[3.8] Demi's Fastest Lemon: 190% Quantity Legacy MF Windripper Raider (ALL SKILLS + ALL CONTENT)


If you have any questions about the build, check the guide (FAQ at the end) or read a few pages of questions and answers. Most likely it's already been answered by myself or someone else. If you still can't find it, join my Discord and ask in the Help Desk channel or come visit me on stream.

Please do not PM me ingame or on the forums with build guide questions. All of your answers can be found here.


Windripper and Sadima's were slightly nerfed. That means you'll have less overall quant (if you're not using legacy quant gear) and slightly less dps. Abyssal Jewels will still carry your dps.

3.6 Synthesis Changes:
Updated gem links and tree to reflect the new version I'm running. More DPS.

3.7 Legion Changes:
GGG reworked Accuracy to cap at 100% now instead of 95, if you invest that's a buff. Abyssal Jewels were nerfed across the board by about 30% (making all previous versions legacy), but judging by the amount of people who complain that their dps is already potato with jewels that have no damage at all, I don't forsee much of a change there. This build is still meant to be minmaxed in Standard, with access to all legacy quant bases and now Abyssal Jewels. It will still function very well in leagues with investment, as always. Just please get good jewels lol, that's all you have to do. Skill tree is slightly more efficient now. More DPS. Oh we also dropped Unnatural Instinct because of the nerfs to Scion crit multi nodes.

3.8 Blight Changes:
+2 Tornado Shot enchant was nerfed down to +1. Raider was buffed. Otherwise unchanged.

All of my legacy quant gear has been updated to new levels of OP:

I'm also providing duplicating service of any of my legacy IIQ bases for you to multimod as you please.

The full process is explained here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1753977


VIDEO GUIDE: https://youtu.be/o8uakNwUKUU

MINOTAUR INSTAKILL: https://clips.tWitch.tv/SlipperyChillyDoveBuddhaBar


UBER ELDER COMPLETE: https://youtu.be/uS6JY9F_iok

MIRROR OF KALANDRA DROP: https://youtu.be/FaoNzPTV_dw?t=324


LOOT FROM 516 T16 ELDER BURIAL CHAMBERS: https://youtu.be/CnMzYJibzf8


THREE PLAYER HP UBER ELDER: https://youtu.be/t1o2ovbseIk

DEPTH 504 KURGAL (LICH BOSS) WITH EXTRA FIRE/MONSTER DAMAGE: https://clips.twitch.tv/EndearingAthleticWheelHumbleLife





So let's begin.




Q: Why MF? What's the point?

Short answer: More Currency = More Power.

Long answer: Any amount of MF is just a more multiplier to how much loot you get from your maps. If you run 100+ maps per day, you may want to start looking into going MF. It can mean some serious currency generation boosts for you over time. You can generate anywhere from 5-15 exalts of pure currency drops per day (assuming you go hard), along with all of the uniques/div cards/maps/shaper and elder bases/whatever else. If you barely map at all, don't bother making an MF build. It's not worth heavy investment if you don't complete enough content.

My record for pure Exalted Orb drops in 1 8-12 hour mapping session is 9.

Q: Doesn't MFing make your character weaker?

Yes. Equipping MF gear will drop your character's life or DPS or make it weaker in some way. Abyssal jewels will carry our DPS. The hardest part is finding the sweet spot in maintaining high clear speed while also having enough damage and survivability to continue mapping as if nothing changed. I've hit that with this build.

Q: Why Tornado Shot instead of (insert other skill)?

Short answer: Because it's good for AOE clear AND single target.

Long answer: You can play any other skill or combination, but almost every other bow skill requires a single target setup and an aoe clear setup. Gem swapping prevents us from going fast which means I hate it. Rain of Arrows is the only other skill I'd recommend for both situations.


A: Lightning Arrow/Ice Shot/Scourge Arrow/Rain of Arrows/Toxic Rain/Shrapnel Shot/Split Arrow, whatever works for you, use it. I've included setups for most other skills in the Path of Building Pastebin.

Why not Deadeye REEEEEEE?!?!

