[3.6] Arctic CoC Hipster Assassin – Permanent Onslaught – [LOWER BUDGET] – CoC with a Twist


01/04/18 – Posted up the character build guide.
01/06/18 – Changed Vaal Molten Shell to Summon Flame Golem to proc EE.

[UPDATE LOG] - For 3.6, this build still pretty much remains the same. The patch doesn't hit this build too hard specifically so it will still work. The only thing that is actually affected is the life leech mechanics are we leech a lot less now. We still deal a crap ton of damage and as long as you play not blindly, then you should be good to go. I also updated the skilltrees to match 3.6. No real skilltree changes for this build.

Another thing to note, we can drop Dance of the Offered for a synthesized boots that give an Onslaught implicit. You have to synthesize three T1 movement boots though, and even with that, it is only due to chance. This gives us more potential attributes, life and resistances on our rare boots if we do though. Good luck!

This will mark my fourth official build guide that I have created and posted. This is my second Betrayal character that I created after getting my Herald of Viper Assassin to level 90. I know what you are thinking. “This is just the same typical Cyclone Cast on Crit with Ice Nova build.” In a sense, the shell may be the same, but the inner workings of my version is completely different. I know how many of these builds are out there but I wanted to take my own (hipster lol) perspective on it. I usually do my builds on a budget and solo craft most of my gear so I wanted to take that same mentality going this different route (excluding the two required uniques).

As usual, this guide is probably going to have the same lengthy introductions to introduce how the build was theorized, put to fruition and how the items and build works. I put some time writing these guides so I would appreciate if you read through the whole thing, but feel free to skip the to the TL;DR section with just searching exactly that (search for “T L ; D R” all together and without the quotation marks and you will skip directly to the guide and the TLDR section). Without further ado, I present to you, the arctic eye cancer, CoC Cyclone Assassin.

With the 3.5 update, we have had a lot of reworks to skills and items. For this build, we utilize the newly updated Cast on Critical Strike Support (CoC) gem. CoC has had the cooldown time adjusted to 150ms from the old 500ms cooldown back from version 2.4. Because of this change, CoC has been brought back to life. With this new update, there has been a huge resurface of CoC builds. The only thing is, a lot of these builds all follow a very similar setup and set of items. For example, a ton of people run their builds with The Pandemonius) and focus heavily on movement speed utilizing items like Rat’s Nest, Queen of the Forest, Devoto’s Devotion and the like. For me, I try to focus on budgeting my gear as much as I can. Now, those items make this build easily shine and The Pandemonius for example is simply best in slot for your amulet, but my builds tend to go the budget direction. The only items that break this rule is the required items, but everything else can be bought on a budget.

Ice Nova is usually the go to skill to use in a CoC build. The two commonly seen items that people use in these Cast on Crit Ice Nova builds are Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae. Though I did say that I took a hipster take on this build, these two items still remain the same for the build just like the other similar CoC builds. There are definitely some huge differences with my variant compared to the other ones though. Also, I took this build more into a budget direction. Obviously Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae are not really budget items, but they are required. Everything else in the build is basically a chaos or less.

Now, I have looked into a lot of different CoC Ice Nova builds and there are always different and similar strengths and weaknesses of the build. This is especially true with the current meta we are in with the new CoC rework. I wanted to take this build into a different direction and not have to rely on expensive items (excluding Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae since they are mandatory for the build) like The Pandemonius and whatnot because these items cost an absurd amount of currency. I also wanted to make use of other reworked items and items that are not commonly used. I was lucky enough to get Cospri’s Malice as a drop while I was mapping. As for the Lycosidae, I traded for one early in the league for about 25 chaos. I generally try to get this shield early in a league because it usually goes up in price and especially for this league because of the CoC rework. The Pandemonius is currently worth 5+ exalts right now and at a price range where I would like to avoid for this build as I have been focusing a lot more on budget builds as of late. Well, enough how a lot of CoC builds are similar.

So, we use the basic CoC template: Cospri’s Malice+Lycosidae with Ice Nova and Cyclone but let’s get to where my build differs from other typical CoC builds. First off, my version of this build has no problem with mana. I have seen many other CoC builds suffer from mana sustain. This was a huge weakness in my opinion. This build has solid mana sustain which will be explained a bit more a bit later. I have done no leech maps/no regeneration maps and this version of the build can handle either mods easily. One of my favorite things about this build is that we have permanent Onslaught. This is achieved with using Dance of the Offered paired with Atziri’s Foible.

By using these two items together and some mana regeneration that we naturally get with our current skill tree, we out regen the mana degen from Dance of the Offered. This makes it so we have permanent Onslaught on our build which grants us more attack speed and movement speed. The mana regeneration lets us Cyclone and spam instant cast skills without worrying about running out of mana. Atziri’s Foible is also helpful in countering the mana degen as well. Not just this, but the 25% reduced attribute requirements for items and gems is actually really good for this build. This makes it so we do not have to invest heavily to meet the requirements for our items and gems. A perfect example of this would be Cospri’s Malice which requires 212 dex and 257 int. Being able to potentially level gems earlier without waiting on stats is also helpful. If you can get your Atziri’s Foible corrupted with movement speed, you can easily achieve over 40% movement speed without any investment just using it alongside Dance of the Offered. This little combo has probably been one of my favorite things to use while leveling up as of late.

Another huge difference with my build is that we abuse Elemental Equilibrium. For those that do not know what Elemental Equilibrium is, it is a node on the northern side of the skill tree. Whenever you hit an enemy with elemental damage, they get +25% resistance to the element you hit them with, but also get -50% of resistance to the other elements. So that means if we hit the enemy with a fire attack, they get +25 fire resistance and -50% resistance to cold and lightning. For our build, we are obviously abusing CoC with Ice Nova. We also grab some flat lightning damage for spells on our abyss jewels so we get a ton of benefit from EE and proc shocks. But how do we go about this if we are always dealing cold and lightning damage? Easy, we utilized the reworked Malachai’s Artifice.

I really think this is the sleeper item of the whole build. This unique ring makes it so that any gem that you socket into it has Elemental Equilibrium. I personally have been experimenting a lot with this ring back then but found that this item works wonders with this build. This item is a whole lot better now too because self-casting skills are now instant cast. You should see where I am getting at with this now. What we need is to hit the enemies with a fire attack to activate EE with Malachai’s Artifice. To do this, we socket in a Summon Flame Golem to use with it. All three of the flame golem’s attacks are fire so it procs our EE for us.

