon build, but due to my pc having bad fps (10~20 without recording during uber elder), it's impossible for me to record the fight without stutter happening 24/7.

Uber atziri down on first try! 3 portals down thou, always accidentally hit the figure that reflects damage, got lucky with the drop thou!

Short intro. of why i made this guide.

In 3.5, our beloved GGG released two new pure physical attack skills,Lancing Steel, and Shattering Steel that could inflict Impale. One of my poe dream is to make pure physical skill a thing (althou yaall still manage to turn it into a ele converted skill, i hate you all), so i return to poe this league and are looking for ways to build it, but all i had seen on internet are either some disappointing comment about these skills, abusing fork interaction, or some dude jerking on their PoB.

One of my guildies tried to make this build and end up feeling the build deal miserable damage, barely hitting red tier map and feel disappointed. He decided to give up this build and went for a poet arc. before his switch he gave me the helmet (i am using it as a symbol of friendship in this build) and ask me to build it, so the build lives on

I am a rather new player myself(or super casual one), start back when rampage, quit right after i hit map due to the game felt too overwhelmed, came back at legacy due to breach being super successful, harbinger got me off again due to heavy CPU load on harbinger encounter, and missed all the league all the way till now.

Normally, i don't read guide, they are either super not budget-friendly (please, stop calling 10ex newbie friendly and low budget, we will never reach that height as a newbie, the learning curve of this game just skyrocket when you hit map, economy, crafting, pve survivability, and gameplay ), or just another dude jerking at his PoB dps number that only achievable on really rare occasion (or never achievable), oh no there are plenty of you.
Thus i decided to made a guide to share my build that is both from a very budget and Newbie PoV

Playstyle and things you should know
Lancing steel is an attack skills that fire 5 projectiles with your Axe or sword, different projectiles from the same attack can hit a same enemy unit, which resulting in shotgun effect while properly positioned and executed. Thanks to being a range you can always keep some distance when the fight got too nasty and still be able to output some damage to weaken your enemy. Just cheese them when it got difficult.

Below are Screen shot to show how projectiles behave while you aim at different location (blue circle is where i aim my mouse cursor at)
When you target your mouse cursor nearer to your character while attacking, these projectiles will spread further away from each other(spread wider).

When you target your mouse cursor farther away from your character while attacking, these projectiles will be shot nearer with each other(narrow straight line).

Below is a photo showing you what happen when you link GMP/LMP or trying to add more projectiles to your build.


First Shaper & Second Red Elder
Here is a video of me taking down my 2nd ever red tier elder (first being the league starter of betrayal, if you want to check that cheap scrub build out, it's on my signature.) , and deathless shaper on first attempt. (YES, I AM PROUD)
Please be aware that, i am super nervous during both fights, hence i wasn't properly positioned and did not target the edge of the monitor sometimes. I apologize for that.

-Range, i suggest newbie player to start with range build, always remember that, there are some hit we are not mean to facetank in this game. Althou Point Blank still require us to go face, but Far shot made the damage loss more bearable whenever the needs to keep distance arise.

-Smooth early game/story arc, Class gems, ascendancy, and little to none passives tree transform after reaching map.

-Budget, will show you how much i paid for items.

-Pretty straight forward playstyle, position > shoot > reposition > shoot > repeat the previous steps.

-Decent clear speed, 2 pierces 1 Chain, mark of the elder tentacle whip, and 50% bleed chance with Haemophilia (unique gloves, your enemy explode and deal AoE damage to surrounding if they were bleeding before killed.)

