[3.5] CoC Pact (More than just a meme)

Cyclone Cast on Crit Dark Pact

For clearing maps this just plays like normal cyclone. Except you will be harming yourself with the CoC.

For boss killing or other nasty targets you will most likely want to throw down a summon skeletons totem. I say most likely because with targets that move around a lot and do it fast this won’t be as effective.
But when your target is stationary the use of the skeletons will not only stop you from losing life (from casting dark pact up to 6.6 times a second) but also boost your dps. Your average hit will be lower but because it chains twice you will be hitting 3 times per cast. With some bosses the skeletons will also serve as a meat shield.

So far this build has been able to take down minotaur, hydra and chimera. I’m still working on completing my atlas so phoenix and shaper are next.

Malformation piety kill
Maze of the Minotaur
Chimera kill
I'ts really easy to kill chimera deathless but the dog was better at reading map mods than I was.

I'll upload more videos when I get the chance.

Stats @lvl91

Defense: 6047HP 377ES

Offense(according to POB with vaal RF and War banner):
avg hit 162K when cast on player and 93K when cast on skeleton. But since it chains 2 times that adds up to 279K per cast.
If you wan't to turn those numbers into dps you multiply those by your attack rate ( this assumes you crit every time ) so you end up with:
279K* 4.6 (my current attack rate) = 1.238 mil dps

Gem Setup

Cyclone + Cast On Crit + Dark pact + void manipulation + added chaos + hypothermia

Cyclone both gives us a good amount of hits per second to crit off but also gives us a smooth way of clearing maps since we don’t have to stop moving.
Another good option would be blade flurry.
Hypothermia is used because we chill enemies with vortex ( and cold damage on claw). Also because getting 3G3B on cherrubim’s is tough. If you do manage to get 3G3B you can use controlled destruction or conc effect instead.

Spell totem support + summon skeletons + minion life support + empower

For bosses we use this setup to stop sacrificing our own life and increase our damage.

Vaal RF + war banner + increased duration

War banner is the last little bit we can squeeze out of our mana pool but it is worth it. It gives us a little bit of accuracy but more importantly it gives us adrenaline for a couple of seconds when we plant it. Use this in combination with vaal RF for a really big dps increase on bosses.

Shield charge or whirling blades + faster attacks + fortify support

Blasphemy + despair + warlords mark
Warlords mark is the only way we can reliably get chaos damage leeched as life ( besides an Essence of Delirium craft but that seems more trouble than it is worth as there aren’t many auras that work for us anyway. Despair just gives us another good chunk of damage.

Vortex + arcane surge

Because it is now and instant cast we can cast it while we are cycloning. We don’t do this for the cold damage but for the chill effect so that hypothermia in our main setup provides us with 39% more damage. Arcane surge also gives us a little boost and we can easily keep it up.

Ice Golem
Extra crit and accuracy


Current Gear


Claws are a good option because the implicit life on hit helps us counteract the life we lose from casting dark pact. We can also run curse immune and no mana regen maps if we swap in a mana on hit claw.
All you're looking for on a shield is life and spell damage. I'ts also a good place to fill out the rest of your resists if you need to.
A second claw will also work.
Bone helmet because of spiritual aid, can be replaced with another helm and dark pact enchant.
Best base is fingerless gloves. Try to get both attack speed and accuracy.
Best option for both damage and survivability is cherrubim's. The life leech rate really helps with stating alive in tough encounters.
Nothing special here so just get good movement speed life and res.
Crit life and accuracy and resistances.
Life, global crit chance, spell damage , crit multiplier. But since you want additional curse corrupted on this you can't be too picky.
Either a stygian, leather or heavy( if you need the strength). Life and res is enough but get some flask modifiers on there too if you can.
Good things to get are : +#life, %life, global crit chance, attack speed,
added chaos damage to spells, generic area damage, minion damage, spell damage, chaos damage. Try to get at least 3 good affixes per gem.

Bare minimum to get started

-Tabula/ 5 link carcass jack/ 5 link cherrubim's maleficence
All you really need is the links but these are the best options for chests. Cherrubim’s will be harder to chrome and is only really needed for red maps

-Life on hit claw with good attack speed and crit and a spare prefix to roll spell damage on
The life on hit will negate most of the life you lose from constantly casting dark pact and provide you with good attack speed and crit
Global critical strike chance everywhere you can get it
You’ll want to be able to crit reliably with your cyclone to get off as many casts as possible. But since dark pact only has 5% base crit chance you want to also get that up as high as possible. Which is why you should go for global crit chance on jewels instead of crit that only applies to your claws.

Cranking it up

-6 link cherrubim’s
Best option for both damage and survivability. The 100% increased life leeched per second does a lot.
-Bone helmet with +2 to minion gems
You want to get the health of your skeletons as high as possible since dark pact will scale of their health instead of yours when you have them near. Rolling +2 or even +3 on your helm will boost their life considerably. The reason we go for a bone helmet is because we also use Spiritual aid. Giving us up to 40% increased damage which is the same as the best possible dark pact enchantment only easier to get.
-Claw with 1.8+ APS and 8+ crit and added cold damage
The added cold damage isn’t really needed but it’s there to chill enemies to get the extra damage from hypothermia. The reason you don’t need is because we use vortex to chill bosses and other big targets. It’s just nice to have it while clearing the map without having to spam vortex all the time.
-Additional curse corruption on your amulet to be able to run despair
There are not a lot of useful things to reserve our mana with so double curse is the best option. Try to get at least a good life roll on the amulet since that also boosts your damage.
-Jewels with life, global crit, added chaos to spells, increased damage
-21/20 gems

Bandits and Pantheon

Bandits can be either help Alira or kill all, I went for kill all.
Soul Of Lunaris
It's worth upgrading this especially the last one because chain can be nasty with skeletons around you.
Soul of Garukan

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Slick build
Man, I really liked your build.
I got a CoC assassin, if I hadnt just bought a Cospri's Malice I would change to your necros coc kind of thing just now!
looks very interesting, very unique, I look into it.

Who doesn't want to hit himself with the COC.

Awesome build!

Works well to level with, post-38.

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