We also abuse the reworked instant cast Vortex now too. Because it is instant cast, we also can spam this skill while we Cyclone. With our mana sustain, we can keep using Cyclone and spam Vortex even with a no leech map mod. We also have Arcane Surge Support attached to our Vortex so we get a free Arcane Surge buff which grants us even more DPS as well. Vortex gives us a reliable way to activate Arcane Surge while doing extra cold damage and cold damage over time. With the Frostbolts we shoot out along with Ice Nova and Vortex spamming? We get something that I like to call, ‘arctic eye cancer’. All of this just stacks on top of each other which grants us some stupid DPS.

TL;DR: Long story short, we are using a Shadow/Assassin with Cyclone and Cast on Critical Strike to proc multiple Frostbolts and Ice Novas. Since Vortex is now instant cast, we also spam Vortex attached to Arcane Surge Support to get us more DPS and grant us the Arcane Surge buff. We have permanent Onslaught with Dance of the Offered and enough mana sustain to spam Vortex while we Cyclone until our enemies are dead. Along with this, we get Elemental Equilibrium with Malachai’s Artifice by socketing a Summon Flame Golem. Once our flame golem attacks our enemies, they get -50% to lightning and cold resistances. An Assassin is the obvious choice here because of all of their crit nodes and passives. Package this all together and you got a solid map runner along with a busted boss killer.

Honestly, once you get Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae, you can use any other items you want. You can customize it to how you want it and this is the direction I went. I definitely took a different route compared to others. #hipstermindset The only real pricey items are the Cospri’s Malice and the Lycosidae, but everything else is budget. Everything can pretty much be purchased in a chaos or less but this could change depending on the duration of the league and the meta.

Pros & Cons

+ Solid clear speed (can easily be even faster if you use a Quicksilver flask but not needed)
+ Reliable way of leech (we run a Blasphemy+Warlord’s Mark setup, no pricey Warlord’s Mark curse on hit ring needed to budget the build)
+ STUPID DPS (the calculations get too crazy, just know that it downs bosses in seconds, AKA INSANE DPS for little investment)
+ Can be done with a lower budget if you do not include the two required items: Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae into the budget (all other required uniques can be found for 2 chaos or less)
+ 100% hit chance alongside high critical strike chance (cold damage and critical strikes means shatters for DAYS!)
+ Can do all content in the game
+ Efficient boss killer (spin to win)
+ Does not rely on expensive gear like Warlord’s Mark on hit rings and The Pandemonius
+ Mana is never a problem/Incredible mana sustain (mana leech along with solid mana regeneration)
+ Can handle any map mods (no leech, no regen and reflect maps can be easily done)
+ Acrobatics, Phase Acrobatics, block chance and Endurance charges from Warlord’s Mark gives us solid defensive tools

- NOT a league starter but possible (obtaining required items earlier in the game proves difficult but you can just use a regular CoC setup without Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae until you can afford them)
- Melee build so we need to stay close to enemies
- Cannot reach the builds full potential until you get Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae which are nearly an exalt or more in price
- Fairly squishy because we use a lot of uniques that do not have life on them (getting life is a bit difficult even though we have over 150% life on the tree / we will kill everything before our life starts becoming a problem though)


Required Attributes

Strength: 116
Dexterity: 159
Intelligence: 192

These are based off of if you are using level 20 gems. Do note, if you use skill gems over level 20, these requirements could slightly change and increase. This is more so for the min/maxing and players who have currency to use for level 21 gems and 20+ quality gems.

These requirements are also a lot less because we use Atziri’s Foible which makes it so items and gems have 25% reduced attribute requirements. This makes equipping Corpri’s Malice a lot easier and we can forgo grabbing +30 dex or +30 int nodes on the tree and relying heavily on gear for those attributes. This saves us on items and also potential skill points.

Required Items/Uniques

Needed so we can get an extra Ice Nova casted on melee critical strike. Also grants us flat cold damage which is great for the build.

Needed so our attacks cannot be evaded. Gives us 100% hit chance and makes our critical strike chance and multiplier even better.

Needed so we get permanent Onslaught and gives us extra movement speed.

Needed so we can use socket Summon Flame Golem to activate Elemental Equilibrium.

Needed so we can get enough mana regen earlier on (until we can grab the mana regen nodes on the tree) to handle the mana degen from Dance of the Offered so we can have permanent Onslaught.

Optional/Recommended Uniques and Items

Gives us some solid flat life which helps our survivability. Starkonja’s Head also gives us a lot of dexterity which is important for us because of the high dexterity requirements of Cospri’s Malice. We do not grab much dexterity nodes so this helmet can cover a lot of our dexterity requirements. It also grants us more attack speed and critical chance which is what we are looking for in our build. Not required for the build, but it has a lot of the mods we are looking for.

Makes our CoC setup even stronger by increasing the range and damage of our AoE attacks. It also gives us some flat life which can be a huge factor for survivability. Though it does not give much, it is better than no flat life.

If you cannot get a Carcass Jack 6 linked or just find a unique/rare armor with 6 links for your CoC gem setup, then just use a Tabula Rasa until you do. I would highly recommend this setup be ran with a 6 link. You are losing out on a ton of potential damage and the build feels really clunky without it.

A belt with a minimum of 14% cooldown recovery is not required for this build, but grants us WAY more DPS if we do. With at least 14% cooldown recovery on our belt, CoC’s maximum amount of times it can trigger becomes 7.57 times. Cyclone hits twice so if we take its attack rate and multiply it by two, if it does not equal more than 7.57, we get the most CoC triggers as we can get which optimizes the damage output of CoC. For example, we have 3.52 attack rate for our Cyclone, you would multiply 3.52 by two since Cyclone hits twice which equals to 7.04. Because 7.04 does not exceed 7.57, we are still within the optimal trigger rate for CoC.

Some people would rather get the optimal trigger rate for maximum DPS, but some people might have problems capping their resistances or want more life with a Stygian Vise with an abyssal jewel. It is totally your preference. I played with both a cooldown belt and a Stygian Vise. You already deal so much damage without the cooldown recovery belt, so if you want more survivability and life, go the Stygian Vise route. If not, then get a belt with at least 14% minimum cooldown recovery for more DPS. Your choice.