Because it gives nothing but slighty more damage. We can get that damage by getting actual Abyssal Jewels pretty easily, Raider provides all kinds of defense + offense + quality of life from Elemental Status Immunity, as well as infinite Frenzy Charges for boss fights. Deadeye is just a squishy ball of RIPs waiting to happen.

Inventory Alternate Art Aesthetic on POINT!


What is MF? Why do it? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

MF, or Magic Find, is an old term from Diablo-days. It basically means stacking Quantity and Rarity to find more and better items.

In Path of Exile, it means you get more currency per map, per hour, per anything you kill. I pushed myself up to 190% Quantity and 41% Rarity.

Player Quantity affects:
Currency drops, Divination Card Drops, or White/Magic/Rare/Unique drops.
It does not affect:
Silver Coins, Map Drops, or Divine Vessels.

Player Rarity affects:
The chance for a white item to become magic to become rare to become unique.
It does not affect:
Currency dropping as a higher tier or div cards dropping as more rare cards.

Further reading: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Drop_rate

Here's some clips of me abusing Quant for extreme drops:
So Many Exalts: https://youtu.be/1Hfo6CfdZnM
Mirror Drop: https://youtu.be/FaoNzPTV_dw



Pick Ranger, get your bow, shoot arrows at things until they die. Repeat process until level 100. Remember, you're just playing a generic elemental damage bow character. Works with any skill but I would recommend Elemental Hit because it gains damage just by leveling up the gem (like a spell) Just stack elemental damage to attacks/attack speed and you'll be fine. If your damage feels bad, upgrade your weapon and jewels and keep getting more links. Tabula Rasa OP.

If at any moment your dps feels shit, get more links/better jewels/more flat elemental damage on gear. You should be able to scale from nothing into endgame just fine, assuming you can follow the gear stat priorities and hunt down good deals on abyss jewels.

You can use https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Storm_Cloud or any other decent Elemental DPS bow to level without any issues.

Then go https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Death%27s_Harp, https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Tempest, https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Death%27s_Opus, and then our baby, https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Windripper.

Get life/resists on every piece of gear, as well as as much flat elemental damage to attacks as you can. Don't forget, Abyssal Jewels are op. They give way too much flat elemental damage and are really cheap for decent 3-4 property jewels. At endgame, a gg 4 property flat damage abyssal jewel will be about the same as the total Elemental DPS of your Windripper. Lol.

Don't worry about stacking MF while leveling. Focus on acquiring damage, life, resists, and clearspeed. Once you can map comfortably, then start dropping pieces of gear for MF stats as much as you can afford to.

Leveling Skill Trees are here: https://pastebin.com/6rmNwmfx



Every crit build takes Alira. Multi + All Res = Yes.


Path of Building Pastebin/Gear/Tree/Links/ETC:

Just import this into Path of Building.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/6rmNwmfx
I've included a bunch of different skill setups and leveling trees. Just be sure to swap the helmet enchant to your skill.




6 Link Tornado Shot:
Tornado Shot > Mirage Archer > Greater Multiple Projectiles > Elemental Damage With Attacks > Damage on Full Life > Item Quantity/Rarity

Our Jack-Of-All-Trades skill. HUGE AOE clear and good single target. Just be sure to shoot slightly behind the enemy for the most damage, don't name lock bosses. Use Item Rarity if you don't have access to the Quant gem. If your damage is garbage, I'd recommend Added Cold/Increased Crits instead of your Quantity/Rarity gem, whichever gives more damage.

I don't recommend trying to use Tornado Shot without some investment into jewels/helm enchant as it feels like complete crap on single target otherwise. Use the alternate skill setups in the POB pastebin until you have the currency to upgrade into TS, or just skip bosses and spam farm low tier maps with TS. Scourge Arrow/Blast Rain/Rain of Arrows/Elemental Hit are all good options for early on without OP jewels. Remember, the Path of Building has alternate skill setups for your main skills. Test and see which ones feel good to you.

Cast When Damage Taken > Immortal Call > Summon Ice Golem > Increased Duration

Defensive/Offensive Setup. Headhunter gives Endurances fairly often so feel free to level this up as high as you want.

