[3.5] Dex stacking Cold Scourge Arrow Jugg/Pathfinder

Hi, wanted to showcase my build.
It is based on dex stacking rare bow

and Hyrri's demise (preferable with Point Blank corruption)

My ascendancy choices are Pathfinder, gives good dmg and speed, and Juggernaut which gives u Endurance charges generation to trigger Immortal Call and Soul of Arakaali pantheon(upgraded with Queen of the Great Tangle that gives us +50% recovery rate of life after triggering IC), stun immunity and accuracy.

Item choices

Basically try to get Dex on every piece of gear if its affordable, for example:

Shaper ring with assassin's mark on hit is mandatory to power charges generation. Mark of the elder is a great boost to dmg but can be swapped if u need resists.

Cyclopean coil is a must have in any attributes stacking build. 1 socket tombfist with Murderous jewel inside is a great item.

Gem links

Scourge Arrow - Added cold - Hypothermia - Elemental dmg with attacks - Faster attacks - GMP/Cold Pen (Remember not to use Ele focus, chilled enemies take much more dmg and we can permafreeze bosses beside Uber elder/shaper)

Vaal haste - Inc duration - Lvl 1 CWDT - Lvl 3 Immortal Call

Blood rage 20/20, War banner, Frost bomb, Herald of Ice


Deathless Uber Elder: https://streamable.com/qq8r5

PoB link: https://pastebin.com/97z0ksaW

Let me know if u have any questions, thanks.

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Thanks for the build.
Thoughts on shroud of the lightless vs hyrri's ire vs elder chest?

running a similar build :)
with 8.4k life 4.8k life per sec leech and 3+m shaper dps
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immagine to use these :D

All my builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1830178

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