There is a lot of freedom on CoC builds. As long as you have Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae, then you are pretty much set. All of the other items can be whatever you want, but for my build, I obviously want to use certain uniques and take it another direction.

One suggestion or alternative I would give is that once you have enough mana regeneration from the skill tree (which you should if you follow my skill tree) and when you can meet your item and gem requirements without an Atziri’s Foible, you can replace it for another amulet. You can easily swap it out for The Pandemonius if you have the currency but honestly, just a rare amulet with life+crit multi will get you by just fine. With a decent roll of crit multi on your amulet, it can do as much DPS as The Pandemonius. The only difference at this point between the two is the blind on hit against chilled enemies which would give us incredible survivability.

It is really your choice though. Personally, now that I have enough mana regen to handle the degen from Dance of the Offered, I might go craft a rare amulet with life+crit multi since my resistances are already maxed. I like to always keep a budget in mind when making my builds which is why I did not trade for The Pandemonius. Making multiple builds drains a lot of my currency alongside trying to min-max a build to the full potential.

Pick your poison here, folks.

Build Budget

This section will let you know how much the required items of the build costs. This can give people an idea on how much currency is needed to run the build, and to see if you have the amount of currency to start it. This is more so for the unique items and required items. The prices can obviously fluctuate, but I am going to use the prices that they were currently at, at this specific time of the league when I found or bought them.

You can get Cospri’s Malice for 1.5 to 2+ exalted orbs. If you are really lucky, you can get one for 1 exalted orb but those usually get bought right when they get listed. I originally found mine so I did not use any currency to trade for one.

You can get Lycosidae for 120 chaos to 1+ exalt(s). This item and The Pandemonius have really been fluctuating heavily on prices because of CoC builds. I originally got my Lycosidae early in the league for about 25 chaos. I already knew that it was going to get absurdly expensive because of the CoC rework.

You can get Dance of the Offered for less than a chaos. Make sure you find one with 31 or less mana degen to make it easier to deal with the mana degen.

You can get Malachai’s Artifice for a chaos or less if you are lucky. Find one that has 100% fire resistance or as close to it as you can. This helps grabbing resistances a whole lot easier since we use so many unique items.

You can get Atziri’s Foible for a chaos or less. There are a lot of times when you can even find one for an alchemy as well. This is why buying a few and corrupting them to get movement speed is not too expensive.

As you can see, other than the Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae, everything else can be bought for fairly cheap. With these items, we save over 5+ exalts on purchasing The Pandemonius and virtually deal the same damage that we would with one. Of course we lose the survivability because of the blind on chilled enemies, but we are just speaking from a DPS perspective.

Everything else can be found for 2 chaos or less which makes the rest of this build pretty budget friendly.


This section is what I am currently using for my build.

Since this build is a bit unique heavy, most of your items will be similar to what I have, but obviously the rare gear will differ from yours. Just get as much life+resists you can get on your rare gear and any extra DPS boosting mods are a bonus. This is what I am currently using and can easily change throughout the league.

My Current Gear

Main Hand/Weapon Slot #1

The main weapon of the build. Corpri’s Malice is easily the best weapon to use with an Ice Nova CoC build. It has good attack speed and adds a nice chunk of flat cold damage to our spells. The main reason why this weapon is used with CoC setups is to get another Ice Nova proc. Cospri’s Malice triggers a cold spell or multiple spells on melee critical strike. With our build, we are naturally performing a ton of critical strikes being an Assassin. This is simply a must have for this kind of build.

Off Hand/Shield Slot #2

The shield we use in our off hand. Lycosidae is easily one of the best shields in the game and for some builds, it simply is the best in slot. This is obviously the best shield we can use and I would say even required to make this build run efficiently. Lycosidae makes it so enemies cannot evade our attacks. This effectively gives us 100% hit chance. By having 100% hit chance, it increases our critical strike chance and critical strike multiplier because critical strikes take accuracy into account. The normal hit chance cap is 95% but this item gives us the whole 100%.

Body Armor Slot

Honestly, you can use any body armor here. If you are just talking about raw damage though, Carcass Jack is your best option. Carcass Jack also gives us some flat life which helps us in the health department. This body armor also increases our area of effect and also the area of effect damage. With all of the AoE we use for this build, it works wonders for us. Carcass Jack only costs about 2 chaos or less so it is extremely affordable. I six linked mine myself.

Another good option to use here is Tabula Rasa until you can get a 6 linked body armor to make the most use out of your CoC setup. I was using a Tabula Rasa until I was able to six link my Carcass Jack. You might be squishier using Tabula Rasa, but you kill things so fast where you do not really have to worry about your life. As long as you can get a 6 link for your body armor, it does not really matter what it is at that point to be honest. Just make sure you can socket your gems into it.

Helmet Slot

I was using Starkonja’s Head from the start of the build and only recently got the Ice Nova enchant on it finally. This helmet is not required for the build, but it helps out in all of the departments that we need. It gives us a juicy flat life roll, critical strike chance, attack speed and a nice chunk of dexterity which makes it easier for us to meet Cospri’s Malice’s dexterity requirement. You can also just use a rare helmet to get life+resists if you choose to.

For end-game min-maxing, I would say life+Ice Nova helmet enchant is best in slot. We have a lot of uniques for this build so grabbing resists on your helmet can help you cap you resistances easier. Since I already had my resistances capped without relying on resists from my helmet, I was able to use Starkonja’s Head instead. Choose what works for you. For you speed based CoC builds out there, people usually use Devoto’s Devotion or Rat’s Nest. I would rather go for the flat life and extra critical strike chance.

Gloves Slot

These are gloves that I am currently using. It is just a simple pair of rare gloves that I randomly crafted. It gives us some resists and gives us a juicy life roll which is exactly what I needed for the build. A lot of our fire resistance is covered due to Malachai’s Artifice giving us 100% to fire resists, so this should make finding rare items with life+resists a lot easier. Nothing really special here. Just get a pair of rare gloves with life+resists and you should be pretty much set to go.

