[3.5][Guide] Instaleech Dual Striker Reborn - TANK IT ALL (With video guide)

Video Guide: https://youtu.be/BFazP1KQ380
Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/C7qrpx2a
Reddit Thread: https://reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/acp2jd/instaleech_dual_striker_reborn_tank_it_all/

Hello Wraeclast! Welcome to the build guide for the new and improved Instaleech Dual Striker build. This build features insane single target damage and survivability with mediocre clearspeed. We take full advantage of the new impale effect to push everything to the next level!


Mandatory Uniques

Bloodseeker Hellion's Paw (PCoC corruption if you can get it)

Kaom's Roots (Needed for stun/slow immunity, nice corruption if you can)

Might and Influence Threshold Jewel (Free splash and damage boost for dual strike)

Optional Uniques

Starkonja's Head (Go for 40% increased dread banner effect)

Watcher's Eye with Hatred Crit (Very large damage and reliability boost)

Lion's Roar, Taste of Hate, Atziri's Promise

I'll just mention here that your other two flasks should be a life flask of staunching and diamond flask of warding.

Mainhand Claw

At a basic level it's pretty standard, you want a claw with as much physical DPS and crit as possible.

However, there is one catch. Because we focus on impale in this build, you want to find a claw with either an open prefix or crafted percent physical damage prefix that you can replace with a percent physical damage plus chance to impale prefix. That extra chance to impale will give you a significantly higher damage boost compared to what you would get from having a high-tier basic percent physical damage roll.

Other Rares

Everything is pretty standard for the rare items filling out the rest of your gear slots:

Cap your elemental resistances (get some chaos resistance if you can)

Get as much life as possible.

Pick up flat physical damage, attack speed, crit chance and crit multi.



Next up is the passive tree. If you watched my original bloodseeker dual striker guide, this tree should look very familiar to you. In fact, the tree is almost identical to the previous tree. The only difference is that I've dropped a few life nodes to pick up the crit side of the fencing wheel because there is a lot more life available on gear now compared to when I made the original guide. Basically, we path from the duelist area to the shadow area to pick up all the claw nodes on the tree, grabbing all the life, extra crit nodes, and frenzy charges along the way.

While leveling I ignored any crit or claw nodes and simply grabbed generic dual wielding nodes so I could use fast leveling uniques like the Screaming Eagle and the Grypon. Be sure to help Alira along the way.


Now we'll look at the single biggest difference between this new version of the build and the original build, that being our ascendancy choice. When I chose gladiator for the original build, it was before the first set of champion reworks that made champion super overpowered. In this patch, with the new impale mechanics buffing the champion even further, I couldn't put off remaking the build any longer, so this time the choice is champion.

For the normal and cruel labs you want to grab conqueror and worthy foe to get the free attacks cannot miss buff as soon as possible. Grab master of metal after the merciless lab for a disgusting amount of extra damage to buff up
your impales. Finally, finish with first to strike, last to fall for the uber lab to give you even more damage, especially after you take a massive attack that knocks you onto low life.


The Pantheon choices are wide open on this build as none of them are mandatory for the build to function, so you can take whichever gods are you favorites. I'm partial to Solaris with the Jorus upgrade and Gruthkul with the Eerebix upgrade to boost general tankiness.


Main setup:
Dual Strike - Maim - Melee Physical Damage - Multistrike - Increased Critical Damage - Ancestral Call (Ruthless)

Whirling Blades - Frenzy - Faster Attacks - Fortify
Blood Rage, CWDT - Temporal Chains

Mana Reservation:
Hatred - Herald of Purity - Dread Banner (Enlighten)

Ancestral Warchief - Ancestral Protector - Multiple Totems


Regarding the playstyle of the build, it's basically the same as any pre-nerf vaal pact character. You just want to make sure you are always attacking something to keep your leech going and you will be all but immortal. The only things you need to watch out for are true 1-shots from shaper guardians or syndicate members in maps with really nasty mods. You can see that the uber elder fight is a bit of an interesting scenario. You can leech through pretty much everything in the fight, including Shaper's frostbolts. However, It turns out that unlike Izaro, who you can still leech from when he goes invulnerable, Shaper and Elder in this fight become unleechable when you phase them and their shield goes up. This means that if you don't pay attention to their health bars and get out of the way the instant you phase them, you will get blasted by something because you are unable to leech if you are still attacking a target that has phased. I simply accepted this as a super easy and stress-free way to do the fight. Just slam one of them until they phase, completely ignoring all the mechanics of the fight, then die and come back in to phase the next one until they are both dead.


Thank you all for reading. I know a lot of people were waiting on an updated guide for this build and I apologize that it took so long to happen. The character is still super fun and stronger than ever, so I definitely recommend giving it a try. I hope you've been inspired to be creative and open your mind to the fun and joy of non-meta skills. If you want to see more content like this, please consider subscribing to my Youtube channel and turning on notifications so you can see when new videos go live. The best way you can support the channel is to simply watch new videos when they come out and share them with your friends.

Stay safe exiles, I'll see you in Wraeclast.

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can you upload a map clear video of this build ? Single target seems great, I might follow it, if it has ok clear speed.
Ty for this build. 1,7kk DPS on shaper with 7ex + 160c.
When is the next time you will be online?

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