PoE [3.5] Paradoxica, Cold Blade Flurry + Consecrated Path, with Uber Elder video


Hi guys,

After testing bunch of melee/sword skills ( Ele Hit, Spectral Throw, Reave, Frost Blades etc) I have found my new favourite melee build for my current favourite unique item - the Paradoxica sword.
I am a melee build player and before Betreyal launch the statstick nerf really worried me. How am I going to keep up with all the op caster/bow/trap/mine builds without a solid phys conversion option?
The answer is simple use Paradoxica+lycosidae shield and slap as much flat damage/attack speed via abyss jewels as you can.
What makes the BF + Cons path build my favourite? Its simply the most well rounded combination strong for any game content with absolutely no gem swaps or other types of time consuming, tedious and often bothersome build adjustments. Cons path is the god of melee clear and blade flurry covers your single, both in a six link setup (7link cons path in my case). Like many, I used to play BF + Reave in previous leagues, but as of now I think Cons path takes the place as a better option for clear for a number of reasons such as
*Cons path damage is instant, Reave needs a bit of time to ramp up the aoe
*Cons path targets an area around you, Reave does not. You are quite safe just by spamming your cons path ability with little to no worry about who's gonna retaliate - In my setup Cons path deals a huge amount of cold damage which freezes anything that can be frozen, and shatters mob packs which provides extra safety during mapping (In this uber elder kill you can see how i'm freezing Elder portals. Same thing happens to anything but guardians and syndicate).
*Cons path has a built in blink mechanic. This is great as you can clear faster and move ahead just by using one skill. It also allows you to jump over ledges and through cages such as in Shrine T13 map.

So if you are into melee I strongly suggest to try a build like this one or any paradoxica build for that matter. As I have a suspicion they will nerf it next season.

My current Blade flurry damage on shaper is somewhere around 6m dps and cons path is about 1.8m with aoe covering half a screen.

If you wanna start a build like this you will need Paradoxica, lycosidae and a Shaper influenced rare helm. You can spam chaos on it until you hit Increased aoe and Hypothermia/Innervate support. Later when you got money you can craft something like mine with Essence of Horror for 30% more elemental damage, but that can get expensive quite quick. In this helm you would socket your cons path and use your chest armor for Blade flurry.
The next item you should get is a Watchers eye with 40% phys converted to Cold damage while affected by hatred. These come cheap (about 1ex) later you can buy a more expensive one like mine which has both conversion and penetration mod.
If you don't like cold conversion feel free to use others, but cold is most convenient for this passive skill tree as the cold damage, pen, conversion nodes are nearby. Also shattering enemies is great for safety reasons.
The rest of the gear should incorporate as many Abyss jewels as possible - 2 socket tombfists/bubonic trail and stygian vise belt is best, but you can start small - 1 sockets will do fine as im sure youll be able to do all the content even with half of the dps compared to mine. On your jewels priority goes to Flat cold damage, flat cold damage to swords, life, attack speed, flat Phys damage, flat phys to swords. Other beneficial stats such as fire/lightning flat damage, crit chance, crit multi will be beneficial too. Try to get at least one jewel with blind on hit and another one with onslaught on kill, as they will help you with clearspeed and safety against bosses.
Try to triple balance your resistances for wise oak as im sure youll be hitting quite hard in all 3 elements. I use 3 defensive flasks as i like to dive in hard t16 maps, this also allows you comfortably facetank anything (minotaur with some damage map mods can still oneshot you :p)

In summary this build is very good for bossing and delving (I'm at about delve lvl 350 with no problems at all) and is also quite fast in mapclear too. To start it will cost you between 3 and 5 exalts. My current build is worth about 50 ex.

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Hi Soleal

i have a question Paradoxica is a random Prefix and Suffix or i can choose Prefix and Suffix

you cant choose. you have to unveil them via Jun. Attack speed+ele pen are best mods for this build. You're probably best to buy it off the market
Hey, can you upload the video again? It don´t work.

And another question: does the build work without unnatural instinct and might of the meek?
pastebin has been removed
and your video is blocked by some company in my country xS
ill try to fix it
laxxn601 wrote:
Hey, can you upload the video again? It don´t work.

And another question: does the build work without unnatural instinct and might of the meek?

Yes it will work, you will lose a bunch of life/attack speed and crit multi. Its not a deal breaker, but your build will be weaker by about 10-15%.

I suggest you to get 1 might of the meek first in the gem socket that leads to Scion life wheel. Also at the place where i use unnatural instinct you would put an abyss jewel, and instead of spell damage nodes you would pick all the attack speed nodes leading up to Harrier.
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Your youtube video isn't viewable, I live in the USA and get this message:

"Video unavailable
This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

EDIT: Also it would be good to have a link back to this thread and the pob link in the video description.
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Maybe you could reupload the video without the copyrighted music :) should solve the issue of not being able to view the video.

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