Races I Would Pay to Watch

After watching and enjoying the leveling races up to 85 and 90 and seeing that there are cash prizes I figured I'd at least put in my two cents for what I would pitch in for a cash prize. While leveling from 1-85 is impressive at an insane pace, anyone can get to those levels over time and I wouldn't pay to watch it. Not everyone can get to everything the game offers and I would pay to watch those end game races/competitions.

I feel like there are general themes that the majority of people that play POE would have a thirst over. Some things I would pay to watch: bossing, end game mapping speed, conquering specific league mechanics, crafting (potentially a set of items), generating/making currency possibly with restrictions, or some combination of them. I'm sure there are many more ideas but those are the kind of things I would like to see. I don't expect to see an even playing ground to start as is the nature of RNG. Something like you have up to x amount of in game time to get your character as prepared as possible and it will start. I'm sure people can come up with some great ideas for the concepts.

I realize that these are very open to RNG, but given the nature of POE it can be weighted to a specific strategy. Also, these are the things that would make very exciting drops even more exciting and I would love to watch the builds that do it (and that excitement).
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pay to watch sounds cheesy

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