6 Link Herald Setup (Lol)
Herald of Ice > Curse on Hit > Assassin's Mark > Innervate > Onslaught > Item Quantity/Rarity

When we shatter an enemy, the explosion from Herald of Ice hits enemies and curses with Assassin's. This provides Power Charges and damage. Innervate gives us a flat lightning damage buff for 8 seconds. Onslaught gives us 20% attack/cast/movement speed buff for 3-8 seconds. Use Item Rarity if you don't have access to the Quant gem.

4 Link Movement Setup:
Blink Arrow > Faster Projectiles > Phase Run > Enhance

Let's us jump over ledges and run faster between packs if need be. If you can't afford Enhance, use Faster Attacks or Increased Duration.

Support Skills
Haste, War Banner, Enlighten, Portal

Haste cause gotta go fast, Banner gives ridiculous accuracy bonuses AND Champion's Adrenaline Buff (maximum of 2.5 seconds of 100% increased damage, 25% attack and cast speed, and 10% phys mitigation) when we drop it on bosses/tough rares. Portal means less inventory clicking to get out of maps. Yeet.


Passive Skill Tree:

Lots of life, damage, movement speed, elemental damage with attacks, penetration, crit/crit multi, projectile damage, and of course, jewels. Abyssal Jewels are OP as h*ck and should be used as much as possible, especially on builds like this. A perfect quad T1 flat Abyssal Jewel can reach a potential of 142 average flat Elemental Damage. My perfect double legacy Windripper only has 167 average flat Elemental Damage.

If I take out all of my Abyssal jewels, I lose about 80% of my damage. They are important, do not neglect them and ask me why your damage is bad. First thing I will check is your 1-2 prop rare garbage jewels and laugh.


Ascendancy Points:

1. Free frenzy charge generation and sustain on bosses. Each charge gives MORE damage/attack speed. Easy leveling damage.

2. We now get extra movespeed/attack speed/attack damage PER frenzy charge. Oh and +1 maximum charge, cause why not.

3. Perma phasing (we can walk through mobs) as well as some free dodge, great.

4. Time for some needed defensive buffs and damage! Spell dodge, move speed, elemenental damage are all great but we also get IMMUNITY TO ELEMENTAL AILMENTS! That means no worrying about freeze/shock/chill/ignite flasks!



Soul of Lunaris


Soul of Garukhan
IF we take a hit, we get some extra dodge. Otherwise WE GET TO GO EVEN FASTER!


Damage Tooltips:

Standing in hideout, no buffs.

Fully buffed (except Headhunter) in maps/etc.


Gear Stat Priorities:

Make sure you're always resistance capped (75/75/75 elemental res) and have enough stats to equip your gear + gems first.

Weapon: Windripper. It's literally the only weapon in game that has MF stats (Quantity/Rarity) on it. Prioritize critical strike chance + attack speed first, then flat damage mods. Double Legacy has 25% Quant, single/current has 15%.
If you're leveling/working on currency, you can use Storm Cloud, Tempest, Death's Harp, Death's Opus, or any rare bow with high crit + some flat ele damage/% ele damage stuff. Nothing crazy required.

Quiver: Rigwald's is the best in slot option for clear speed. Fork on every arrow we fire is a ton of extra AOE coverage for clearing out maps as fast as possible.

If you can't afford that, grab a Shaped Quiver with an additional arrow or 2 and any other damage/life mods you can find. Still too expensive? Use a Drillneck. This is my single target DPS swap:

Helm: 20% Quant/Life/Resists/Stats/Accuracy Rare if you can afford it. Otherwise, just grab a Devoto's Devotion, Starkonja's Head, or a rare with life/resists stats.

Chest: Queen of the Forest. There is no other option for endgame. It gives up to 75% movement speed, which is above and beyond the highest movement speed bonus out of any chest ingame. Remember, any clear speed translates to more currency per hour. If you can't afford that, just use a life + resists rare.

Gloves: 20% Quantity/Life/Resists/Attack Speed/Accuracy/Stats. If you don't have access to legacy quant gear, just use Sadima's Touch for some quant. Or life/resists/stats/accuracy/attack speed rares.

Boots: 20% Quantity/Life/Resists/Movement Speed/Stats. Again, if you can't get legacy quant gear, use Goldwyrm's boots for quant. Or life/resists/movement speed/stats.