Boots Slot

These are the boots that I am currently using. Honestly, this is one of my favorite items in the whole build. I have been experimenting a lot with Dance of the Offered back in Delve and I can honestly say that I have fell in love with these pair of boots. I also use it to level up with since you can use them at level 34. Having permanent Onslaught feels REALLY good. For this build, it works exceptionally well for us too. These boots give us 25% movement speed and Onslaught gives us another 20% so with these pair of boots, we get an effective 45% movement speed. That is quite possibly the best movement speed you can get from a single pair of boots. This makes our Cyclone feel a lot smoother too since Cyclone’s movement speed is affected by our actual movement speed.

If you have extra currency to use, you can use the upgraded version of these boots which is called Omeyocan. These will run you about 40-60 chaos. One thing to note though, if you do choose to upgrade your boots to this, you will have to keep using Atziri’s Foible and not replace it with a rare amulet. Reason being is because Atziri’s Foible along with the skill tree makes it so we can handle the 7% mana degen per second from Omeyocan. You might even need more sources of mana regeneration depending on your current gear too. This is not recommended, but if you have enough mana regeneration, then Omeyocan easily outshines Dance of the Offered.

Belt Slot

This is the current cooldown recovery belt that I am using for the belt slot. I have been experimenting between this belt for more DPS and a Stygian Vise for more survivability and more life. Honestly, we deal so much damage already, I could still see you just using a Stygian Vise as well. I think it is all preference here. I am still in the phase or swapping between the two so pick what works for you.

If you go the Stygian Vise route, get life+resists as usual. Finding a cooldown recovery belt can be a bit difficult since it can get really expensive, but luckily I just alt spammed for mine. A belt with cooldown recovery and a half decent life roll will easily be 50+ chaos orbs and especially so with all of these CoC builds out there.

This is the Stygian Vise I swap between and still testing with the build. I personally might go back to use my Stygian Vise just for more survivability. The build already deals so much more damage as it is. I will keep testing though. With a Stygian Vise and an abyss jewel, you can easily get 110+ flat life which is why some people might want to go that route as well. Grabbing resistances without worrying about cooldown recovery is so much easier when we use such a large amount of uniques too.

Ring #1 Slot

One of the main pieces of the build that really causes it to shine. Malachai’s Artifice was introduced to us from quite a while back but it had a rework this league, version 3.5. This ring grants us Elemental Equilibrium and with the reworking, it went from a reduced 25% EE to a non-reduced version of EE. This makes it so we get a fully working EE for whatever skill gem we socket it in with. Since we socket Summon Flame Golem into this ring, that means any of the fire attacks that our flame golem does procs EE for us.

Now, the drawback of -20% to all elemental resistances is a bit of pain, but it is actually negated pretty well with saving Alira for our bandit quest. By saving Alira, she gives us 15% to all elemental resistances. With this, Malachai’s Artifice is effectively only giving us -5% to all elemental resistances instead. This makes capping off resistances not as difficult compared to killing all bandits to get an extra skill point. I would suggest trying to find this ring with as most fire resistance as you can, but preferably 100% fire resistance. By doing this, capping your resistances is a lot easier. By grabbing the ring with 100% fire resistance, your fire resistance already sits at a positive 35% resistance so it should make finding items with resistances a lot easier.

Ring #2 Slot

This is a pretty simple rare ring that I have been using to get my resistances with some life. We would usually use a Warlord’s Mark on hit ring here, but like I said, I wanted to take this build in a slightly more budget way (not taking Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae into account/into the budget). We already use Warlord’s Mark+Blasphemy as a budget way to leech instead. Now, obviously you can replace it if you have the ring, but I am going to keep this build as is on a lower budget.

If you do not want to use a Warlord’s Mark ring, you can however still get shaped ring as well with a life gain on hit by your spells mod. This gives you some instant leech and especially strong with this build because we also spam Vortex alongside with our Cyclone+CoC. Getting life+resists is quite hard on elder and shaped rings with those mods, but just getting a rare ring with life+resists will take you through all of the content as well. This is the shaper ring I crafted from a random shaper ring I found a while back. Life gain on hit with spells is totally broken for this build and especially in mine since we can instant cast and spam Vortex.

Amulet Slot

Another unique item that works great with the build. Using this amulet alongside Dance of the Offered and following the skill tree makes it so we can out regen the mana degen from Dance of the Offered. By doing this, this is what sustains the permanent Onslaught along with making it so we can spam Cyclone and Vortex. With this setup alongside our Blasphemy+Warlord’s Mark setup, we have incredible mana sustain. This is one of the main weaknesses I have seen with a lot of other builds. We already destroy everything so increasing the already dumb DPS for more sustain can also be worth it.

Obviously another thing to note is that this unique amulet is dirt cheap. You can get it for a single alchemy or less than a chaos in general. Getting one with a corrupted movement speed is probably the best corrupted implicit we can get. If you get one with 10% movement speed, with just this amulet alongside Dance of the Offered, we get an effective 55% movement speed. Without the corrupted implicit, we still get 45% movement speed with these pair of uniques. Because this item is so cheap, corrupting them to try to get the movement speed modifier is not too expensive. You can use a rare amulet here instead, but you might have some mana degen problems if you swap amulets depending on where you are in the build. You can get more survivability with a rare amulet, but for this build, this amulet already suffices. We already have so much damage as it already is and we kill things before our life is even taken into account. If you get an Atziri’s Foible with that corrupted implicit, the build feels really smooth. With the default movement speed we get from this pair of uniques, we do not have to rely on a Quicksilver flask for increased movement speed. With our mana sustain, we can also spam Leap Slam all we want without worry too.


None of these jewels are required for the build, but just having jewel sockets gives this build a lot of flexibility. Since we are unique heavy, grabbing enough resists may be hard. By having 6 jewel sockets, we can cover these gaps a lot easier. If you are missing any resists, attributes or whatever else, you have 6 sockets to fill them in. I do have some suggestions though.

Make sure you grab an abyss that has some added flat lightning damage on your spells or just in general. Since we are a crit build, we can shock the enemy if we have any source of lightning damage somewhere. This boosts our DPS by a lot so make sure you grab one with flat lightning damage! Another really good mod to get on an abyss jewel is a corrupted one with the corrupted implicit “Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you.” On some maps, you might have some enemies that inflict Corrupted Blood which can be really scary. Since we are constantly moving and Cyclone also counts as moving, Corrupted Blood can do some REALLY scary damage if you are not aware of it. Really, this is just a quality of life if you can get it. Not all maps have this but if it happens, prepare to shed some tears.

