[3.5] StormBrand Pathfinder [T16] Map Speed Clear Build [Pathfinder]


Hello, I am Poopsmith. This is my Pathfinder Stormbrand t16 speed clear build.

Elder Cells


You can catch me on Twitch and Twitter

What in the world does this build do?

This build is designed to run fast and clear maps safely. It summons storm brands that shock, freeze and trigger a inpulsa-like explosion to clear massive packs of mobs both on screen and off. With Brand Recall we can pull the brands with us to a new screen, clear it AND extend the duration of the brands themselves. It has decent single target for map bosses because if 2 brands attach themselves to the same target, it increases the damage EACH BRAND DOES BY 50% MORE DAMAGE.


+Pathfinder Ascendency means you have infinite flasks
+IMMUNE TO ELEMENTAL AILMENTS like FREEZE SHOCK AND IGNITE and an increase chance to cause those same ailments by 20%!
+Clears effectively and looks cool as HECK


- Not the fastest boss killer
- low hp


How it Works
Pathfinder + Queen of the Forest = fast movement speed
Storm Brand + Brand Recall keeps your skill around you without having to stop moving often to cast as Brand Recall is Instant


Storm Brand is a skill that was introduced in Betrayal League. Storm Brand creates a magical brand which can attach to a nearby enemy. It periodically activates while attached, firing beams which deal damage to nearby enemies and those around them. The brand will detach if the enemy dies.

Brand Recall is a skill that was also introduced in Betrayal League to go with both Brand skills. Recall your brands to you, detaching them from enemies, then cause them to activate. The brands will have increased attachment range until they next attach to an enemy.


What is being Worked on?
This section is for me to show what I plan on testing and what I currently am testing.


Plan on testing:

Nothing concrete planned right now since finished my list a lot faster than I thought.

Currently testing

Rare shield vs +3 gem shield vs dual wield (With Dual Wield being my favorite)
Aspect of the Spider instead of Herald of Thunder
Vinktar with spell damage is better Rather than Pen


Vinktar with spell damage is better than Lightning Penetration
Aspect of the Spider safer than Herald of Thunder and still gives us a big damage boost.
Power Charge on Critical Strike allows us to get the power charges for some extra crit and damage we need. Do not replace Increased Critical Strike Support with this, replace Controlled Destruction.

All currency made is going towards headhunter so my gear will most likely not change for a few weeks. About 1/4 collected.



Queen of the Forest

You want to aim for 45000 Evasion rating in order to cap out Queen of the Forests unique mod that increases your movement speed PER 600 evasion rating Capping at 75% total movement speed. Queen is an amazing chest that also gives you health AND resistances along with its movement speed buff.

The easiest way for this character to attain that high evasion is to abuse Pathfinder and continuously use flasks that modify evasion rating.



You would ideally want this to be an Alchemist's Quicksilver of Adrenaline for MORE movementspeed.

This Flask is extremely important to have for this build as it gives you an INSANE amount of evasion rating.

This Flask is also high priority as it gives a ton of evasion.

We are aiming for a high percentage of crit so we can apply shock and do even more damage.

This Flask usually has a negative but since we are a pathfinder we do not deal with that because we are immune to elemental ailments. This flask gives us a ton of utility and damage by shocking nearby enemies when activated, added lightning damage to SPELLS and giving us lightning damage LEECH.

If vinktar's isnt readily available I suggest getting an Atziri's Promise for some extra damage and leech that could be needed.


This can get a bit complex as we are trying to ideally craft a mace that has the shaper mod - Enemies killed explode dealing 5% of their Life as Fire Damage - and then MULTIMOD it to have mods that massively benefit us that would not normally be on the item. This SPECIFIC MOD only comes on ilvl 68 Shaped Maces.

Crafting the Item

I started with the base, transmute orbed it to have one property and alteration orb until it had the suffix "Enemies killed epxlode...". I would then regal orb it to become a rare mace so I potentially could multi mod it. Now when you regal orb it, it will gain another property and then become a rare with either 2 or 3 properties. You then annulment orb to hopefully take away the other mods you dont need and only have "enemies Killed explode..." on a rare base. Then you can multimod and put whatever you need on it. Ideally you want that specific shaper suffix to happen on the transmute application but a lot of the time it does not. Myself and others that tested this specific craft got it within 20~ ish alterations. I thought it was just dumb luck but I asked others who had done the same thing and they were similar ratio's.