-Do not have many layer of defense ( The current are, life gain on hit, Dodge and spell dodge, Vaal pacts, and maim + aspect of spider, you could, however, consider changing war banner to dread banner for more survivalbility, damage for war banner, survival for dread banner, the damage difference aren't super huge. )

-Glass Cannon, i end up with 5.8k life while bossing at 93, this might not be seen as a huge trouble in shaper and red tier elder fight, since they are mostly mechanics game, but is really dangerous during mapping and uber elder fight, the rare, blood line packs, and certain heavy hitters always caught you off guard, as long as your life aren't enough to take that one crit hit, you are done, but i still gone up to 92 while farming at t13~4, i die in 15 or 16 occasionally thanks to stupid mistakes thou, FPS is also a main concern if you want to play this game flawlessly, if your game stutter too much like mine, you might miss some important on screen information. You can, of course go way higher than me with better budget, i am looking forward to do so.

-Not fully utilizing the full power of impale, but i am happily sitting with 30% more dps (these *1.3 multiplier are not shown in pob, also be aware that they are subjected to my 47% increased damage taken, you should be expecting my final dps+(dps*0.3*1.47), which should result in nearly 280k shaper dps each projectile without blood rage, flask, Vaal haste and ancestral protector, 5 projectiles hitting shaper while targeting the edge of your screen should easily net u 1.35m, no, more projectiles don't really help here, i tried the +1 projectiles from ascendancy, it just fly thru shaper even while i am standing in melee mode and targeting edge of monitor. Please point me out if other wise, or the maths is wrong. ASIANBTW)

-The weapon setup was mean for a shattering steel build, good damage, good accuracy boost, huge crit multiplier, and increase AoE for cone. So making it a lancing steel skill basically threw away the increase aoe mod. BUT I MUST ANSWER MY NAKAMA!

-Required huge strength to use these weapons.

-Not very decent attack speed due to low weapon base APS

Skill tree (progression), PoB, & Bandits

PoB Pastebin:-
My current level tree : https://pastebin.com/2zp78EXw
Skill tree after piety @ 27 level : https://pastebin.com/sDbZ8XDM
Bandits : Alira (You can always replace her with a good jewel and get way better result, but i am a poor scrubs, stop expecting me to spend)
The listed item in 27 level PoB just made your life easier, they are not necessary for this stage of the game, i didn't use them myself.
You should be headed over for blood drinker, and vaal pact later, by that point the game should be pretty easy to level up.
Also there are plenty of uniques for you to pick before Ahn's might, upgrading Screaming Eagle to The Gryphon, Innsbury Edge and Prismatic Eclipse are also good for this period.

I chose deadeye due to the fact i don't like having too many special build architype specially made for a class. I am aware that every ascendancy classes have their specialties or special nodes, like deadeye having tailwind, but making both impale and banner work better, and adrenaline rush specially for a champion? Sorry i want no participation in this.
The ascendancy nodes order goes by
Gathering winds > Rupture > Far Shot > Ricochet
We go deadeye ascendancy for:-

-Rupture goes well with Haemophilia, and provide lgoh and crit stats while bleeding. BEST NODE EVER

-Gathering winds help you to coup up the low base attack speed for Ahn's might, move faster, and gives 1k evasion ( I KNOW I DIDN'T UTILIZE THEM, I AM SORRY FOR I HAVE SIN ). BEST NODE EVAHHHH

-Far Shot, seems counter-intuitive while you have point blank keystone learnt, right? I take it as a counter weight whenever shit hits the fan, there are circumstances you just don't want to stand close and still for even a second, keep distance and start shooting, worst case scenario you will have 35% less damage instead of 50% less while running far shot.
Below is a reddit thread with a photo showcasing interaction between far shot and point blank (be warned that the numbers are not accurate.)
Far Shot x Point Blank

-Ricochet, Projectiles chain count + 1, projectiles deal 10% more damage with each remaining chain. Consider the priority of projectile is Pierce > Fork > Chain > Return, the first target you hit will always be pierced, resulting 10% boost for all projectiles. (while bossing, boss is always the first target you hit)

