[3.5] Immortal Crit Bladefall


GGG hit us quite hard but we are not dead yet

To achive damage immunity we need to convert all received physical damage into other damage type and also obitain 100% resistances


For resistances we use

And lightning coil corrupt that was mentioned above
To make sure that out mana will never be restored - we use

Since we don't have any mana we need 0 mana cost, that's why I use poet's pen and frenzy linked with enlighten and reduced mana support.
Our flasks usually always ready, but you can run out of charges if you won't hit anyone.


You can try to find better enchant, I use this one because I sorrow.




List of things that can kill you:
-max res affix
nemesis (Nullifer affix on mobs)

Map bosses:
Necropolis (spikes from underground)
Defiled cathedral (red beam)
Core (dot ground)
Dig (sand storm)
Lava lake (dot ground)
Forge of the Phoenix (it reduces fire res)
Death and Taxes (most of boss' spells have ele pen)
Hall of Grandmasters (most exiles have ele pen)
Atziri's trio (dot ground after death)
Atziri, Queen of the Vaal (giant flameblast)
Shaper (bullet hell and frostbolt)

If you have died from something else, probably someone reduced your resistances via frost bomb/scorching ray.

Thank you, DreamScythe
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Any video's of this build? quite interested.
Promeus1 wrote:
Any video's of this build? quite interested.

I've tried but my pc can't handle recording with running poe in the same time.
lol what? no hp nodes? We need video anyway. 100% res, its looks like we have build more powerfull than Zerphi's Poets pen
https://i.imgur.com/xfYALaY.png - Мем "благородный ХЦешник ставит на место любителя похвастаться счетом смертей (софтовичка)"

https://i.imgur.com/QtzrMCa.jpg - Мем от которого подожжет у софтовика или актовичка

https://vk.com/@path_of_memes-kirow - Мое интервью и булинг ваших любимых стримеров
How do I level this build? skill tree progresion or something That? pls. That build look great.
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This is a standard version, right? Since Divination Distillate does not have +#% maximum resistance, right?
pacocaassada wrote:
This is a standard version, right? Since Divination Distillate does not have +#% maximum resistance, right?

Yep, it requires to have legacy divination distillate and saffel's frame.

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