Here is a quick search I did on the pathofexile trade website which may expedite your crafting process.

You want to start by of course buying the Shaped Mace base of at least ilvl 68. You can search this on poe.trade or on the official Path of Exile trade website. This costed me around 2 exalts 40chaos~ish to make because the cost to apply Can Have multiple Crafted Modifiers costs 2 exalts to put on it. The base cost me around 10-15 chaos and the mods cost AROUND 4-6 chaos a piece. These arent the MOST ideal mods possible on it as i am missing a non chaos as chaos damage mod for 9% more conversion. This is fairly cheap compared to other builds that will use stat sticks or rare unique's. This mod isnt even necessary for the main build because heralds will carry clear speed. This gives it that extra push for even more insane clear as it functions like Inpulsa where it can chain kill the entire screen.

Shield VS Dual Wield

Alright, this can get a bit tricky because the difference between using a shield and dual wield is based on how much damage you think you need (exponentially going up the more you want to gain) vs defensive's you need covered (Resistances & health) - I personally do NOT recommend investing in dual wielding unless you are comfortable spending at least 3+ exalts on a weapon as you want to get the most Damage out of your offhand weapon.

Duel Wield Weapon Search

If you are using a Crafted Mace you should look into global critical strike rating daggers. I recommend starting with a the 40% Global Critical Strike (Fiend, Demon, Imp) for the lower cost end OR if you want to spend the money go for a 50% Global Critical Strike (Golden Kris, Platinum). Both of these Bases NEED to be at the very least SHAPED AND ilvl 83. ONCE AGAIN if you have the MONEY GO FOR A ilvl 85+ version

Here is the dagger I purchased as an example as to what mods you should be looking for.

If you want to use a shield, try getting one with Critical Strike to spells with decent resistance and health.

Magna Lunaris is amazing because it gives you +2 socketed gems in which you put brand recall with empower and enhance to increase the ease of use and uptime of storm brand itself.

If you get the right corruption you can get +1 on top of the regular +2 which makes it insanely strong for your uptime of storm brand.

Magna Lunaris was not super expensive in betrayal league(3.5) but of course the +1 corruption is extremely expensive.

Ideally you would socket a Brand Recall level 7 with Empower 4 and Enhance 4 on a +3 shield bringing your Brand Recall to level 16 with 76% quality which gives it 150% increased Cooldown and at level 16 + 76% quality you have an attachment range increase of 161%.

Damage Skills

Storm Brand - Main damage ability

Vaal Storm Call - Boss/Betrayal/Red Beast mob killer ability in conjunction with Vaal Righteous Fire.


Cheap Gear - Prices are relative to the league
total - 1 exalt 40 chaos

Shield Magna Eclipsis (+2 to socketed gems) - 20 chaos


Rare Shield - starts at 5 chaos


5-link queen - 1 exalted


Basic explosion mace with rolled mods instead of multimod - The mods you can get naturally rolled arent to good for someone who casts spells. - 5 - 10 chaos


Vinktar's with lightning to spells- 5 chaos


Starkonja's without enchant - 1 chaos


Starkonja's with enchant - 55 chaos


Essence Wurm - 5 chaos


Shadows & Dust - 4 chaos


Impressence - 5 chaos


Decent Leather Belt - 5 chaos



Expensive Gear - Prices are relative to the league
Total - Low End 28+ exalts - High End 78+ exalts

MultiMod Mace/dagger

Mace - 2.5+ Exalts

Dagger/Mace - 6.5+ Exalts

Rare Helm - Lightning Pen + brand enchant - 4.5+ Exalts

Aspect of the Spider - base value of item + 1 Exalts
This is a bit hard to price as you can have this on any rare piece of gear that isnt your weapon. I would say this will increase the price of the item by around 1 exalt or so. Finding an appropriate piece that can fit this on it is definitely something good to do as we still gain some damage BUT with the insane benefit of everything around us being slowed by 30%-90%

Stygian Vise w/ Good stats - 1.5+ Exalts
What I mean by good stats is, stats that cover what you need AND health and if you can afford it - lightning damage

Bisco's Leash - Fairly Cheap starting at 28 chaos going up to 90~ ish

Headhunter - 50+ exalts

5b - 1g OR 6b Queen - 7.5+ exalts - this item is strange because the variance of how you get the socket colors can be different.



