Official Trade Site - bulk item exchange is counting unique maps in map stocks

Today, someone asked me for 5 Atoll Maps, I checked my stash and only had 2. After some time trying to figure out the problem, I found out that the official trade site is listing the unique map versions (Maelstrom of Chaos, in this case) in the stock of normal maps. I checked my Strand maps stock, official site is listing 5, but they're all Whakawairua Tuahu.

I also checked, but the listings are correct there (it gave a correct stock of 2 for my Atoll maps).

Please, someone pass this to the person in charge of the trade site, it needs to be fixed, otherwise people will keep wasting their (and our) time trying to buy maps that have wrong stock listings.

Thank you.
Last bumped on Jan 6, 2019, 5:53:13 PM
Interesting, thanks for your report!
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