[3.5] Tectonic Slam Jugg MK3 - Brutus' Lead Sprinkler

If you haven't seen the revised tectonic slam, you're missing out.

There have been a couple of builds posted already for Jugg and the skill (Mathil Oni-Goroshi) and a few variants with razor of the seventh sun...they all awesome, and Mathil as usual cranked out some amazing dps.

I approached using the build with a different concept:

I was freaking tired of getting owned by intervention betrayals.

I'm not an exceptional player and I don't mouse control dodge everything, so I wanted something tanky AF to protect me from my own lack of skill. Enter in The Brutus Sprinkler, that lets you build fire dps and life at the same time...yep that one from the molten strike builds...it's still there!

Easy Red map farming + easy guardian farming
Did I say Tanky?
What does tanky even mean? I'm sporting 8500 life, fortify, loreweave resists, immune to stun/freeze/ignite/temp chains, high level/duration immortal call etc.
Respectable DPS
Good Clear Speed
Exceptional Delver
Currently VERY CHEAP to build

Ele reflect = no bueno
No leech/no regen going to make you haul a mana flask probably...nuisance


Gear Guide:
We're stacking strength here. Here's a quick review of the gear you need to get started. Prices are estimates and at the time of posting this
Weapon 1 - Brutus' Lead Sprinkler (2-10c)
Weapon 2 - A Shield with str/life/resists/ele dmg like an archon shield, or lycosidae, or another brutus sprinkler...your call here, you have options (2c-130c)
Helm - Many options to choose from, check the PoB. Lab enchant is not required, and if you wanted you can get about the same dps out of the blood rage attack speed enchant. Black Sun Crest, 15% str, or craft your own rare with Rage essences. aim for some resists here if you're going the rare route (10-75c)
Body Armor - You have lots of options. Probable best in slot is Loreweave, but there's a potential for an elder astral plate with the % strength + flat strength mod to compete. Minimum you want is a 6L astral plate to get started which costs 50c.
Gloves - rare spiked gloves with str/resists/atk speed/life are BiS. Easy starter option= meginord's vise that give 100 flat strength 1c-80c
Boots - Alberon's warpath 5c
Rings - Fix your resists here, and get some strength (30c each)
Amulet - Astramentis is hard to replace, I eventually did. (20c) absolute BiS is a stacked str elder amulet with the % dmg per 15 strength mod
belt - cyclopean coil (spend 20c for at least 14% attributes)
Jewels - You want STR and ATTACK SPEED. (few C each-30c each)

Gem Links:
Tectonic Slam-->Elemental Dmg with Attacks-->Conc Effect (swap inc AOE here if you like)-->ele focus-->multistrike-->Ruthless
Make a totem if you want
Make a lightning elemental if you want
Make a shield charge/leap slam/FA/fortify setup

I run blasphemy/Ele weakness...not required but ez extra dps and I'm lazy

Do whatever until level 28, when you can equip brutus sprinkler and start using tectonic slam. My preference is frost blades.
Use early uniques that let you stack up strength:
astramentis: 20
lioneye's paws: 30
meginord's vise: 42
perandus blazen/the magnate/meginord's girdle under 20

Important notes:
1. Through this gear selection your INT and DEX will be very close to equal. Ensure that dex is higher so that you gain the cannot be frozen mod from belt.
2. Use the elemental resist nodes near your pathing while leveling: Diamond Skin, Holy Dominion, and Sentinel (plus those above it.) Because you crave strength, and it's a suffix...it will starve you on resists. These nodes will offset that for you. If you still have problems, run purity of elements instead of a blasphemy setup...and manually curse a boss.

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Would you be able to post a video of a shaper kill?
IGN@ HuckMcAmp
Short post, no bullshit, straight to the point. Best guide one could recommended to noob friends with a short attention span!
I once yolo'd a swag so hard my whole fam got lit.
Hah, thank you...yeah attention span is a real challenge.

Also...rather be playing than posting a guide :)
Hello mate, im following your build. For the same reasons i chose your take on tectonic slam, those syndicates are whooping my ass real bad.

I have a question. How one would go about filling that passive skill tree, we branch to 3 different directions so i was wondering what was the priority while leveling.

Would appreciate the order we should take for the ascendancy skill points as well.

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