The others jewels are pretty standard and all self-crafted. We just want to get the best life roll we can on them and get as many crit multi mods as we can. With a regular jewel, we have three different sources of crit multi, but getting a jewel with even two of them on one jewel is extremely difficult. Instead, try to find a jewel with increased cold damage which is a lot easier. This is why most of gems just have life, crit multi and increased cold damage. Some of the jewels also have resistances just to fill in what I am missing too. Get what works for you. I would prioritize your jewel mods in this order: life > crit multi > increased cold damage. If you are missing resistances, then prioritize those after life or even before life if you are down that much on your resists.

Really, the jewels are just to give the build some flexibility so grab what is needed for you and you should be set. It is just good to know you have somewhere else to fall to if you are missing any resists or attributes.


These are the current flasks that I am currently using for the build. We just have some utility flasks for extra survivability alongside with an increase of DPS. As long as you have a flask of heat to get rid of freezes/chills, then I think you can choose whatever other types of flasks you want. I just got flasks for shock, chill/freeze and ignite/burning. Blood of the Karui is my favorite life flask and it works just fine for the build. We already have a ton of leech from Warlord’s Mark and our shaped ring (if you’re using a life gain on hit by spells version). Blood of the Karui keeps us up and surviving pretty well alongside our leech.

Use whatever flasks that you prefer, but this setup gets me by just fine. Our default 55% movement speed from our boots and amulet (if it has a movement speed corrupt) already makes us move fast enough as it is. Along with the Assassin passive on kill for an extra boost on top of that, we are already fast enough. We also can spam Leap Slam and regen our mana fast enough to sustain it so movement is not a problem for the build. This is another strength over other CoC builds.

*Want to try out some fun hipster builds? Check out my thread below!*
[Build/Stream Thread]
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Skill Gems

These are the current skill gem links that I use for my build. I list the gems in the order of priority they are in the link so know which gems to get first or to prioritize in general. This is especially important for the main CoC setup in case you only have a 4 link chest to work with or whatnot. At a minimum, you can run your CoC on a 4 link, but you are missing a ton of damage from being a 5 link or 6 link. This is why I would recommend you use a Tabula Rasa until you can 5 or 6 link your Carcass Jack or other body armor of your choice.

6 Link – Cast on Critical Strike/Cyclone – Cast on Critical Strike/Cyclone Setup

Cast On Critical Strike Support > Cyclone > Ice Nova > Increased Critical Strikes Support > Concentrated Effect Support > Hypothermia Support

This is your main CoC setup. Our activator for our CoC gem is Cyclone. Any time we perform a critical strike, our CoC setup procs and casts Ice Nova. As mentioned earlier, I listed these items in their priority for the build. If you only have a 4 link to work with, then just use the first four gems without the Concentrated Effect Support and Hypothermia Support gem. You are missing out on some huge damage, but we need to prioritize in having the CoC setup proc and actually working.

I would recommend using a Tabula Rasa if you do not have a 6 link to work with.

3 Link – Cospri’s Malice Ice Nova – Cospri’s Malice Ice Nova Setup

Frostbolt > Ice Nova > Greater Multiple Projectiles Support

This is the Ice Nova setup we have socketed into our Cospri’s Malice. The order you socket your skill gems into your Cospri’s Malice is important. This weapon triggers a cold spell or spells on a melee critical strike. It triggers cold spells from top to bottom so you want to make sure you socket in your Frostbolt before your Ice Nova. This is important because Ice Nova is able to be casted out of your Frostbolts. We want the Frostbolt to trigger before because of this. Remember, we also have Ice Nova casting out of our CoC setup as well so we get even more stacks of damage.

It does not really matter where you socket Greater Multiple Projectiles Support as long as you socket Frostbolt before Ice Nova.

3 Link – Movement – Leap Slam/Utility Setup

Leap Slam > Faster Attacks Support > Fortify Support

This is your standard Leap Slam setup attached to Fortify Support to get some extra survivability. With our mana sustain, we are able to constantly Leap Slam through a map without worrying about mana. We also have permanent Onslaught on top of this too so movement is very smooth. This is another strength of this version of the build over other CoC builds.

Leap Slam also helps us leap across gaps or scale over different terrain and height differences. This definitely speeds up the map clearing process for maps with such obstacles. Opportunistic gives us some extra movement speed on kill as well so that is even more movement speed for us. I socket this in the shield slot.

4 Link – Aura/Herald – Aura/Herald/Utility Setup

Blasphemy Support > Warlord's Mark > Herald of Ice > Molten Shell

This is your main aura and Herald setup where we get our main source of leech from. Most other CoC builds rely on using a Warlord's Mark ring, but since I am intending to go a more budget direction, then I think just using a Blasphemy Support setup with Warlord's Mark is perfect for us. Other builds use Enfeeble here instead, but because of the nature of the build, we use Warlord's Mark instead. With this curse aura alongside a life gain on hit with spells and our natural mana regeneration, we have some great sustainability for life and mana.

Herald of Ice just creates even more shattering and makes our clearspeed a lot better too. Molten Shell just gives us some extra armor for more physical damage reduction for some extra quality of life. If anything, you can swap it out with a Portal if you hate opening your inventory to use portals or just replace it with anything else that you want. Your choice. I socket this in my helmet.

4 Link – Vortex/Arcane Surge – Vortex/Arcane Surge Setup

Vortex > Arcane Surge Support (level 7) > Concentrated Effect Support > Bonechill Support

With the new rework to Vortex, it is now instant cast. With our mana sustain, we are able to spam Vortex while we use Cyclone without any worries. Vortex is attached to Arcane Surge Support to grant us the Arcane Surge buff every time we use Vortex. One thing to note is that it is important to make sure that our Arcane Surge Support gem is at level 7. With this current setup, our Vortex costs 38 mana to use. This makes it so we are guaranteed to get an Arcane Surge buff every time we cast Vortex if you leave your Arcane Surge Support gem at level 7. Do not level it past 7 to always guarantee the Arcane Surge buff when we cast Vortex.

Another thing to note is that Vortex also has an interaction with Frostbolt. Unlike Ice Nova, Vortex does not cast out a Frostbolt but instead it consumes it and it can explode from up to 5 Frostbolt projectiles. Though it consumes Frostbolts, with the cooldown of Vortex alongside with how many Frostbolts we shoot out of our Cospri’s Malice, you do not need to worry about there not being enough Frostbolts to have our Ice Novas cast out of. With our CoC setup and interactions of Vortex and Ice Nova with Frostbolt, you get something I like to call “arctic eye cancer”. This setup really just helps boost our DPS even more. I socket this in my gloves.