6-link Chest 5 B - 1 G
Storm Brand > Faster Casting > Power Charge on Critical Strike Support > Controlled Destruction Support > Increased Critical Strike Support > Added Cold Damage Support

Brand Recall > Empower > Enhance OR Brand Recall > Empower > Arcane Surge (lv 4)

Vaal Storm Call > Less Duration Support > Lightning Penetration > Concentrated Effect

Herald of Ice > Ice Bite > Innervate > Enlighten(lv 3+)

Herald of Thunder > Enlighten(lv 2+)
Switch from Herald to Aspect of the Spider

Cast when Damage Taken(lv 1) > Immortal Call(lv 1) > Increased Duration



Explanation of Unique Gear



Shadows and Dust

Since we are primarily a Map clearer, we ideally want to gain rampage in some way. These gloves provide that along with some global crit and crit multi. These gloves are pretty cheap as well. If you have the money to spend, consider getting one with Spells deal increased critical



The Gull
This is a really fun item to use. Since Zana mods do not provide quantity anymore I can run Domination on my maps and gain a mini Head Hunter like affect that makes mapping super fun. Ideally you would want to get one with a Storm Brand Penetration enchant. IF you cannot acquire this fun inducing item I recommend either a Rare Helmet with the enchant and possibly the -9 lightning pen delve craft OR starkonja's with the enchant as it provides a TON of health, Evasion and Global Critical Strike Chance.



Essence Worm

We socket Wrath in this ring because it gives it +2 and makes it cost no mana to reserve but increasing the amount other auras cost by 40%. This is fine because we can still fit in 2 heralds.

Rare Ring with Conductivity on hit.
The stats besides the curse on hit can be whatever you need filled, be it more resistence or crit.

The Unique Amulet I enjoyed was Choir of the Storm, although recently I switched to an insane neck that dropped for me with aspect of the spider. After a lot of maps and the change I made to my rare ring I am more partial to Choir of the Storm because of the damage it proves through the lightning bolt, increased damage AND the critical strike increase.
I recommend Choir of the Storm because its way cheaper to pickup and it is a good starting point for this build.

This is the amulet I am using as a more defensive option - it definitely is more expensive than Choir of the Storm.



Watcher's Eye Prismatic Jewel - Lightning Damage is Leeched as Mana while affected by Wrath

This gives us the mana sustain we need.

Rare Jewels that we could potentially fit in are any with increased global critical strike chance, Critical Strike chance to Lightning spells and if you can afford it, Health.


Regular Jewels - Official Trade website Search

Double Crit modifier's + maximum health
Double Crit + All resistance

Abyss Jewels - Official trade website Search

Crit chance + life + flat lightning damage to spells
Multiple Lightning and Cold to spells mods and a guaranteed life roll on the jewel


Nature's Boon > Nature's Adrenaline > Master Alchemist > Master Surgeon - The only change is once you acquire a jewel with "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" - You replace Master Surgeon with Veteran Bowyer for the extra Elemental Penetration


Major - Lunaris > Minor - Shakari
Kill all for +2 points or Alira - Both are great for us



This is my Path of Building link and I created skill trees for every 10 levels leading up to my current level. You can toggle through them by clicking the default menu on the tree screen in PoB at the bottom left of the screen and choosing whichever one you need.



Runesmith, Explosive Runes - +1 brand each
Shaman's Dominion - A LOT of Crit and Crit Multiplier in this ENTIRE node
Alchemist - this node gives us flask effect which gives us even MORE evasion from our flasks
Doomcast, Annihilation - gives Crit Multi


Rune Binder - Can attach 2 brands to 1 target - Damage Doubles on single target


Leveling Guide

You can easily level as Storm brand even as pathfinder. Since Storm Brand has great clear its perfect for traversing the story. League start you would ideally craft a +1 lightning wand and use Arc until storm Brand (lv28).
Links for leveling until Storm Brand - Arc > Added Lightning Damage > Added Cold Damage Support
Links for leveling once you have Storm Brand > Faster Casting > Added Lightning Damage > Added Cold Damage Support

Leveling Uniques

Lifesprig - wand - gives you all the stats you need to get going and casting your spells FAST.
Tabula Rasa - chest - 6 link white socket - makes your main skill basically 1 shot everything in the story
Goldrim Leather Cap - helmet - gives you some nice resistance
At level 38 replace Goldrim with The Gull - helmet - if you want to make your experience leveling more FUN
Wanderlust - boots - cannot be frozen, gives mana regen and Movement speed
Atziri Foible - amulet - gives us mana regen and lowers the gem stat requirement which could be very useful
Perandus Signet - ring - May be more expensive to get but it definitely helps the leveling process
Wurm's Molt - belt - stats and health


