Golden Axe. Molten Strike [3.5] Juggernaut / Dual axes. T16, Uber Atziri. The Shaper.

Build was done for [3.5]

Build cleans up for 2-4 minutes T16 maps, kills Shaper Guards, Uber Atziri, The Shaper.

The axes are chosen largely due to the ability to take a maximum of physical DPS on the tree.


T16 run -

Chimera -

Hydra -

Minotaur -

Phoenix -

Uber Atziri run -

Uber Atziri boss -

The Shaper -

- Expensive (will cost around 100 ex)
- This build is not suitable for HC
- The inability to clean maps with elemental reflex
- It will be hard for newcomers (although I myself am a beginner and am doing very well)
- HP leech is worse compared to builds based on molten strike with HP leeach for each enemy hit.

- Huge damage: in battle up to 600-700k -
- Enemies are under 2 curses to reduce the resist to the elements and fire (minus 60 resists to the fire)
- There is no need to save mana, all skills work regardless of the amount of mana (you can even reserve 100%)
- We use only 3 skills, 2 active (Molten Strike and Leap Slam), another one on bosses / sub-bosses / chests, etc. (Ancestral Protector), everything else works automatically


Helmet for 2 add Molten strike projectiles

Weapons - Axe with high Ph. DPS + Soul Taker

Body Armour - preferably with an extra curse

If you couldn't afford body with an extra curse (in this case I advise you to use the unique Craiceann's Carapace), you also have to change the stone in the boots


(when cwdt triggered, the Punishment gem curses the mobs, mobs beat you and buff you with the ph. damage and attack speed, then the debuff on the mobs is replaced with the Elemental Vulnerability debuff, which is automatically superimposed on all your attacking skills). Thus, mobs will be under the elemental vulnerability debuff, and you will be under the buff from Punishment

Gloves - Tombfist with 1 abbysal socket, but with a corruption curse Elemental Vulnerability (the price is like for 2 abbysal socket Tombfist)

Boots - Enchant for Damage leech, for bosses you better use boots with elemental penetration enchant


Rings - Rings that gain ph. damage as an extra fire damage give a maximum boost to DPS (such ring gives me more DPS than a ring with a flat added physical damage

Amulet - 0.5% of fire damage leech needed, so that you can recover HP from the bosses


For maximum efficiency, I advise you to have fire resistance bigger than other two resistances - then the Wise Oak Flask will boost your DPS


Body Armour map cleaning:

Body Armour for killing bosses:

Helmet for map cleaning:

Helmet for killing bosses:

First Axe:

Second Axe:



I remind you that if you do not have an item with an extra curse, you have to change the Flammability to Punishment


Wathcer's eye can be bought without the Hatred mode, you can also replace the mod % physical damage as extra fire dmg to mod that penetrates resistances to fire while affected by anger .



Lunaris + Shakari (Map cleaning)
Solaris + Shakari (Killing bosses)

Kill them all (+2 points)


Undeniable, Unstoppable, Unflinching, Unbreakable -better in such order

The build is very variable - for example, you can easily replace the Soul Taker with a second axe with a high Ph. DPS, but you have to replece one of the jewels with one that has mod +2 mana per enemy hit.

Good luck and you are free to ask me about my build.

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Sick build currently I changed from tectonic to Molten Strike.

Still yet to purchase 1 more abyss jewel, upgrade my jewels.

Any recommendation would be great.
Change your craft on the axe from 105% + 20% chance to impale to 120-129% ph. damage, Impale couln't work with 100% fire damage as I know... Also on one ring multimod is irrelevant, delete it, put 23% increased elem. damage and throw exalted orb in it to get something usefull...

Buy 21-20 or 20-20 Molten Strike and El. Focus suppor, they will give you huge buff in DPS. Also use fire Penetration support gem only on bosses, other time use Ancestral Call support (believe me - for groups of mobs that will work much better).

I am now testing new build, hope will have some results in a week or so.
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