4 Link – CWDT+Frost Bomb – Cast when Damage Taken/Utility Setup

Cast when Damage Taken Support (level 2) > Immortal Call (level 4) > Frost Bomb (level 11) > Vaal Righteous Fire

This is your standard CWDT setup but with Frost Bomb attached to it to get some extra utility and damage. Immortal Call is the standard gem to use in your CWDT setup. It grants us a short window of physical invincibility. Because we also get Endurance Charges because of Warlord's Mark, we can also extend the duration of Immortal Call. By socketing in Frost Bomb, when CWDT triggers it, it makes enemies lose -25% cold resistance and also reduces their life and energy shield regeneration rate by 75%. Frost Bomb in general just offers a good chunk of extra DPS alongside some survival utility.

We also use Vaal Righteous Fire in this setup. What Vaal Righteous Fire grants us is more spell damage which increases our damage a whole lot more. One thing to note is that Vaal Righteous Fire sacrifices 30% of our life and energy shield, so to be on the safer side, I would suggest you pop your life flask if you have one. Most of the time we leech and regenerate it all back up, but to be safe during a boss fight or just in general, pop your life flask. I socket this in my boots.

1 Socket – Malachai’s Artifice/Summon Flame Golem – Elemental Equilibrium Ring Setup

Summon Flame Golem

This is where we socket in our Summon Flame Golem. Malachai’s Artifice gives any skill gem socketed in Elemental Equilibrium. All three of the flame golem’s attack are fire so we are guaranteed EE whenever it attacks our enemies. Just make sure you resummon your flame golem before heading into a boss fight so it has full life again.

Save Alira’s poor soul. She gives us crit multi for more DPS which helps us and the 15% to all resistances counterbalances the Malachai’s Artifice to -5% instead of the -20% to all elemental resistances. Definitely a must have for the build.

Passive Tree

I actually played the build while following the skill tree I created without any real problems. I did not have to respec any of my points and played through all of the content just fine. I will explain a bit more with the leveling section for this build. You pretty much go a cold spell build until you can start using CoC.

I would probably follow the level 70 skill tree first. The level 70 skill tree is assuming you already did all of the side quests and beat the game for the extra skill points. Even if you haven’t beat the game or did all of the side quests, you should still be able to follow it just fine.

Level 70
Level 100

Prioritize leveling with the level 70 skill tree first. Once you get to the level 70 mark, I would start working on the right side of the tree again and go for the Acrobatics/Phase Acrobatics so you have another layer of defense. By this level, you might start tackling your Atlus and running maps.

The level 100 skill tree is my end game build with my current end-game crafted jewels and gear that I am currently using. Your build will most likely look different, but you can build this character on how you want it to be.

Ascendancies and Pantheons


1st Lab: Unstable Infusion
2nd Lab: Deadly Infusion
3rd Lab: Ambush and Assassinate
4th Lab: Opportunistic

This is the order that I grabbed these nodes in as I leveled. Unstable Infusion to Deadly Infusion were taken first to get an additional power charge, but also just to have an actual reliable way to generate power charges. Opportunistic is not too important for the build yet because we do not really care about reflect or increased movement speed yet because we already have permanent Onslaught along with using Leap Slam. Reflect will not really matter until we start running maps, and even if you do not have Opportunistic while you are running maps, just simply avoid elemental reflect until you can do the lab to grab it. I ran my last lab and grabbed Opportunistic at level 70.

You can honestly go with what order you want, but this order of labs worked perfect for me. This order also really helps leveling too if you start to use CoC as soon as you can at level 38. Your critical strike chance is quite low at that level so grabbing Unstable Infusion and Deadly Infusion helps leveling if you decide to start the build early.


Soul of Solaris as your Major God.

Since we already deal with trash and maps easily, we want our Pantheon to focus on fighting bosses better. With us taking Soul of Solaris, we get an additional 6% of physical damage reduction which can sometimes be the determining factor to your survival. The 20% chance to take 50% less area damage is also helpful. If you have the resources, capturing the other three souls brings a lot of utility and survival to the build as well. It makes fighting bosses a lot more safe with the defensive utility the captured souls bring us.

Soul of Gruthkul as your Minor God.

The more physical damage reduction we can get for our build, the better. This is important since Acrobatics cuts our armor in half. Any extra physical damage reduction we can get will benefit us. This is why we use Soul of Gruthkul. For every hit we take, we get an additional 1% of physical damage reduction up to a maximum of 5%. These little damage reductions alongside our other defenses like dodge and evade gives us more survivability. The captured soul also reduces our enemies attack speed if they hit us too further increasing our survival.


This build actually requires a decent amount of actual flask and skill controls. If you have a mouse with a side button, at least that’s how I play the build, it feels a lot smoother. Reason being is because we want a reliable button to be set to Vortex so we can spam it while we Cyclone. For me, I have my Vortex set to my mouse 5 button which is on the side of my mouse. This makes it so I can just use my right click (mouse 2) to Cyclone while I can spam Vortex on the side mouse button (mouse 5) with just one hand. The other hand is used to press 4 flasks and my thumb presses Molten Shell.

I would suggest you press Molten Shell along with your flasks just to make sure it always stays up. Casting it over and over may be annoying, but if that is fine with you, go for it. You pretty much just run or Leap Slam to mobs and then just proceed to Cyclone and have CoC with Ice Nova do all of the work for you. If you use Cyclone, always spam Vortex as it will also cast out of the extra Frostbolts. Unlike Ice Nova, Vortex consumes the Frostbolt. Do not worry about this though, because we shoot enough extra Frostbolts and with Vortex’s cooldown, there will still be enough Frostbolts for Ice Nova to cast out of. It is really just rinse and repeat. Against bosses, just keep holding down your Cyclone and spam Vortex while doing so. Our mana sustain is incredible because of leech and the large mana regeneration from our skill tree and amulet so we can sustain spamming Cyclone and Vortex. Even if you do not hit anything, our mana regeneration is so high that we can spam Cyclone and Vortex all we want.

