[3.9] Tectonic Slam Jugg - Brutus' Lead Sprinkler

"A more difficult path of exile demands a more resilient character" - Esoro

Tired of getting owned by metamorphs, guardians, and those map bosses that used to be a cakewalk, but on awakener 8 have become problematic? Also don't want to sacrifice your ability to deal significant damage in order to survive...without a billion ex budget or unattainable legacy gear?
-This build might be for you.
I don't make cool youtube videos, but thought this build was worth sharing with the community.

What's new? - no real nerfs, and catalysts are very beneficial. Entry cost into this build is extremely moderate, and can get you pretty far. 2 million DPS with solid defenses on an entry level budget, and scaling up to over 8 million. See my POB below or build on the Ninja Site: https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds/char/s0uless999/My_Eruption_Burns

- High Life Pool
- Defensive Layers (Endurance Charges/Armor/Fortify/Molten Shell/Vaal Molten Shell)
- Surprisingly Strong DPS
- "Barely Melee" Tectonic Slam AoE
- Strong Lab/Delve Runner

- Not Massive Clear Speed Mapper
- Not "face tank shaper beam" Defense
- Competition from Baron Necro meta may drive up gear costs
- As Strength is a suffix, and you will use several uniques, resists can be a bit challenging

Build Summary:
Brutus Lead Sprinkler https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Brutus%27_Lead_Sprinkler
Allows us to stack strength to gain fire damage, and at the same time, gain life...which produces a duality benefit of scaling both DPS and survival. From there we tailor our build to this weapon...it benefits from strength stacking and has a high critical strike chance (up to 8.4 base.)

Path of Building Link:

Gear Selection Guide:

Brutus Lead Sprinkler https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Brutus%27_Lead_Sprinkler
Alberon's Warpath (18%)

- Strength/Attributes
- Resists until capped
- Life
- Attack Speed (jewels)
- Elemental/Fire Damage
- Crit Multi (this can be a later build add.)

You should goal for at least 1000 strength around level 90. While my build has over 1300...you are going to be successful at 1k. Your life pool should easily creep up over 6k, approach 7k, and potentially exceed. If you find yourself wanting more life, there are many options with 5 unselected 5% nodes, and a pair of 4s as well. You can choose to dump the minion damage wheel and break 8k life.

Helm: Rare, Devoto's Devotion, Starkjona's, or Crown of the Inward Eye (My choice) - Anger reservation or tectonic enchant (charged slam is best)

Astramentis (lets you not care about dex/int ever), or an amazing 3 rat talisman, or rare with str/life/ele dmg/resists

Rare- str/life/resists/ele dmg (assassin's mark for $$$)


Rare with Str/Life/Resists (Hunter or Elder for attributes mod $$$)

Rare Astral 6L. I ran a 6L death's oath for a long time. Or just get a 6L. You want str/life/resists (Hunter +1 curse for $$$)

Rare Spiked. You want Str/Life/Resist/Attack Speed. Don't be ashamed if you're rocking meginord's even in mid/late maps..they are very good on the build, especially if you pick up a curse on hit corrupt.

Options - dual wield if you want. Get a shield if you want. Two options on shield - Angelic/Archon kite shield (str/life/resists) or a caster shield (fire damage mod, life/resists)

Gem Links:
Tectonic Slam/Elemental Dmg with Attacks/Multistrike/Fortify/Ruthless/Combustion (My Preference)
Best DPS: Tect Slam/Ele Dmg w Atk/Fortify/Multi/Conc/Ele Focus
In summary, you have options. You can use inspiration if you prefer, Pulverise, Inc AoE, Fire Pen, and even Shockwave (great for Sirus & Uber Elder Fights btw.)

This build has the capacity to run a couple of awakened support gems if you have the resources...ele with attacks is the priority, and the only I have chosen to leverage currently.

Curse with Flammability or Ele Weakness via your choice of delivery (curse on hit/leap slam, blasphemy, or gloves. Later if you get a 2nd curse and are full on crit add assassin's mark.

CWDT/molten shell/Wave of Conviction (applies fire exposure) inc duration.

Auras: Blood & Sand, Anger, Precision (lvl 1)

Utility: Leap Slam/Faster, VMS, blood rage

Help Alira (mana regen/crit multi/resists) or kill all if you want more life/less crit

Leveling Guide:
This is a cool part of the build. You can get into tectonic slam at 28, and really go from there immediately.

Pre 28 - get some basic leveling gear, use your low lvl skill of choice (frost blades, sunder, etc)
At 28:
Equip BLS. Get Astramentis if you can afford. Get Meginord's Girdle (60 strength) - or belt of the deceiver/ the magnate
Add lioneye's paws at 30 (40-60 strength)
Add meginord's vise at 35 (+100 strength)

You should be a living god while leveling with these 4-5 items.

Happy Hunting Exiles!

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Would you be able to post a video of a shaper kill?
IGN@ HuckMcAmp
Short post, no bullshit, straight to the point. Best guide one could recommended to noob friends with a short attention span!
I once yolo'd a swag so hard my whole fam got lit.
Hah, thank you...yeah attention span is a real challenge.

Also...rather be playing than posting a guide :)
Hello mate, im following your build. For the same reasons i chose your take on tectonic slam, those syndicates are whooping my ass real bad.

I have a question. How one would go about filling that passive skill tree, we branch to 3 different directions so i was wondering what was the priority while leveling.

Would appreciate the order we should take for the ascendancy skill points as well.

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