[3.5] Death Aura/ Blight CI Occultist (League Starter, New Player Friendly)

Hello Fellow Exile. Before we start I just want to say that this is my first attempt at a build guide so apologies in advance for anything I screw up on.

About this build
Build Theory

Death Aura does a lot of damage but deals 450 Chaos damage a second to you CI solves this but gives us a life problem so we stack ES so we are tanky enough to keep in Death aura range and since Death aura is passive we can use Blight and a wither totem to increase damage


Semi-fast Clear
Tanky (7k+ Es + 3000 Amour + MoM and 100% Chaos Res)
Good at Delve
Fun to play
Good endgame gear for only 1-2 Ex
Don't need FPS to play[/b]

Not good/fun to level
Not SSF viable
Not really HC viable (but your welcome to try)
Has a problem with elemental res

PoB and Leveling


-PoB https://pastebin.com/mKDttAuz


I used contagion and ED to level before Death aura it was kinda bad but I'm not sure what would work better

Before you get your Uniques online look for
-Spell Damage Wand/Shield
-Es Chestplate NOT A TABULA!
-Es Gear as a whole (Spirit Shield)
Later in the build before you get some of the rares you will want items such as "Eber's Unification" and "Sorrow of the divine" any and all uniques you need are in the PoB

As far as your skill tree goes if your dying to much build to more ES if not then build to damage

You're also going to need to get strength somewhere to equip Death's Oath I recommend using Str amulet

Gods, Bandits, and Labs

Pantheon Choices
Major: Lunaris/Brine King
Minor: Yugel/Abberath/Tukohama

Kill all or spare Alira for ele res

1. Choose Occultist
2. Wicked Ward
3. Vile Bastion
4. Profane Bloom
5. Malediction



Uniques Linked in the PoB
Gem Links in PoB
For the rare gear just get high ES and high res Magic find is nice of course but magic find and 120 res rings gets expensive



Run into things and tap blight a bit


Setup Wither totem and hold blight until you need to flame dash out last second

Extra Shoutout to Tenkiei for helping me with the build, link to his stream here https://www.twitch.tv/tenkiei
Death aura is the only aura
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I'm at work so can't check out the build properly, but just wanted to say you may want to have a read about how MoM actually works; it is completely useless on a CI build.
Oh, I didn't realize it worked like that. Thanks for saying. I've edited the guide.
Death aura is the only aura
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Quick question. Is the text guide or the PoB tree accurate for the ascendancy nodes we should take?
The text guide sorry I forgot to save the PoB This is a screenshot to clear up any further confusion https://gyazo.com/cdcfafe3679e7a0edae2b5e0cafe0d63
Death aura is the only aura
Ah, thank you very much.
Other than that is the PoB tree up to date, or were none of the changes you made to it for 3.5 saved?
I made the build in 3.5 but I hadn't played it so as I was doing so I made some edits that I had not saved. I just went in saved the edits and updated the link so it should be good now
Death aura is the only aura
Ah, wonderful. Thank you for your efforts. I'm quite excited to play this build.
sir, i think your pastebin code is not working properly
I just tested it and it seems to work fine for me
Death aura is the only aura

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