Also, on your boss fights, make sure you have your flame golem summoned and pop Vaal Righteous Fire to get a huge DPS increase. Our flame golem is there to pop EE which gives the enemy an additional -50% to lightning and cold resistances. With that stacked on top of the Ice Nova procs, you will down bosses down in seconds even with little investment into the build. If you pop Vaal Righteous Fire, I would suggest you just pop your life flask to be safe since Vaal Righteous Fire sacrifices 30% of your life and energy shield.

The build might feel like a bit much to absorb at first, but once you get the spamming Vortex down with using Cyclone, it becomes pretty simple. Just make sure your flask uptime is good along with your use of Molten Shell. We are able to spam Leap Slam without worrying about mana, so feel free to Leap Slam your way through a map. I would also suggest using Leap Slam to jump on an actual enemy so you get Fortify. You will most of the time proc your CoC and Ice Novas too so you can just Cyclone and spam Vortex from there as well. The gameplay is very smooth and you pretty much let the CoC do all of the work.


Here are some sample gameplay videos so you can see the build in action.



At the end game stage of the build, we are effectively sitting at a little under 6K life and able to run any maps mods we desire. Though some map mods can be a bit more annoying than others, they should still be possible. I have run on no leech maps, no regeneration maps, reflects, various curse map mods, and all other sorts of combinations of map mods but was still able to shatter everything to oblivion. We also do not rely on Warlord’s Mark rings or The Pandemonius to get the build running so we save a ton of currency there. I am no way in saying these items are bad as I think they are amazing for the build, but I wanted to take this build a bit more in the budget direction. I am not including Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae in the budget here as these are the obvious two items that are required to the build. Even while writing this guide, the two items have been fluctuating in price like crazy.

In the end, this build just melts bosses and clears maps like no tomorrow. You pretty much just let the build do all of the work and spin to win. I am happy to take this build a different direction compared to the same cookie cutter version of CoC with the same items like The Pandemonius, Warlord’s Mark rings, Vitality with expensive Watcher’s Eye life gain on hit mods and the like. Those items are obviously great if you have the currency, but if you are like me trying to think of the budget outlook and either farm currency and craft on your own, then this is the way to go. IF you have the currency though, go ahead and go for it though, as it will bring the build to even higher levels.

Overview of Current Gear (all together)



My starting point is going to differ from yours so I am going to kind of generalize the leveling section. I am not going to be specifically listing what gem links you should be utilizing because our starting points will most likely differ. I am more so going to list recommended and suggested gems to use as you level and continue on your journey. Since I swapped to CoC at level 38, my leveling will differ from yours and depending on what items you had on hand at the time. You might have to freestyle things a bit or your leveling is going to differ from mine quite a bit depending.

One huge tip I would give is to acquire your required CoC skill gems as early as you can and level them up when you can actually equip them. This way you can already have some of them leveled up and ready to use when you swap to your CoC setup at level 38. The main 5 gems to level in advance until you can use CoC at the earliest at level 38 are: Increased Critical Strikes Support (level 8), Ice Nova (level 12), Concentrated Effect (level 18), Cyclone (level 28) and Hypothermia Support (level 31). When you hit level 38, these gems will at least have some levels on them already so you have something to work off with when you swap to CoC at level 38. Level these in random sockets. This will make things so much easier when you swap over.

Level 1-38

At the start of the game, start leveling up with Freezing Pulse. You can use it at level 1 so it makes it a good skill to use until you level up until level 38, when we can start using Cast on Critical Strike Support. If you are following the tree, most of the tree is going to be geared towards spell damage, crit chance/crit multiplier and spell crit chance in preparation for Ice Nova and our cold skills in general. This is why Freezing Pulse is the way to level up until then.

Just use whatever other gems that can link with Freezing Pulse to increase its damage and the utility of the actual skill. Your starting point will differ from mine or anyone else depending if you have a Tabula Rasa or some armor/gear with some actual links you can utilize. This is why I am not going to be giving any specific links to use with Freezing Pulse. I will more so just give some suggestions of skill gems to use alongside it. I am also basing this off of the route I took in leveling my character which might differ from you.

Suggested gems to use with Freezing Pulse:

Arcane Surge Support: No Level Requirement – Acquired by completing the quest “Mercy Mission” in Act 1 and purchased in Act 1 from Nessa after the quest completion. [Your Freezing Pulse does more damage and is able to be casted faster. You also have increased mana regeneration.]

Volley Support: Level Requirement (4) – Acquired by completing the quest “Mercy Mission” in Act 1. Can also be bought from Nessa in Act 1 after completing the said quest. [Your Freezing Pulse will shoot an additional 2 projectiles that shoot out from each side of you but does slightly less damage.]

Added Cold Damage Support: Level Requirement (8) - Acquired by completing the quest “The Caged Brute” in Act 1 or buying it from Nessa in Act 1, Siosa in Act 3 and Lilly Roth in Act 6. [You will gain some flat cold damage to your Freezing Pulse making it deal more damage.]

Lesser Multiple Projectiles Support: Level Requirement (8) – Given as a quest reward for completing the quest “The Caged Brute” in Act 1. Can also be bought from Nessa in Act 1 after completing the said quest. [Your Freezing Pulse will shoot an additional 2 projectiles but does slightly less damage.]

Added Lightning Damage Support: Level Requirement (8) – Given as a quest reward for completing the quest “The Caged Brute” in Act 1. Can also be bought from Nessa in Act 1 after completing the said quest. [You will gain some flat lightning damage to your Freezing Pulse making it deal more damage. If you perform a critical strike, you will inflict shock which further increases your damage.]

Increased Critical Strike Support: Level Requirement (8) – Acquired by completing the quest “The Caged Brute” in Act 1 and available to be purchased in Act 1 from Nessa. [Your Freezing Pulse has an increased critical strike chance which effectively increases your damage.]

Culling Strike: Level Requirement (18) – Acquired by completing the quest “Sharp and Cruel” in Act 2 and also able to be purchased in Act 2 from Yeena after the quest completion. [Your Freezing Pulse will instantly kill any enemy hit by your Freezing Pulse if they have 10% of life or lower. You get a slight damage boost as well.]

Faster Casting Support: Level Requirement (18) – Given as a quest reward for completing the quest “Sharp and Cruel” in Act 2. Can also be bought from Yeena in Act 2 after completing the said quest. [Your Freezing Pulse will be able to be casted faster which effectively increases your damage.]

