BRICKED [3.5] DischargeFromInsertion - Heirophant Discharge Totem (800k Shaper DPS)

Howdy, and welcome to my first build guide: DischargeFromInsertion
AKA: Krysztofr_Soulis#0681 in /r/PathOfExile Discord

As of patch 3.6, this build is bricked. A bug report has been sent to see if this change was intentional. Currently, spell totem support does not recognize discharge as a supported spell and forces self-casting.

Please showcase your gear and experiences if you try this build to help myself and others learn from it. Thank you!

Discharge totems provide very high burst damage for speedy clears, satisfying "pops", and safe totem play style all-in-one.

In hideout without Frenzy Charges, recently killed enemies, flasks, or curses applied:

In Blood Aquaducts (for quick demonstration) fully buffed with all charges, flasks, and 40 "recently killed" stacks (no calculation for curse effectiveness):

The mechanics of this build are partially well known and partially unspoken.

Well known:
By allowing totems to kill only with damage over time (ignite) I am able to transfer some (not all!) "on kill" effects to my character. This is crucial for the build to reach max damage and reliability. To test this, take Southbound gloves and level 1 Flame Totem, Assassin Mark into Act 1 Coast. Wear the gloves, cast the curse, and drop the totem. You'll see that YOU gain those power charges because Southbound prevents any damage from getting the final blow except when frozen. This, however, doesn't affect damage-over-time effects like ignite and all DoT kills that totems (or minions) get is accredited to you. This includes buffs from Headhunter and Inspired Learning!

Not so known:
This is great and all, but what does this have to do with Discharge? Well, because of how charges interact with totems (like power charges giving totems proper critical chance), the game can not distinguish the difference between the power charge buff and consuming the charge. This was confirmed as a bug in a Reddit post from several years ago. This makes Discharge ramp up and stay at max damage with little drawback for totems.

Can not run "no mana regen" maps
Can run "reduced chance to inflict ailments" by removing Southbound but sacrificing damage and on kill benefits (frenzy charges)

Old Gear:
Prior to my current setup I experimented with Precursor's Emblem to give me an easier sustain on charges. This was inefficient in generating max frenzy charges. This was swapped out for an additional curse with Poacher's Mark for increased flask charge gain and juicy frenzy charges.

For my old curse setup I was running a Heretic's Veil with Elemental Weakness and Assassin's Mark. The Elemental Weakness I bought had 20% quality (with the intention of NOT going Avatar of Fire) but at this point a 20% quality Flammability will be better. This was while I had 10% chance for a frenzy charge on kill with Precursor's Emblem.

Prior to grabbing a +1 totem shield, I was using Obliteration for the on-kill explosions.

My Current Gear:

About Gear:
-Southbound gloves and Combustion support are mandatory, early on Ignite Proliferation support helps a ton as well.

-Frostferno provides the absolute best damage for Discharge. With a double corrupted Frostferno you can hit level 32 Discharge which effectively triples it's damage compared to a level 20 gem.

-Carcass Jack new AoE provides near screen wide explosions with only adding damage.

-Void Battery is best in slot for weapons. Since we're grabbing two power charges from the tree it effectively gives us 50% more damage by power charges alone. Dual-wielding would also work, but I prefer the extra totem and defenses from a crafted shield.

-Call of the Brotherhood brings our lightning to fire conversion to 90% (thanks to Avatar of Fire and Cold to Fire support) and is a huge damage increase.

-Eyes of the Greatwolf is no longer necessary for the build and now is just quality of life. Dropping Avatar of Fire and using an Xoph's Blood would be best in slot.

-Inspired Learning is socketed for fun. This is 100% not needed to make the build shine.

-Since Convocation is now an instant cast spell, I prefer it for triggering Arcane Surge over Flame Dash so I can keep on running and keep Stone Golem on my position.

-Cast When Damage Taken at level 20 linked with level 20 Molten Shell provides an effective 1508 extra life and 943 armour for the duration.