Belt: Headhunter. bonus points if it's shiny. Highest clearspeed bonus out of any belt. Budget version, Bisco's Leash for Rampage! Even more budget, life + resists Stygian belt with maybe some Elemental Damage with Attacks.

If you want to swap belts for single target, use something like this:

Rings: 20% Quantity/Life/Resist/Elemental Damage to Attacks/Flat Elemental Damage to Attacks/Accuracy. Yet again, no legacy gear? Grab 10% Quant Ventor's Gambles and then upgrade higher life/resists on them as you get more bank. Ventor's too expensive? Use a Thief's Torment. Thief's too expensive? Use life + resists + elemental damage to attacks rings. Notice a theme yet?

Amulet: Same as rings, 20% Quantity/Life/Resist/Elemental Damage to Attacks/Flat Elemental Damage to Attacks/Accuracy. If you can get Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier, great. No legacy quant? A Shaper Amulet can roll up to 10% quant, get that. Or if that's too expensive, Bisco's Collar. Too expensive? See rings ^

Quantity Totals: At legacy endgame you should have 25% from weapon, 20% from each Helm/Gloves/Boots/Ring/Ring/Amulet and 45% from a 21/20 or 20/23 Item Quantity Gem.

If you can, try to aim for Evasion/Dexterity based gear. Any flat amount you get on gear totals will add towards hitting your 45-60k required Evasion for 75% Movespeed Bonus from your Queen Of the Forest. Just something to keep in mind. Remember, fast = good. More currency per hour.

In league, your maximum quant will be 75-90%. 15 from weapon (Windripper), 10 from amulet (Shaped Rare), 10-15 from each ring (Ventor's/white socket Pariah's), 20 from boots (Goldwyrm's), and 10 from gloves (Sadima's).

The only Quantity that I'm missing in Standard is 3-5% from a i84+ Corrupted Headhunter with Quantity Implicit (none exist yet) and a level 21/23 Item Quantity Gem. 196% maximum potential with rare quant gear. Higher with legacy quant uniques.

If you get life on every jewel, you can potentially hit 6-6.5k+ life, I have life on 0 of my 9 jewels and run around with 5.3k.


Legacy Endgame Gear:

Try to keep in mind this is your endgame potential. You want to aim for similar gear as you push higher and higher, but remember none of this is required to MF crazy amounts of currency. If you're res-capped, have the stats you need, and are clearing maps just fine, then you're doing well.

All of my Legacy IIQ and Elemental Penetration gear are available for Mirror service here:

My Preferred Flasks:

This should push you to the cap for Queen of the Forest. You need 45000 max to hit 75% max movement speed with a Legacy QOFT, 60000 with the new versions. If it's not quite enough, try to aim for more Evasion on your gear.

Always need a bleed flask for those pesky stabby mobs. Diamond also gives us two chances to roll a crit!

Extra arrows = more dps and more clear speed with Tornado Shot. We also take less fire damage, so that's nice.

Gotta go fast.

Instant leech is still brokenly OP. If you can't afford a double legacy Vinktar's yet, just use

Remember, we're immune to Elemental Ailments from Ascendancy! We just need Bleed on a flask.


Best in Slot Enchantments:

Gloves: Commandment of Fury/Spite/Reflection
I prefer Fury. It throws out 13 arrows in an arc in front of us, dealing massive damage and clearing out more mobs. If you get hit, Spite will launch your weapon in 10 directions and leave chilled ground, nice little defensive buff. Reflection will spawn a clone of yourself that runs around and punches things, great distraction but if enemies have Chain can get you killed sometimes.

Helm: Tornado Shot Fires 2 Additional Secondary Projectiles
Huge damage and AOE boost for us. If you're using any other skill, pick the best enchant for that. Barrage +1-2 Projectiles, Lightning Arrow Damage, Rain of Arrows Chance to Fire Additional Sequence of Arrows, whatever. Pick your poison.

Boots: Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances If You Haven't Killed Recently OR 10% Movement Speed If you Haven't Been Hit Recently.
This is up to you, I go for Pen. Helps me with bosses (the only time
I need damage). Movespeed if you just want to go faster.



Our main defense is not getting hit in the first place. Huge movement speed combined with a massive amount of Evasion and attack/spell dodge chance translates into us more or less never getting hit while mapping. If someone manages to get through, kill it and move on or avoid it entirely.