Thanks for reading everything! You can catch me on Twitch and Twitter
I stream in the Morning CST during the week
I am active on twitter with updates to the guide and stream

Feel free to PM me in game
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What's the best way to craft the mace to have only the "enemies killed explode ..." suffix ?
I haven't really spent much time crafting so I'm not entirely sure how to make a 1 affix rare.
The best I could come up with was to start with a white base, craft the cheapest prefix, regal so it turns the item rare and if I hit the suffix I want just remove the crafted mod. If not, scour and try again. Is there a better way ?
Hey! Thanks for posting this question. I realize now that I did not provide the info on the exact process of crafting.

I started with the base, transmute orbed it to have one property and alteration orb until it had the suffix "Enemies killed epxlode...". I would then regal orb it to become a rare mace so I potentially could multi mod it. Now when you regal orb it, it will gain another property and then become a rare with either 2 or 3 properties. You then annulment orb to hopefully take away the other mods you dont need and only have "enemies Killed explode..." on a rare base. Then you can multimod and put whatever you need on it. Ideally you want that specific shaper suffix to happen on the transmute application but a lot of the time it does not. Myself and others that tested this specific craft got it within 20~ ish alterations. I thought it was just dumb luck but I asked others who had done the same thing and they were similar ratio's.

Here is a quick search I did on the pathofexile trade website which may expedite your crafting process.

There are a few other bases you can fit in instead of petrified club as the strength requirement for Magna Eclipsis is 159. Keep that in mind when crafting this mace. It is probably the worst part about it.

If you are still confused please message me in game.
Thanks for the quick answer.
It'd be great if you added the order of the ascendancy passives too.
Ah yes! Thank you for reminding me about that! I updated the guide to provide that info along with some leveling information!

Thanks again!
First of all LOVE the build. Second you mention currency going towards headhunter.Can you elaborate? Just curious what you shooting for.
Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to read through the guide!

So I am allocating any exalts or extra chaos towards attaining headhunter. I am still going to continue sustaining my t16 map pool with whatever map I run be it Fungal Hollow or whatever I change to (Elder Cells). So that currency invested in the maps will basically come back to me.

I really think this build will shine even more with headhunter, but most builds skyrocket with headhunter anyway. This is more-so a personal goal for me i'd say.

But any real upgrade that costs more than an exalt will more than likely not be purchased unless it is an insane deal.

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Trying our ur build dude, love the idea.

Quick question, can't we double wield wands? Or am I missing something and the mace and shield are essential for some reason?

And in case it has to be mace and shield, is this a valid base? Just making sure before I spend ex on multi-crafting it.

Thx for the guide :)
Last edited by Roolstar on Jan 11, 2019, 12:22:50 PM
Yes, This base looks to be fine because you are multi-modding it. The mods that you craft on it will be for one-handed weapons and those can be the same ones as mine.

The reason we want to use the mace base is because that explosion mod only comes on shaped maces.

For the shield, If you have no resistance issues I would definitely use another dps weapon. BUT the drawback is that we cannot get close to a +7 - +9 brand recall making the CD around ~1.2ish seconds BUT that is something i thought would be an insane quality of life but I personally don't think it is as impactful as before after running around 70 t16's fully juiced with GULL/HH. The damage is definitely NEEDED for bosses and betrayal mobs so this will be something I look into this weekend for sure.

The idea of dual wielding is definitely something I need to check out because the more damage we have the better we are at killing stuff and we just want to clear the map/boss. A lot of other builds use voidbattery/shimmeron and that wouldnt be a terrible idea to try out. Void battery would probably be the better option because more power charges = more crit + MORE damage because of our links - But this is if you are looking for a unique. If you want a rare wand/dagger, I would look for a grouping of mods like - flat ele on spells, castspeed, penetration, spell crit, crit multi. Something to note, Daggers give global crit and wands CAN give cast speed depending on which one you ideally want.

I personally am going to look for a dagger because I lose a ton of spell crit from replacing the shield. I will post updates on it as well AND you are more than welcome to ask questions in my stream. I try and answer everything as accurately as possible.

Thank you for liking the guide! I hope this helped you!
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