Power Charge on Critical Support: Level Requirement (18) – Acquired by completing the quest “Sharp and Cruel” in Act 2 and available to be purchased in Act 2 from Yeena. [Your Freezing Pulse has a chance to gain a power charge on critical strike. Power charges grant you more critical strike chance effectively increasing your damage.]

These are some of the best skills to use with Freezing Pulse that are under level 30. In general, just use any skill gems that will make your Freezing Pulse stronger and have more utility. What is helpful now is that when you hover over a skill gem, it will show you if it can link and work with your current skills that you are using. Using any combination of these with other skill gems will carry you to level 38 easily.

You can also run some auras like Herald of Ice and Herald of Thunder to boost your DPS earlier on in the game. Running Clarity will also help with mana sustain earlier on too. This is especially true if you are using a Tabula Rasa since your Freezing Pulse will have some high mana cost if you have a ton of skills linked earlier on. Atziri’s Foible also helps with your mana sustain as well which is what we use at end-game anyways so it helps.

Recommended leveling items

Here are some recommended leveling items for the build until you hit the level 38 mark. Pretty much your basic leveling gear. Switch over to Axiom Perpetuum when you can as the critical strikes for spells really makes your Freezing Pulse that much better. This alone can carry you until level 38.

Level 38-70

When I hit level 38, I dropped my Freezing Pulse setup and started to utilize my actual CoC setup which carried me all the way to level 68 when I was able to then equip all of my gear and my Cospri’s Malice. I already began to use my actual Ice Nova CoC setup at level 38 so you would have had leveled the actual setup quite a bit. By level 38, you should be at the required minimum level to use all of the gems for your actual CoC setup. You should have a pretty solid CoC setup by the time you hit 68 since you have been leveling the gems since then.

You should be using the same setup as your end-game CoC setup by level 38. CoC is the only gem that is able to be used at level 38. All the skill gems in your actual CoC setup can be used under level 38 so start leveling those gems in other gem sockets so you can use them at level 38. This is why there is no real other gems to recommend since we can use our CoC setup already. I prioritized the gems in the skill gem setups so you should be able to use the setup even with a 4 link. Obviously the build is going to work better with a 5 link and 6 link.

The only thing here I will recommend to make your build run smoother when you swap to CoC is to find a rare weapon with as much critical strike chance on it as much as you can. At lower levels, you are not going to have much critical strike chance so you need as much as you can get from items. You can actually find these type of items extremely cheap on the PoE trading sites. You can get them for a chaos or less even.

Here are some actual items I used leveling up while I was using CoC earlier on.

Just get as much critical strike chance you can get on your items just so you can at least guarantee your CoC procs. We are not too worried about the damage side of things since it is still so early in the game. With the CoC at level 38, you should already deal enough damage to level up to 68 when you can start using all of your gear including your Cospri’s Malice. The damage does not matter on your rare weapon you use to level up with. You just want it to have a ton of critical strike chance. You should already have Lycosidae and if you do, you can use it at level 11. If you do not have Lycosidae yet, then you can just find a cheap rare with the crafted mod “Hits can’t be Evaded.” If you can find critical strike chance on top of that, then even better. These can range from 1-3 chaos. Here’s a quick search for crafted “Hits can’t be Evaded” and critical strike chance for one handed melee weapons: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Betrayal/3ml70dI5. You can also forgo the critical strike chance on the weapon to find even cheaper weapons too if you already have enough critical strike chance from other items.

You can also use Ornament of the East as it also has the “Hits can’t be Evaded” mod as well, but it does not have any critical strike chance. This unique is actually pretty good to level with too just because of the 44 life gain on hit which is great for survivability in the early game.

Equip your end-game equipment as you reach the required attributes and level requirements. Just take these simple tips and apply them. If you do, your gameplay with the build should be pretty smooth.

Path of Building/Pastebin Code


This is the fourth guide that I have finished and officially have posted on the forums. I am quite happy with how it turned out and same with the actual character. Leveling was a breeze and once I started to get CoC going at level 38, it just became even easier. Everything was shattering and dying to everything. Bosses melt like butter to Ice Nova, or should I say freeze? The build feels extremely satisfying and one of my favorite things about the build is honestly the permanent Onslaught. I understand that this build can obviously skyrocket in power with a lot of the commonly used items for CoC builds like The Pandemonius, but I wanted to take a different outlook of the build and on a lower budget. I assure you, even without those said items, this build still holds its own and melts all content.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave them here and I will get to them as soon as I can. I usually get to questions pretty quick, but I would say I will get to a post at least within a day.

Good luck and enjoy!
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I'd love to take a peek under the hood but your pastebin is from a bladeflurry build instead of this one...
inner_child wrote:
I'd love to take a peek under the hood but your pastebin is from a bladeflurry build instead of this one...

Oh crap. :S

I'm currently at work, but I will get that sorted out as soon as I can. Sorry about that.

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inner_child wrote:
I'd love to take a peek under the hood but your pastebin is from a bladeflurry build instead of this one...

Just uploaded my character to PoB and remade the PoB link.

The pastebin is here: https://pastebin.com/KymQX1yK

Sorry about that. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I need to update the pastebin link in the actual guide too.

Thanks for pointing that out, exile!

Good luck!
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Also just noticed, I don't know where my skill gems went when I posted the guide. :O

I will get that part added back into the guide as well. This is what happens when you think you posted your guide correctly at like 4am in the morning. :0

Will get to getting that back into the guide as well. I must've accidentally left it out when I split the guide so I could fit it into two posts.
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Just got the skill gems added back in into the guide.

There is a minor section where I have to link my gems for one of my setups, but the majority of everything should be there.

Sorry for the slip ups!

Do leave any questions if you guys have them.

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looks super fun! how does it go with uber elder?
Zimmzamm wrote:
looks super fun! how does it go with uber elder?

The fight is still pretty easy, to be honest. Assuming you actually know how the fight goes and what attacks to avoid. If you go in blindly, then obviously you will get yourself killed.

I would say bringing an extra life flask can help with some survivability which also allows you more room for error if something occurs. We deal so much damage as it is so our only real main goal is to stay alive and keep using Cyclone until Uber Elder drops.

Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

Good luck!
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[Build/Stream Thread]
Awesome! Going to start it today. I've done uber on RG, arc traps, double strike and wanted to find a different build. This is definitely it. :)

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