[3.5]The Hentai Killer (Arctic Breath/Cold Snap Dot) {Troll Build}

When I first tried out the new Versions of Arctic Breath... Sorry GGG it just looked like one thing... So I wnated to make a build around it. This build may not be effective and uber elder viable but it is for the LOLs

At the moment (lvl66) this is my Tree: tree

My gear has the following important items:

One hard stick:
in there is arctic Breath-efficancy-Bone chill-controlled destruction (for 6l if you get the right socket colors swift allocation and hypothermia/faster casting/faster projectiles could be usefull)
And if you don´t like the nova you could get something better with Taryn's Shiver or any rare Stave or a shield & wand/sceptar combo. For only cold snap the better combos

For the defense I want to go ci and want to try out the escape artist trickster passive. So searching trade for good and also cheap high evasion body armours and ES helmets you find those two for reasonable prices:

And the rest of the gear is mainly resistances and es and now you can have fun and jizz all over wreaclast...

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