-Why not Endless Munition? i have found myself being difficult to hit shaper with all 5 projectiles without adding extra projectiles to myself, while targeting edge of monitor, a slight mistake in targeting direction or position will make me loss one projectiles damage. 6 now? JUST NO. Don't worry, i tested it out myself, it appears that shaper just wont get hit by my 6th projectiles

Item & Gems

Weapon 1 Gem Link : Faster Attack - Fortify - Leap Slam / Whirling Wind
Weapon 2 Gem Link : Summon Lightning Golem Lv16 - Cast When Damage Taken Lv14 - Immortal Call
Salesman : *slap the sword haft* These babies can handle so much damage with so little investment

I purchased both of them with below 5c, yes, i set my max searching price 5c, min crit chance 6.0, and look for the highest PDPS, TALA, these babies shows up and i took them and 30q them with beast craft, Pretty sure i bought the offhand one with 3c

Helmet Gem Link - War Banner - Herald of Purity - Purity Of Elements - Enlighten

The guildmate of mine said he bought this helmet with 27c, i found a similar one with 50c at the market (ES base) at this very moment, so let just make it 50c, give myself the worst case to calculate whole stuff with.

The Purity of Elements were used to counter Elemental weakness map mod, Purity of ice is also a good go when you fighting against shaper and uber elder, as both of them deal some crazy cold damage.

Enlighten 3 are cheap at the moment, i bought them 17c back when then.

Chest Gem Link - Lancing Steel - Vicious Projectiles - Faster Attack - Maim - Brutality - Increased Critical Strikes

Now now, i have 2 chest, yes, Lioneye's Vision was used in red tier elder and uber elder fight, it's an upgrade of the rare, but please don't be disappointed about budget thing, i made (craft) both of these 6l chest myself, please refer crafting section on how to make them cheaply. (LUCK involved, of course) I found a similar rare chest (with better life) costing 75c. Lioneye's vision should cost about 3ex atm.

As for gem links for chest, yes, i am aware there are better gems for faster attack or increase critical strikes supports. allow me to explain:-
-Faster Attack, she makes your attack faster (nonsense!). It's really important for you to attack fast especially in fight that require constant reposition. But how is faster attack in main attack setup gonna affect that? says : 0.26 attack time vs 0.21 attack time, that gives you additional 0.05 seconds for turn around time and reposition yourself to a better spot for more strategic advantages, thus i decided to sacrifice that few % dps boost for this.
-Increase Critical Strikes, "YOU DON'T NEED THAT 50% CRIT CHANCE, JUST GET 30% SOMETHING AND USE A DIAMOND FLASK" NO, jeez, as long as you can't kill the boss in 10 seconds, the flasks are mean to be a luxury resource in a boss fight (also consider you can't leave the boss room to reflask, if you have good load time i suppose it's fine for you to change it, while i have a very shit pc, i rarely consider this action), you won't be switching it on for 24/7, stop jerking at your pob number.

Main concern:- before getting Lioneye's Vision, where do i get my 2 pierce you promised at pros section?

Horned Talisman is a special base of rare amulet that is obtainable via divination card, perandus (please advice if wrong information), and syndicate safehouse drop, they are not rare in this league, bought each of them with less than 10c (yes i have policy to not search certain item above certain price)
Changed to aspect of spider amulet after i upgraded my chest to lioneye's vision.

The Aspect of spider amulet were crafted myself, bought this amulet with 1 empty suffix mod, 10c (seller did not put a price tag on it, he asked 8c when i pm, i paid 10c for there is another amulet with similar stats with mana leech missing but has physical attack damage instead, it's ok to be cheapskate, but please be fair to other players), went to the market and bought fenumus and beast craft it onto the amulet, here is how purchasing a beast in the trade site look like, i bought this little scor-pider (scorpion + spider) with 79c before my uber elder run. let say i used 89c.

Just a shaper ring full of okish resistance + elder ring for the good attack damage boost and tentacle whip. shaper ring cost me 16c (i put up some hard bargain thus i remember the price well). Mark of the elder cost me 7c and a few blessed orb to perfect the implicit roll.