Passives/ Ascendancies/ Bandits/ Pantheon:
Current: v1.0
(In lieu of making a new skill tree, next skill points going towards more life nodes, spell multi, and possibly detaching from Sentinel and Stamina noteables)
Older Versions:

Conviction of Power, Pursuit of Faith, Ritual Awakening, Illuminated Devotion
Conviction of Power enables easy generation of power and endurance charges. Pursuit of Faith and Ritual Awakening are general totem nodes for increased totem damage and the benefits of Multiple Totem Support without the gem link and damage reduction. Illuminated Devotion is for increased AoE and damage. Alternatively you can grab Divine Guidance for more survivability if running Mind Over Matter.

Kill All or Alira

Major God: Brine King or Arakaali
Minor God: Shakari or Abberath

Gem Links:

Helmet: Discharge(21/20) -> Combustion -> Empower(4/--) -> Spell Totem

Gloves or Boots: Cast When Damage Taken(20/--) -> Molten Shell(20/--) - > Summon Stone Golem(20/--) -> Frost Bomb(20/--)

Boots or Gloves: Blasphemy -> Elemental Weakness(20/20) or Flammability -> Poachers Mark (level as you get DEX; high level not mandatory) OPTIONAL Enlighten(4/--)

Wand or Shield: Convocation -> Arcane Surge(1/--) -> Increased Duration

Other: Flame Dash -- Enduring Cry -- Portal

How to Play:
-Place totems as you run.
-Enduring Cry a pack to quickly get max Endurance Charges.
-Spam Convocation on cooldown for Arcane Surge.

Nothing yet.

Build Guides:
[3.5] DischargeFromInsertion - Heirophant Discharge Totem (800k Shaper DPS) :
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Build Guides:
[3.5] DischargeFromInsertion - Heirophant Discharge Totem (800k Shaper DPS) :
Build seems interesting and I'd like to try it. Don't have a Void Battery (or the currency for one), however. Are there alternative weapons that would work?
Any high spell damage scepter or wand will work. Voidbattery just pushes the build since it has synergy with charges and adds an additional one.
Build Guides:
[3.5] DischargeFromInsertion - Heirophant Discharge Totem (800k Shaper DPS) :
I respecced an arc totem hiero I had lying around, and this build is pretty fun. I started with lvl 1 gems though so it's going to be some time to see the full damage potential, but I'm already clearing tier 7 maps without problems.

Some changes I made: Didn't take the mana nodes because I had enough mana and mana reg to never lack it; I use Vortex for Arcane Surge activation due to lower cooldown and chill area as an added safety measure guaranteeing 100% surge uptime; Shield Charge with Fortify instead of Lava Dash which I feel is better for zipping around maps.

Unfortunately I haven't found a Call of the Brotherhood yet, which hurts quite a bit in damage I imagine, especially because power charges provide the most damage. The range of Discharge is also quite a bit lower then I expected; I'd love to switch the Carcass Jack for a more defensive chest piece, but even with it the aoe just feels ok instead of amazing.

Really nice build idea!

Current league chars: Bladestorm Champion SSF
Thank you for your feedback! I'll have to give vortex a try for proccing arcane surge. Convocation was just the first instant speed spell I thought of and actually helps mitigate some damage since it calls my stone golem to me.
I personally do not like shield charge as it's always felt too clunky to me, but I recognize SC+Fortify is superior.

With both area node clusters and a carcass jack, I find the explosions go off for about 3/4 of my screen. Power charges do not show the outline that well, but endurance charge explosions do.

I've improved on the build a bit myself by adding a Xoph's Blood and improving my rare gear.. as well as a skill tree clean up. Void Battery really kicks off the damage of the build and I highly recommending getting your hands on one as well as a Call of the Brotherhood to bring the damage conversion to a near 100% all fire.

Currently, I am taking a break from PoE as I've had some very frustrating internet ups and downs recently that make playing not very fun.

I will be updating the guide with my post with the current gear I'm wearing soon. For now, here is my current gear and PoB (public profile).

Updated gear and PoB:
Build Guides:
[3.5] DischargeFromInsertion - Heirophant Discharge Totem (800k Shaper DPS) :
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