[3.5]⚡️ Life Mjolner ⚡️Juggernaut ⚡️7k5 life⚡️Uber Elder viable⚡️Clear all content⚡️

This is a Classic Cyclone-Arc-Discharger Juggernaut Mjonler build.

🔗view PoB from within the browser <<<click here if you are veteran.

https://pastebin.com/jCQbU266 last updated: 2019/2/14

➡️Tried this build again due to the change of trigger rate, and want to share my thoughts.
To be straight, Mjonler's build is not OP anymore even with 3.5 buff, the single target dps is the bottleneck, sticking around 300k-400k Shaper dps with high-end gear, even so, it is still a viable option for tanky play style and good map clearer. here is some gameplay:-
▸Map clear T15 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Im4uAtyvjdo
▸Uber Elder - 4:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfndupEJmAA
▸Shaper - 6:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS09lCo0jDY


➡️With Mjölner, socketed lightning spells: Discharge & Arc will 100% proc alternately on hit.

➡️With Romira's Banquet, you could generate Power Charge on a non-crit hit.

➡️With Voll's Devotion, you grant Endurance Charge when you consume(or lose) a power charge.

➡️With Kingsguard, you could gain 100 life per Endurance Charge that is consumed by Discharge.

➡️With those Core item together, you could activate the LOOP by continuing attack an enemy.
🔄LOOP: HIT➡️ PROC+HEAL ...infinitely

▸High life pool 7500 + 500 ES
▸83/83/83/29 res
▸~1120 life regen ( w/ sulphur flask ~1570 )
▸8k armor
▸Manual Immortal call: 4~5s
▸Gain ~3000+ life/s from Kingsguard
▸Cannot be slowed
▸Immune to Stun while cycloning
▸Hit damage taken multipler from PoB: x0.18/0.11/0.11/0.11

2️⃣Decent map clear speed and able to clear all end game content
3️⃣High movement speed: ~180+

1️⃣Cannot do Ele. reflect map
2️⃣Lack of element penetration against high res monster, avoid doing +40 Ele. res map
3️⃣Rely on flasks cause Low sustain dps in a long boss fight
4️⃣Gearing ( balance triple Ele. Res. , Vaal corruption, boot & helmet enhancement, glove crafting, good jewel)
5️⃣ Not SSF-friendly
6️⃣ lag spikes when monster density is high
7️⃣ Not a OP build any more in the current meta

⚡️Gear, Passive, Bandits, Gem, Flask & Ascendancy ⚡️
➡️Check PoB: 🔗view PoB from within the browser , replace Blood of the Karui with 25% effect + 30% movement speed quicksilver while mapping
➡️Ascendancy :

➡️Bandits: None (2 Passive Points)
➡️Passive Tree:

➡️Gems Link


1️⃣Activites flask
2️⃣Shield charge into the target, curse on hit the target simultaneously
3️⃣Cyclone to proc and grant Fortify

1️⃣Mod(100% increased Spell Damage if Triggered) from Mjölner are not correctly recognized in PoB
2️⃣Toggling on "attack in place" for Cyclone and holding the mouse pointer close to the target

1️⃣General: Lunaris + Ryslatha
2️⃣T16+ boss: Solaris + Ryslatha

⚡️To Be Tested⚡️
1️⃣15% cyclone attack speed enchantment & replace additional acc with Life Gain On Hit
2️⃣CWDT + Blade vortex

⚡️The reason I use a rare glove instead of Repentance⚡️
1️⃣more life and to achieve 6+/sec attack speed, facilitating the proc potential
2️⃣By shifting your 6L cyclone setup to the glove, you could socket the 5L Arcane surge setup in your chest, letting you activate arcane surge and immortal call without swapping weapon.

⚡️Passives Tree⚡️

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Last bumped on Apr 17, 2019, 12:10:13 PM
any changes to the build in 3.6 ?
In v3.6, arc got nerfed and discharge got buffed.
All in all, build setup remains the same.
Maybe could consider replacing boot with the new implicit mod:
+1 enduring charge
or onslaught
but both of them is luxurious, don't know if worth to invest in this build.

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