[3.5] Eternal Furnace - Shackles CWDT VMS

Before reading anything, watch a few of my gameplay videos:


Can do most map mods.
After starting VMS, you clear as fast as you can walk (no casting required).
Flexible gearing options.
No 6-link required.
Syndicates are trivial.
Bosses are trivial.
Can't die to anything except one-shots.
Immune to physical damage.


Not ele-weakness capped, can struggle with ele weakness maps (because of reflect mechanic).
Can't do ele reflect or ailment avoidance maps.
Big maps feel bad to clear.
Phase bosses are terrible to do (unless you one-shot the phase).
Not really cheap.
NOT for slow PCs.
Easy to miss a few monsters (can be solved with a high level CWDT + volatile dead).
Bleeds/ignites can hurt.
Losing VMS/needing to get souls feels really bad.

How It Works

So the way VMS works is it explodes in an aoe any time you prevent physical damage from a hit. There doesn't appear to be a cooldown on this. Thus, we hit ourselves hundreds of times per second by igniting our enemies using "Eye of Innocence"
and converting this to physical damage with "The Rat Cage"
Also, this can trigger one another. That is, your ignites from VMS can trigger more VMS explosions, which in turn trigger more ignites.
Furthermore, we reduce the cooldown of our CWDT skills using %Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed on our belt and boots.

For life gain on ignite, we run dual Ngamahu's Sign
You can also drop one of these to run a vitality life-gain-on-hit Watcher's Eye, but I no longer needed the extra ring slot for res. For reduced vaal skill cost, we run the "Soul Catcher" flask
and two "Bloodstained" weapons. These weapons were made using "Bloodstained", "Scorched", "Aetheric", and "Hollow" fossils. You can drop the Hollow fossil for a cheaper cost.
Obviously, Shackles is required for self-curse temp chains. Ideal gloves have "curse ele weakness on hit" implicit.

As for a helmet, you want a pseudo five or six link, such as a horror or fossil crafted helmet, preferably with -9% fire res to nearby enemies, and with room to craft +1 to socketed aoe gems.

Current Gear:

Path of Building Pastebin
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is vms not dead than ?
Bossing still feels like shit. Either you one-shot the boss through its phases or it takes forrrrever (like if there are not adds to ignite).
Hello, which level can you start use Vms setup? you leveling with sunder or stuff like that i think?

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