[3.5] Invulnerable_Spidermancer

Hello all,

at first, this build was as many other inspired by Woolfio and oMySelf (search him on youtube).
But I pick up something from each build. And try to modify it for my "playstyle".


- 6K+ HP and nearly 1800 ES
- Nearly invulnerable
- Can do any reflect maps - or every map with only one exceptions
- "AFK" big bosses fight
- Spiders cannot be attacked or damaged
- Spiders :)

- Can be played after Lvl. 60
- Spiders / for people with arachnophobia
- Leo / Vorici still can target you in the Phasing
- Can't do No mana regen maps
- Maybe not good league starter if you are not lucky on drops

What items we need?
There are in basic only 3 items necessary for this build.
1. Arakaali's Fang
2. The Writhing Jar
3. Phase run gem + Duration gem


When of how to start playing spidermancer?
Due to limitation of The Writhing jar you can start playing spidermancer after Lvl. 60
Until Lvl. 60 I recomend to play as SRS or Zombiemancer.
When you hit Lvl. 60 switch to spidermancer.

Items which I use + links


Why Grip of council and hatred? Minions with this get +55% extra damage as cold, which is nice boost to their damage.
+ to bypass some chaos resistances we run with Despair curse linked with the Blasphemy and spiders get another damage on this bonus.
Three-step assault I'm using due to 10% chance to dodge spell while phasing - which is not much but still can save ass in some situations. And while we are permanent phasing this chance is still active.

During the clearing phase and boss fights we switch from melee splash to melee physical.
I was thinking to use Damage on full life, but I'm not sure if this count for full life on spiders or full life on you.

And Aspect of spider is another perfection which boost damage of our spiders.

Phase run got nerfed, but 50% visibility reduction is still OK, if you are in the range of Despair for the enemies you are still Invisible and they do not attack you - that's why its call "afk".
Expectations are Leo and Vorici - they still can jump on you, so therefore I recommend be still on the move.

Trait tree

How fight looks?
Raise spiders --> Phase run --> Raise spiders and repeat.
Between Raise spiders and Phase run use Flesh Offering ;-)

Wait how to I raise spiders?
Well there are many ways how to raise them.
I use shock nova, because little guys from the Jar something do not land on the Desecrate, so to be safe and fast I use it this way.

What content can be done?

Is this HC viable?
Can be. But need somebody first try it :)


In the end?
Have fun with your little fellas.

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any videos??
Arakaali's Fang Fiend Dagger is already 3ex,so you're not running this for "basically 1ex build".
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Hitmän_47 wrote:
any videos??

Video T15 Tower map added to the first message.

SigmaX wrote:
Arakaali's Fang Fiend Dagger is already 3ex,so you're not running this for "basically 1ex build".

Sowwy, maybe price change, but I bought it for 1 ex.

To avoid future misunderstanding I change the title of topic.
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in my native Russian forum, at the beginning of the league, they laid out a build on this dagger, then I managed to buy it for 10 chaos) Today, with great surprise, I saw the price of a dagger, increased 40 times =) passed almost all the content with a cup of coffee))

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