[3.5] Uber Elder Down! Arakaali's Fang 4 Curses EE Occultist

Actually my original build of this char is Winter Orb CWC Lightning Wrap, THE POOR POET PEN. However thst build is kinda of shit after mapping. So i change to Soulwrest build as Raizqt played last league. When facing Shaper's Guardian, the little minions died super fast. Then finally I changed my build to Arakaali's Fang - Raise Spider

I make this build in this league and using new unique I got from Mastermind - "The Queen's Hunger". Luckily, i got "apply an additional curse" on it, make my char can apply 4 curses with using Windshriek or Doedre's Damning.


Arakaali's Fang has somethings changes in 3.5.

1. 100% chance to Trigger Level 1 Raise Spiders on Kill
2. The Raised Spiders now have 100% more Movement Speed, a longer attack range, a base duration of 30 seconds, deal 33% more Damage and always apply Poison on Hit.
3. Immune to damage. For each Raised Spider you have you now gain 2% increased Attack Speed and 12% increased Damage with Poison.

That's mean we can raise spider using Culling skill, and we do not need to worry about the spider's life.
And last thing, 20 spiders = 40% attack speed, fast mapping!

EE is useful in this build, we use Grip of the Council and Hatred with Generocity. EE decreased mob cold resist, that's mean higher DPS output instead of poison.

For the Skill using to apply Curse On Hit. I tried few lightning skill
Ball Lightning : Common use, slow but pierce is good for large group of mob.
Storm Brand : Quite good and the cast range is good, fasting casting. But the beams only target 3 enemies.
Arc : Auto-target, but only affect the front pack of mob.
Orb of Storm : Long duration, but the cast range isn't good enough.
Static Strike : Shit, need hit the monster first.

Arc is the best in this build. Culling Arc can auto-target to kill worms from Writhering Jar.
But, if you have some fire or lightning damage to spell, I suggest to use Bladefall for CoH
I use Temporal Chain, Vulnerability, Punishment and Despair from flask

Ah yes, finally I will use Raise Spectre to generate Charges to Spider. You can summon Host Chieftain from Ashen Field from Act 7. They generate Power charges. For Frenzy charge, I use Victario's Charity.


-Fast Mappping
-Boss Killer
-Can act as a Curse bot
-ES Occultist is great, fast recharging, fast regen if you having killing streak.
-Actually all content. No regen is kinda trouble for this build.
-Good for Delve and Syndicate encounter


-Not league starter, at least you need to have Arakaali's Fang
-Die easily if spider disappeared or out of flask charge. (e.g. fight with Sydicate and Shaper Guardians or reflected map)
-No leeching system, only depends on regen and recharge. Need summon and run.
-Curses isn't effective with Shaper/ Guardians
-If you really running too fast, spidermay missing some pack while mapping. (Convocation needs CD)
-Summon Spider is kinda shit, need desecrate, keep casting Arc then drink the flask. So, Culling Arc is important when mapping, but one thing, Corpses are needed to raise spider!!
-Cannot raise new spider when you reach max 20 spiders. So, better raise new spider before boss area.




Will change Quicksilver to one more Jar during Serious Boss Fight


Gear Price

Helemt : 70c
Weapon : 50c
Shield : 1alc
Amulet : 32c
Ring : 25c and 45c
Gloves : 25c
Belt : Self craft
Boots : 40c
Jewel : 207c (2 jewels self craft)

Gem Link

Raise Spider - Minion Damage - Multistrike (Melee Physical Damage) - Melee Splash (Ruthless)
Arc - Culling - Curse On Hit - Temporal Chains - Vulnerability - Punishment
Discipline - Flame Dash, Hatred - Generosity
Flesh Offering- Desecrate - Spell Cascade - Warbanner
Raise Spectre - Summon Stone Golem - Minion Damage - Convocation
Shield Charge - Faster Attack - Fortify


Kill Them All


Wicked Ward
Vile Bastion
Profane Bloom


Soul of Solaris
Soul of Ralakesh

Lab Enchantment

Stone Golem Buff Effect?
Convocation Recovery Speed?
Arc Chains an Additional Time?

Skill Tree

My actual ES is 8389, but POB showed wrong number, so I raise my chest to 6x quality

You can change to life version and use the new unique
"The Devouring Diadem"
Should be very useful.
Ascendency can change to Pathfinder to sustain Flask
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