Word of advice: Get whatever resist/stats you are lacking first if necessary. This is to help you get endgame perfect jewels. If you have less than 4k life, please get life as your first priority. You should be aiming for 4.5-6k life with these jewels. Remember, a well-rolled Abyssal Jewel can give you 2/5ths the DPS of your Windripper. Kind of important to get good ones.

Abyssal Jewel Stat Priority:

You need at least one abyssal jewel that has Onslaught on Kill if you don't have the 6 link Herald of Ice setup. That is 20% Attack/Cast/Movement Speed that will be up for every map you run. After that:

1. Flat Lightning/Cold/Fire Damage to Bows and Attacks
2. Global Critical Strike Multiplier
3. Attack Speed if you've Crit Recently/Attack Speed
4. Life
5. Accuracy

Some of mine:


General Mapping Advice:

We can do every map mod except for Elemental Reflect. Cannot leech is kind of annoying but we honestly barely ever get hit so it's not a big deal. Assassin's Mark gives enough life/mana gain to make it through. If you have an instant leech Vinkar's any map mod is fine lol.


Last remarks:

Make sure you left click your skills and turn on "Always Attack/Cast without Moving" so you don't stutter step forward to attack or blink. Feels a lot better with it on.




Q: Why is my damage so low/garbage/terrible?
Most of our damage comes from our Abyssal jewels. Yours are probably garbage. Upgrade them according to the guide and it'll be fixed.

Q: Why can't I get over 3-4-5k life?
Get life on all of your rares/uniques that can, and if you want even more life, get it on jewels. I have 5.3k without any life on any jewels.

Q: Why can't I sustain mana?
You probably missed the .4% attack damage leeched as mana node at the bottom right of the skill tree. If that's still not enough, get leech enchant on boots. If that's still not enough, you should probably get more damage on jewels.

Q: Do I put Item Quant/Rarity on my main skill or Herald of Ice first?
Which one gets the most kills? (hint: it's not Herald of Ice)

Q: Why don't you use Barrage or other skills?
I don't see a need for it personally. My POB contains gem links for all other skills if you want to use others, just make sure to get the relevant helm enchants.

Q: What about Aspect of the Cat?
We can't really wear Farrul's Fur and Queen of the Forest at the same time. If you want to have a swap of gear for boss fighting, then sure. Swap out Grace for Aspect and Herald of Thunder maybe, who knows.

Q: Why doesn't it feel like I'm getting more currency?
You're not running enough maps/juicing them enough. Invest more into your maps, and you'll get more base drops. Multiply that with your MF and run as many maps as you can. Profit will come over time. I tend to run 50-100+ maps per day to generate as much as possible.

Q: Does this build only work with legacy Quant gear?
No, plenty of people run MF Windripper builds every league. It's just a strictly worse version quant than you can make in Standard. Your damage potential is still basically the same as it's just from Abyssal Jewels (which have no legacy versions).


Ask me any questions you have here or on my Youtube/Twitch. Good luck exiles.

Other POE Resources by Demi:

There are a TON of other resources spread throughout my Youtube channel, but here's some hand picked ones to get you started.

All 3.7 Legion Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guWHobn_uDI&list=PL1YsoTvQlX7DWiS7quxJrfVopg4jrHOr_

Profile: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/DeMiGodking102

demi 'Splains: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1YsoTvQlX7DonbuRJ9xFqkJgYD-LTuTG

Mirror and Services Thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1753977

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Legion League Starters: https://youtu.be/Zzka0QckvaY

Acts 1-10 Leveling: https://youtu.be/g36Fx1yBfo8

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How To Check Path of Building for Best Links: https://youtu.be/fhBlhIHxFGQ

How To Off Color Anything: https://youtu.be/wbhCcWtarLg

How To Make Any Build Budget: https://youtu.be/ru1egx98ad0

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How To Sustain Maps: https://youtu.be/jv5gbtVmd_c

How I Make So Much Currency #11: https://youtu.be/nZnX36Rl1lg
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not even t1 life on your "mirror" gear lul
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not even t1 life on your "mirror" gear lul

vendor trash amirite
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