[3.5] Soul Eater Flicker Strike Physical Slayer


Welcome exiles, i will show you my Soulthirst Flicker build, that i played since the start of the betrayal league. As the name suggest it, i use the soul eater effect from soulthirst to get some ludicrous attack speed. As it would be hard to control that speed yourself during the short time of a flask, flicker strike controls it for you!

This build is great at mapping (all maps, nearly all mods), has a great clearspeed on blood aqueduct (about 30s) and uber lab is a piece of cake. So all you need to farm during betrayal.

The bossing (guardian, shaper, ...) is not really great thought, and fortification can be quite rippy in t14+.
It can do white guardian (altough you don't care about a lot of mods so some rare maps are still considered "white") but with damage mods it is rippy. Shaper is doable with a skillgem swap (to double strike).

The build has very little requirements of stuff. With 1 ex you are fine until t10 and for my stuff it's about 10-15 ex.

-Add videos of Hydra and Chimera with a weapon swap and solstice vigil.

Pros an Cons:
+Really fast until high tier maps (approx until t13). Especially on blood aqueduct.
+Can do all mods (reflect, no regen, -max res, ...) on all maps (except guardian with damage mod and no leech on t14+).
+Uberlab is really easy (can't get OS by Izaro, and doesn't care about traps).

-Bossing is not good.
-Can't focus, fortif on t14+ are dangerous.
-Can't be helped by support because most aura are useless (no elem damage, no regen, no evade, fixed res, es is useless).

Gear and skills


All my gear cost me approx. 10ex (4ex terminus 6l, 3ex loreweave, 1ex inspired learnings and then global 2ex for all the others cheap items. But i craft them and got lucky for ex. on the gloves. i Would say you should not spend more than 15ex.

With a 5l terminus and some random rare chest with nice resist (like that you need less resist on other items so you can get really cheap one) the only expensive thing is inspired learnings. It's good enough until t10.

You can swap ancestral call and ruthless when you want better clear / one target boss.

Path of building
PoB lvl 93: https://pastebin.com/Hxb7bmjM

Playstyle and comments
The build is ok without the soul eater effect, that way it's more reliable and safe. For higher tier maps, the soul eater effect doesn't allow you to do a lot of pack at once because you need more than one hit against rare monsters, However, that's very powerfull against special spawn (Strongbox, abyss, ...).

The mechanics of taking damage let you reduce the impact of the "increased physical damage taken" by building additional physical damage reduction. That's why a lot of my stuff is helping with physical damage.
If you have say 75% physical damage reduction against a 4'000 physical hit. you take only 1500 damages (1.5 * (1-0.75) * 4'000).

I use static strike to let the fortify effect last longer and help generate frenzy charges against single tanky targets. Blade vortex on cwdt can generate frenzy charge too.

Flicker strike can seems clunky if you don't know that when your mouse cursor is on the not walkable object, it stops. So simply put your cursor at your feets to avoid that when you are in maps with a lot of walls.

When you use your flasks don't do it too early as the end of the previous flask will reset the soul count during the new flask effect.

The gear was focused to reduced the impact of the maximum number of map mods.
-#% to maximum resistance, loreweave doesn't care.
-reflect, with slayer doesn't care about physical, brutality doesn't care about elemental
-no regen, you already don't regen life, just keep your flask for the mana before engaging monsters and don't waste it all with leap slam.

Nasty map mods:
-life leech, quite annoying but doable until t13 using life gain on hit instead of another support. Very rare so you don't see that often.
-reduced life recovery, the most annoying, you need to play safe as that hurt a lot your regen.


Major: Arakaali
-Capture Arachnoxia for the big increase in life regen with the immortal call / blood rage setup.
-Capture Shock and Horror is nice too as you don't have protection against shock.

Minor: Gruthkul
-Capture Erebix, Light's Bane for more tanking.

Use cleave then sunder to level.
First lab: Headsman.

When you reach:
-level ~55
-blood aqueduct
-cruel lab (go for Impact)
You can equip terminus est and soulthirst and start farming blood aqueduct for lots of xp. I've stay at blood aqueduct until 68.
then merciless lab with Bane of Legends (it's only for the next lab and help with boss when you don't have a lot of stuff).

End the acts, kitava shoud be piece of cake.
Start mapping until you have the trials.

Then the tricky part, the first uberlab run, as you won't have the perma leech for the traps, so be carefull and take your time.
The last encounter against Izaro should not be hard as you have a 20% culling strike.
Then you can respec Bane of Legends and take the fours points to get Brutal Fervour (and vaal pact).

Blood aqueduct clearspeed focus.
To go even faster to farm blood aqueduct one can use Solstice Vigil and self temporal chain to get longer flask. Swap brutality with ruthless and your totem setup to "herald of ice curse on hit temporal chains" in the gloves (Shackles of the Wretched). Put kaom's root. You are ready to "one flask" the whole blood aqueduct.

You need some changes but as it's a lvl 61 zone you don't care about a lot of optimisation so it's not a problem to get a stuff that do the thing. However, the overall speed increase is only marginal as you spend more time with loading and choosing who betray who. Nevertheless it's fun.

I've put videos of blood aqueduct with this setup. I've could got more attack speed, for ex. using vaal haste but it probably doesn't help that much because you can't really control you character as you should with that much attack speed.
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Is the phys dmg reduction from the chaos golem better than the crit chance from the ice golem? :)
jouncebounce wrote:
Is the phys dmg reduction from the chaos golem better than the crit chance from the ice golem? :)

Yes. Definitely.
Since you get a lot of crit from your loreweave and the weapon, you dont need the crit from the golem. Chaos golem damage reduction is very important even if it is linked with CWDT and is level 3. 8% damage reduction is more important at higher tiers.
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New Slayer or new Zerker for this build? Both look great for this

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