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Hello all! Welcome to my guide for my Molten Strike Deadeye character! This character has been a load of fun so far and I want to not only share it with you guys, but also hopefully get some feedback on the build in hopes to improve it further. Shout out to FAST AF on youtube for creating a video of the build clearing end game content. Seeing this sparked the desire for me to build this character and here we are today.

I have so far cleared all content in the game with the build except uber elder (that will be soon). This build has amazing map clear speed, melts bosses, and has decent defenses with 6-7k life and a high amount of life gain on hit. If you have questions or suggestions please comment them below!

Check out the build on my stream as well at, www.twitch.tv/frakgaming

VIDEO GUIDE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2shwjni8J4&t=539s

PoB - https://pastebin.com/8D2Qhadq

Concept of the build

Stack as much attack speed as possible and use 2 Beltimber Blades to leap slam around maps quickly and provide a huge damage and clear boost with +4 MS projectiles. Couple that with LGoH and a high life pool you create a character that can clear all content.

End Game Gear

Item Explanation


Search ones with over 200% inc phys dmg and 20% attack speed. Should cost under 50c each with those high rolls. Otherwise low rolls are only 1-2 chaos.


Running belly as it is the highest life chest we can use a 6 link with. You can use Loreweave for more DPS and 80% resists but belly grants you 600-700 more life. Either will work.


I am currently using Starkonja's with MS has +2 Projectiles but this is not needed. Try to find a rare helmet with atleast +1 Projectile. If you can, you can also craft on it with a Pristine + Scorched fossil to try and get high life and nearby enemies have -X fire res.
Also for a budget you can search helms with +2 projectiles and fine a mirrored helmet for 2-3 ex with decent stats. WARNING: Mirrored helms socket colors CANT be changed.


This is your best gear slot to find Int to level your gems so make sure you get a neck with INT.
Int / Life / Resists is what you want


Life > Resists > Ele dmg
I chose to get Life Gain on Hit on one of my rings. The Rupture ascendancy is best against bosses that don't die immediately. The LGoH on a ring will always be up against random map mobs so its a nice bonus to have.


Two socket Tombfist is NOT NEEDED. One socket works perfectly fine just make sure to use a Murderous Eye jewel to get intimidate on hit.
Also a fun option is to buy 1 socket tombfists (7-8C each on SC Betrayal) 3 link them and vaal to try and get ele weakness / vulnerability curse on hit.


Stygian Vise with high life / resists. Ele dmg with attacks is a nice bonus as well.


For boots you want as much life and resists as possible. Move speed is NOT needed. We move so fast with tailwind + leap slam we don't need any speed on the boots. Can easily find boots with over 100% resists and 80+ life.


1 Wildfire Jewel, 1 Watchers eye with phys converted to fire while affected by anger (for a second mod you can get phys as extra or fire pen but that will end up being 10-15 exalts)
For other jewels you want as much life / resists on them. I use these to help cap my resists and make sure i have more fire res than anything else for wise oak. Any added ele / phys dmg is just a bonus.

Bandits, Ascendancy, Pantheon

Bandits - Kill all. Alira is fine for the crit multi and resists but I wanted the passive points.

Ascendancy order - Gathering Winds, Rupture, Fast and Deadly, 2 small nodes (proj / attack speed and Proj / accuracy)

Pantheon - Soul of Solaris / Soul of Tukohama
Probably better options here but that's what I use xD


Molten Strike (in order of importance) - Molten Strike - Multistrike - Combustion - Increased AoE - Ancestral Call - Ele dmg with attacks

For bosses swap Ancestral Call and INC AoE for Concentrated effect and Fire Penetration

Leap slam - Faster attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic

Anger - Herald of Ash - Enlighten - Vaal Haste

CWDT - Immortal call - Molten Shell

Vaal Lightning Trap - Ancestral protector

Budget Options

Helm - Find a mirrored helm with +1 or +2 projectiles for 1-2 exalts. If still too expensive just get a helm with lots of life and resists. With +4 Projectiles from weapons + MS Projectiles in helmet is not needed.

Chest - 5 link belly

Gloves - 1 socket tombfist (use murderous eye jewel for intimidate effect)

Rings - Life / Resists / Life gain on hit, rings get expensive when they have those + ele dmg so just skip on the dmg for now.



For leveling I suggest leveling with Frost Blades. You can also do any decent clearing bow skill.
PoB shows leveling trees for frost blades. You can easily look up other bow skill builds to find leveling tips and follow that until you can switch to molten strike.
Here are gems and gear for leveling frost blades.


Then swap into these when you reach the level for them:

Here are some great and cheap leveling items for frost blades:

Tabula of course ;)

If you have questions about the build, or tips for improving the build comment them below or swing by my twitch and ask.
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interesting setup.
im curious why you don't use concentrated effect or immolate?

imo concentrated effect is absolutely required for molten strike. mostly because the spread doesn't really help too much with clear, since you have ancestral call anyway - and it enables a tighter spread to help out with point blank, while them spreading too far out would actually end up with less damage because of point blank.

also when using combustion in the main links, immolate does some of the highest damage as another link - higher than even fire penetration.

might i suggest trying to fit combustion in another link setup, maybe on your totem or movement skill, then constantly run concentrated effect and plug immolate in place of fire penetration.

this also gives you another red gem you can slot in place of ancestral call for harder single target applications.
Thanks for the suggestions!
I actually started running this gem setup today
MS - ancestral call, combustion, ele dmg with attacks, increased aoe and multistrike for clearing and then swapping AoE and ancestral for fire pen and conc effect for bosses and it seems to work well.

The INC AoE + Combustion is just to help to hit more targets and ignite them so they die faster, this is just for clearing maps though not for bosses.

You are suggesting I swap combustion for immolate correct? I will try that out and see if it effects my clear at all.

Thanks again!
i was specifically saying to replace combustion with conc effect, and replace fire pen for immolate - then just swap ancestral call with fire pen for bossing.

this effectively turns molten strike into a 7 link, but if you cannot efficiently ignite targets with combustion somewhere else then it wouldn't really be worth it.
Hi can you keep/sustain your mana up?
afonsosp wrote:
Hi can you keep/sustain your mana up?

Yes by grabbing the one mana leech node in the bottom right of the tree.
Notsavard wrote:
afonsosp wrote:
Hi can you keep/sustain your mana up?

Yes by grabbing the one mana leech node in the bottom right of the tree.

Thanks! Let me check, because I lot of times my mana gone during the boss battle :(

If you dont mind , please could you check if I`m missing something?

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I found the missing mana point :)
I tried uber elder yesterday, but they killed me a lot :( ... is there a special gear setup for this battle?
afonsosp wrote:
I tried uber elder yesterday, but they killed me a lot :( ... is there a special gear setup for this battle?

I have not done UBER elder yet with the build but make sure you are swapping your combustion for conc effect.

Currently this is the gem setup I am running now and I like it more than before.

Molten Strike - Multistrike - Combustion - Increased AoE - Ancestral Call - Ele dmg with attacks

Then for bosses I swap INC AoE and Ancestral call for Conc effect and Fire pen.

The main thing with elder is understanding the fight. I have killed uber elder on builds with worse gear and damage because I have done the fight and looked it up multiple times so I understand each phase.
Try checking out a Youtube video guide on uber elder to learn each phase and abilities to look out for before attempting.

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