Gem Link = Ancestral Protector - Blood Rage - Blind
We had seen a lot of debate about these two gloves on other similar build.
Here is a solution.

Just use haemophilia during mapping, and change to tombfist when you are dealing against bosses at t15 or above (that's what i do). Corrupted Haemophilia myself, 45c for the tombfist

A cheap stygian belt with life and random stats, bought it with 3c, can be easily replace by something else. I will just be honest i forgot about belt upgrade LMAO

Gem Link : Vaal Haste - Vaal Dual Strike - Increased Duration - Brutality
A two-toned boots with some resistance, okish life and a free prefix slot to craft movement speed in (you can also consider movement speed + #% gain onslaught on kill, it's completely up to you). Spent 22c and some cost on testing out which bench craft is better for me, let us call it 25c.

Flask for life and utility to deal with dangerous circumstances like Blood corrupt or frozen, you can consider changing quartz into a sulphur for the 40% damage, or basalt flask for extra tank, quartz is good for venturing the dark in delve, just personal preference. 7c for Blood of the karui.

Jewels wise, You get life on all of them, don't care, you can get lesser offensive stats here, just get 'em life. Pacifism is required to fully utilize dual wield ahn's might, i get 880 accuracy here, which is 5% pob hit chance while targeting shaper.
You can always upgrade them with better jewels, poor scrub like me are sitting here happily. Honour Glimmer dropped and regal from loot, let consider the rest of the jewels are 15c ( yes i don't buy any jewel more than 15c, let alone these jewel are seriously way cheaper than that amount, they are almost bad if not for the life. ), i spent 61c here.

with my current bossing build it should be cost roughly about 5ex atm, but let us move on to the craft section an explain a lil bit about how to use some crafting or basic knowledge to lessen the pain of budget

Please be aware that, i am new with most of these crafting or newly added system, if i made any booboo, please do not hesitate to point me out, or give me a lift there, thanks! Last i play i need to level up master to obtain most of these nowadays easily accessible craft.

Let us start with my 6l rare chest,
you can now beast craft a fully linked 6l chest in menagerie with Saqawine Vulture + any 3 rare creature, i got mine while dating with eihnar in the wild.
Then we proceed to second part, to craft appropriate stats or mods with delve resonator in this chest.
Here is a Fossils list for your reference, so you know which fossils can help you more.
In my case, i will need life, lightning resist and cold resist, so i simply slapped Pristine Fossil, Metallic Fossil, and Frigid Fossil into a Powerful Alchemical Resonator
Due to the fact that, there are only 2 lightning and cold mods you can roll on a chest armor, which is resistance or (6-10)% chance to Avoid respective Damage when Hit, it's quite easy to hit the mods you want (you can refer what kind of mods you can hit on certain armor/weapon parts below the fossil list page i just provide)
And bam, this acceptable chest is born, it carried me thru my first ever shaper in my life (GIRLY SCREAM).

As for my lioneye's vision, i bought it as a 6 sockets not linked, with life roll as it's, and increased its quality to 26% with syndicate bench(i will explain be low why 26% quality), and start linking it with fuse myself. Here is a syndicate explanation sheet about having who in which department to produce what reward you wanted.

Ok now, according to PoE Wiki
or read the grey text of item description

The higher quality you have for an item, the easier you 6 link it, i got it in like 310+ fusing, which greatly reduced my cost to buy a completely linked one.

Alright guys, that is it for this guide, i will post any update if i made any changes that greatly improved my damage, and a funnier video so you guys can enjoy the build more!
Thank you for reading thru, please do not hesitate to post any question you have! And please forgive me english, greetings from Malaysia!
Winter Soul- Occultist Winter Orb + Arctic Breath, red elder in less than 100C
Deadeye Lancing Steel Ahn's Might, First ever uber elder down, 1m+ boss dps without jerking at POB
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