Jeff , could trade notification somehow cause the game to crash ?

hy jeff and y'all forum users !
first , to be clear , by "crashing" I mean : freeze+loud buzzing sound then sent back to xbox dashboard.

I figured out (enough times now to think that it could be related) , that every time my game crashes , when I log back in the game , I have a new tradeboard offer notification that pops up and that did'nt appear before I crash...

this literally happens every times and started with the delve league

in this league , crashes occures randomly , most of the times in loading screens , but sometimes in maps , delve , even in hideout.
last league craches only occured in delve loading screens ( and the rare times it occured in game while delving i saw the offer popped rignt before it crashes )

i don't have videos of that issue because it would take too long to record from the crash to the moment i get back in the game , but trust me, every times it's the same :

crash to dashboard => load back in oriath => new offer pops up

I don't know if I am the only one that experience that or figured it out , but i'm pretty sure this is not pure coïncdence...

I know you must be busy with the new patch and the ps4 release , but would it be possible for you to investigate it
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Hi Galactic,

I've been unable to reproduce anything similar to what you're describing here. If this is something you're able to reliably reproduce please send me more information, with a video, thanks!

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