[3.5]Poet's Volatile Dead - Easy Shaper - High Survive

■ Welcome to my Poet's Pen VD Guide
This build guide is an Update to another one that i saw (low budget).
I upgraded my build into an high-budget-gear and want to share it with you.
Simply there's a few changes that raise ur DPS alot and makes u tanky.
Actually im on a Point with 7k Life and done easy the Shaper.

I apologize for my bad english but i'll hope you understand it :)
My Gear isn't perfect as i want it to be, but it's still nice ;)

■ Why you should play this?
■ High Life about 6k to 7k
■ High DPS
■ Able to clear all endgame content
■ Smooth leveling with Poet's Pen
■ Really alot fun to play
■ 2 Different playstiles (Bossing/Mapping)
- 1x With Bodyswap/GMP/Unearth for Mapping
- 1x With Cremation/GMP/Unearth
■ Simply 1 to max 2 buttons for all

■ Can't run Elemental reflects
■ Physical reflects are viable but with careness
■ High investment of Costs (about 30/40ex)
■ Lag unfriendly

■ Pantheon
Big - Soul of Lunaris
Little - Soul of Gruthkul

■ Tree

■ Bandits?
You literally have two options there:

On my Tree i killed all Bandits for the Skillpoints.

You also have the option to help Alira for some extra crit and resists.
Mana sustaining from alira isn't required at all.

■ My Gear

1. Main Hand (B-B-G) with Increased Critical Strikes / Concentrated Effect / Volatile Dead
2. Second Hand Mapping (B-G-G) Bodyswap / Unearth / GMP
3. Third Hand Bossing (G-G-G) Cremation / Unearth / GMP

Hunt for Culling Strike if you want to Vaal it.


Its the BiS (Best-In-Slot) Item for your VD Build.
Increased Fire Damage (hunt for the highest %) and best flat Life.
You can go for a Belly of the Beast if you need some resists.
Belly have some nice Stats too.


BiS Helmet for your Build for Crit Chance and some movement speed.
You can take Starkonjas Head too for some defensiv stats and lesser damage.


BiS Gloves because vaal pact is important with your Watcher's eye later.
The Critical Chance is nice too and increases ur DPS.
If you can't buy it go for some "Rare Gloves" with "Faster Attacks & Faster Projectiles and take ur frenzy-setup into it.


BiS Belt - It's still a Stygian vise why you shouldn't want it :)?
Try to get so much life and triple resistances as u can.
You want to put a Eye jewel into it with more Life and + crit multiplier.


Hunt for two Opal Rings with Fire Damage - high life and some resistances + Dexterity.
Dex is really important u'll need atleast 110+
It's not important to get your Frenzy up to Level 20 but it should be atleast on lv. 18 (146 Dex).


How i said, dex is important for your gems try to hunt it with 60+ on ur Necklace.
Increased Spell damage is a nice addon on your necklace.
Critical Chance & Multiplier are highly suggested.


Just use "Rare Boots" to cap your resistances.
High life is a must have on every item, but the main thing u should know is to
try to get the highest Armour-Boots to increase some defensive-stats.
Movementspeed isn't necessary because you move the most time with Bodyswap.



Eye Jewel is for your belt (high life suggested) and Crit Multiplier.
Watcher's Eye go for double Anger! Lifeleech is important and your addon investment ist the critical Multiplier.

What you want on your Jewels:
#% Increased Maximum Life
#% increased Area Damage
#% to critical strike multiplier with Fire Skills

The third stat is important to get it cheapie!
Global multiplier would raise the price extremely.

■ Gem Setup
Main Hand B-B-G
Increased Critical Strikes Support - Concentrated Effect Support - Volatile Dead

Second Hand B-G-G
Bodyswap - Unearth - Greater Multiple Projectiles Support

Third Hand: G-G-G
Cremation - Greater Multiple Projectiles Support - Unearth

R-R-G-B / R-R-B-B / G-G-B-B

Cast When Damage Taken(2) - Temporal Chains(6) -
Summon Lightning Golem(3) - Immortal Call (3)

Anger - Herald of Ash - Faster Casting Support - Flame Dash

Frenzy - Greater Multiple Projectiles Support/Faster Attacks -
Curse on Hit Support - Assassin's Mark

■ Video's
Coming Soon

■ FAQ?
Why you didn't listed a leveling guide?
Because there are so much VD leveling guides out there.
If you really want me to insert it - ask for it :)

How u sustain Mana?
You have 3 notes on your early tree to sustain it.
2 small and 1 medium @ "Quick Recovery.
If u still have some trouble with mana go for boots enchantment:
0.6% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently

If there is something missing, dont be shy and tell it to me.
It's my first Guide so dont get mad with me i will do my best :)
Happy new year to everyone out there! <3
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Hey great guide, but how do you sustain mana?

And you do take Alira right?

And i don't like using bodyswap, would you recommend that i just go wit cremation instead?
Last edited by Tundahl on Jan 1, 2019, 12:42:21 PM
Tundahl wrote:
Hey great guide, but how do you sustain mana?

And you do take Alira right?

And i don't like using bodyswap, would you recommend that i just go wit cremation instead?

Hey there :)
u have 2 small and a medium note @ "Quick Recovery" that should be high enough for Sustaining.
Your Mana cost's are not that high so if u reach the point with 1-10 mana u can still continue doin dmg with your skill.

You also have the option to go for boots enchantment "0.6% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently"
Your Gloves with Vaal Pact will raise ur leech extremly.

And yea your right i forgott to add the bandits :)
You can kill all for your skillpoints u'll dont need it tbh.
But if u prefer you can help Alira thats an viable option too.

So dont forgett if u take Alira that u have later maybe 2 life notes lesser.

For Bodyswap your solution is still the cremation setup :)
Thats what i told about "2 playstiles" because some people dont like bodyswap.

Kind regards
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Why not the additional corpse enchant?
oy, ascendancy ?
Hi Any reason why you want spell damage? VD is not affected by it?
mithras001 wrote:
Hi Any reason why you want spell damage? VD is not affected by it?

Thats right, it was just a unlucky stat on a identified item.
Still not a stat what you would hunt for.
How i already said the build isn't finished by far completly or perfectly.

Chillltown wrote:
oy, ascendancy ?

Inside of PoB Link.
"poor man's Acuity"

Precursor's emblem with Vaal Pact on Max Endurance charges
Use power syphon with Warlord's mark?
Any changes to skill tree/gear for 3.6? any post 3.5 ideas?
best belt for this build with COLDOWN RECOVERY SPEED %! you really dnt know that?

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